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  1. Yes, but only under their clothes
  2. Yes, but only under their clothes
  3. My name is David Sheldonborough, I am a Theoretic Naturist and tonight in Blood Bowl Planet I’ll share with you the results of my extensive studies on the psyche of a Dark Elf. Not that I think you can understand it, but I am contractually obliged to this appearance. What pushes individuals of this secretive and highly individualistic society, if such a word even apply, to band together and venture out of their Dark Domains to play ball? Ego, as for their posh cousins? Adrenaline as for their tree-loving counterparts? Or just money, as it is for the Poor Elves? The answer to this questio
  4. I think this was covered in 'Love the Box'
  5. Back in 2012 I tried to create an Italian BB1 league, but administering it was like herding cats. I moved to play in UK league Blood&Snots and all the best coaches I met told me 'I mainly play in the OCC'. Finally @Ramtut_III convinced me to come and play here, as almost 20 years before he initiated me to D&D and CoC ! I've played on and off since then, as I tend to burnout and leave for some seasons, but the itch always returns.
  6. Congratulations @RTSD, good to see years at the top finally paying off!
  7. Congratulations Andy, hell of an achievement!
  8. MD1 Vs. Vampires. The first time in forever that I met a team without a single guard or mighty blow. The Witch and the POMBer got Badly Hurt, and that was all! Let's call it a warming up: next week 2110TV of Nurgle will give the L&L a proper welcome and goodbye :)
  9. Thou shall not get yourself promoted to Championship, especially if you are an elf! This page will chronicle the third season of the Lord and Ladies in the Championship (after season 1 and season 7), and since history has this silly habit of repeating itself I expect the team to be obliterated once more. Each time took me many seasons to rebuild and get competitive again, but I learnt a lot about self-control and setting obtainable goals. MD 7 will mark the 100th match of the team in OCC, which has been for a while my goal in continue playing and getting bashed. After t
  10. Thanks for the tip, that is the ultimate interceptor but I've not seen a single pass from other players in the last three seasons
  11. A Blitzer of uncommon agility update: leap was a great pick. My team value was destroyed this season and I almost always had a lightning ball to put the ball on the ground. This blitzer's ball recovery skills were key in gaining a promotion to Championship, where he will now die horribly!
  12. Best of luck, please name a Gutter Runner 'Duckbuttson'!
  13. Congratulation for beating the heck out of those clawers! We love orks! My avatar is an ork! Please do not murder my team next season :D!
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