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  1. Best team, best coach, best result. But, @Nibenon, shouldn't you change team after winning? Please-please-please!
  2. Time goes, and another (29th) RuBBL season is about to start. Official news. All off you are welcome*! Signing up till January 17th, start January 25th. *Russian language required.
  3. RIP, Tier 6, our interaction was brief, but memorable, I'll miss you. F.
  4. 28th RuBBL season will start November 9th. Signing up till November 1st. You can read more here. Velkommen!
  5. At first I wanted to blame pro-Elven lobby in corrupted Administration, who put TD difference above head-to-head in tiebreaker list... but since 2 other contenders won me, it doesn't look so simple anymore.
  6. Just 2-1, so Kjelstad is still above me. He believes in Dark Elves' win, I suppose.
  7. May be, it would be fairer to leave it as is, since half of the division have got autowin already.
  8. RuBBL starts signing for season 27. Official news. You can sign up till August 16th, new season will start August 24th.
  9. It's currently week 5 (out of 9), so new season will start in about a month.
  10. Whoa! 26th RuBBL season starts June 8th. Official news. Feel free to join till May 31st.
  11. The old wolf finally got it, congratulations!
  12. I'm glad to announce RuBBL 25th season! Official news. You can sign up to the league till March 15th, season will start March 23rd.
  13. You can sign up to RuBBL 24th season untill December 28th. Season will start on January 5th. Official news.
  14. Does 0-0-9 count as a Perfect Season? If so, I can make a try. If not, well, I think, we need an award for this remarkable achievement.
  15. In 2015 I watched a streamer (@Talissera), who played in OCC (BB1). So, when I decided to add one extra BB1 tournament, I chose OCC.
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