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  1. Naaah. Only Syd Barrett can take the place of Syd Barrett
  2. And Syd Barrett got his third injury, I am afraid I may have to let him go!
  3. It does but it fits with the theme: 11 elves, 9 permanent injuries. The treeman is str bust as well. The wardancer is at 72spp, I might just bring him to superstar and retire it there.
  4. Update! Due to me being a complete overconfident dumbass poor guy got str bust. Apo tried to kill him and in a fit I was tempted to let him, but he will rejoin the season on MD4 instead. Memento of my hubris.
  5. I've played against them, so I agree! However sending Chris directly to the reigning champs seemed a tad excessive, story wise
  6. Please vote on the poll on the top of the post
  7. A Bloodbowl God in training My name is Chris T.N.O. (The Number One) Primadonna, and I am a Bloodbowl God. I’ve lived and breathed Bloodbowl since my birth. My mum was due for delivery but she could not renounce her weekly gameday fix, so she was on the sideline when a Wardancer surfed the ball-carrier. She kicked the head of the poor dwarf so hard that I popped out of her, one death and one birth at the same time! The frenzied crowd cheered her and scattered me in the field instead of the ball. I was catched by diving effort and carried safely in the endzone, and at eight seconds old I was the youngest ever to score a touchdown, even if as a ball. Beat that if you can. That’s Destiny for you, but Destiny will only bring you so far. My mum is not the only fanatic in the family, and my father and brothers spend each moment of their day scrounging money to buy tickets, when they are not in the hospital or in jail for some fight with other teams’ supporters. That’s Breeding for you, but Destiny and Breeding will only bring you so far. I've paid my dues in in the Backalley Bloodbowl leagues of Altdorf and now is time to realise my dream to play in the Orca Cola Championship in Season 24, and to do so I need to hone my Skills with professionals. Destiny, Breeding and Skill will bring me to the OCC Championship...But which skill? And which team can provide what I am missing? I could try to hone my ball handling technique and approach the training camp of Andydavo’s Wood Elves #JusticeForLeap. I bet they could teach me a trick or two! Elves are tender, they won't be able to say no to me. I could increase my endurance and strength learning the secrets of the Tomb Guardians in Larkstar’s No Sign of Life. I could travel to Nehekhara to steal their Hidden Arcana from their pointy stadium while they are on an away match, certainly there will be none home! But I have strength, I have agility, maybe what I need is experience, or a mentor who can share its Cunning. I know where the Manor of Legendary Coach Bantha is. Who could claim to be a better tactician than the first to triumph with Vampires? I could pay him a visit, what could go wrong? But at the end of the day we all know what wins Championships. Not agility, strength or cunning. Claws, claws win leagues. I could track Eddie the Werewolf, from Javelin’s Wolves of the Calla. I could find out his real life identity, and make him an offer that he cannot refuse. I heard he is always ready to chat with fans! So what does Chris T.N.O. Primadonna needs to do to be hired by a T1 team and make it to the Championship next season? Agility, strength, cunning or claws? Help him make up his mind here.
  8. I do not know what has trained me more to always expect the worst case scenario, if Engineering or Bloodbowl!
  9. Alas, poor T6. I never met it but I miss it.
  10. Yes! I just got the combo T3 gold + rubber helmet + rubber ball with woodies. I actually had the gold helmet in my sight, fell just an handful of casualities short of Brets in Championship and Snotlings in T4. All those death elves almost for nothing!
  11. Update! The wardancer is still alive and won me my T3 division. Jaggernaut is so much more effective than I realised, it turned the tide more than in one match. Thank you Hive Mind :).
  12. I like sure hands as well, more than for carrying the ball for retrieving it after sacking a ball-carrier: 'MINE!'
  13. OCCupational Therapy The Partially Illuminated Life Termination Specialist (PILTS) I’ve always looked damn cool in black velvet, that’s my problem. I enrolled in my Guild thinking that being cool would help me to pick up sexual partners, and for a little while it worked. I had a practiced routine at university pubs, I would wait for the waitress bringing me beer to be close enough, then I would whisper ‘I am an assassin, babe’ just loud enough to be heard across the room, and all attention would turn to me, looking dashing in my black velvet billowing cloak. Glory days! But times are different now, university is over and I need a job. The term Assassin carries an inherent stigma, none wants one in their team and I am forced to put “PILT Specialist” on my job applications if I want to get a first job interview. I’ve not had a second in years. I wish I'd come to this business with more foresight, focusing more on basic skills that would enhance my career, but the curriculum looked so good on paper! How many things were left untold. I learnt how to be an opponent’s shadow, sure, but no amount of theory will let you keep the pace of a gutter runner, I would have been better served by running laps on the field. And what about Stab? How cool is that? As it turns out, not so cool. I blame it on misdirecting advertising. I was told I was going to learn an Extraordinary Skill that none else had, and that it would make me unique on the field. The stats looked good on paper, and I thought that would make me a Situation Specialist much better suited than any of my unskilled team members at taking down native blodgers. I tried to stab a Black Orc and woke up in the hospital, and suddenly the numbers showed me their true meaning. Is it too late to reconsider my life choices? I see how people look at me, especially young girls. They turn an laugh. I look and feel more and more like an old pervert than a cool professional. Maybe I should accept that my studies were a waste of time and make a decent living as a Pro Elf Lineman. What do you think Doc?
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