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  1. Make it RES, fill it with Norses and call it the Valhalla Brawl :D!
  2. The Season of the Beastman! Only full goat teams allowed, a full Darwinian contest where the best to evolve will be on the top of the foodchain
  3. But you can never leave! Especially after you take the Red
  4. Welcome Jade! Stay a while. Stay forever !
  5. Galenth Middle-Earth United Alliance of Goodness
  6. I'd politely point out that 24/200 coaches is not what I would classify as a lot. I've spent a few years on other islands. I thanked them for having me, but I am pretty sure I am allowed to say they were not for me.
  7. It certainly would take a lot of coding effort, and I agree it would prove useful to very few coaches. If there are people kind enough to donate to the OCC their coding hours I would invest them elsewhere, like in leaderboards. Nothing broke my work productivity like the previous ones :)
  8. I cannot vote anymore as I saw the results a few days ago, just dropping my opinion here: I am playing in OCC because it feels as a safe place, where (almost) all people are nice. Other leagues I have experienced are not like this. I would not like the two groups to mixup.
  9. This is Detlef Probst with another astounding edition of Survivor: Orca Cola! Last week we followed the Slibli tribe, and the viewers decided that they had enough of the poor and Confused Carl and wanted to see more of the Legendary Vampire Freight Train. Some evil-speakers said that the voting was influenced by Freight Train mesmerizing abilities, but after looking him into his beautiful, deep eyes I can confirm that this is vile slander! But now, back to the Quetzal tribe! Two weeks ago we witnessed most members of the tribe succumb to bloody carnage, and only the sou
  10. Galenth

    Signups S20

    Can I have a place in the reserves please? Just in case someone fails to signup in T6? Coach Name: GalenthTeam: Galenth's CrushersRace: Amazons
  11. Congratulation @Gimlik! Losing a legendary wolf a few seasons ago did not stop you. Losing a Championship because one of MY witches rolled a double 1 against the Wall of Orks did not stop you. Talk about mental resilience!
  12. My name is David Sheldonborough, I am a Theoretic Naturist and tonight in Blood Bowl Planet I’ll share with you the results of my extensive studies on the psyche of a Dark Elf. Not that I think you can understand it, but I am contractually obliged to this appearance. What pushes individuals of this secretive and highly individualistic society, if such a word even apply, to band together and venture out of their Dark Domains to play ball? Ego, as for their posh cousins? Adrenaline as for their tree-loving counterparts? Or just money, as it is for the Poor Elves? The answer to this questio
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