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  1. Thanks boss! Sorry for not defending the title next season, I am on the road right now and probably will be for several months. But I'll be back as soon as circumstances allow me to :)
  2. I still remember with amazement the job you did with numbers. Incredible dedication.
  3. An interesting development. Since he got STR busted I tried to suicide the poor dancer, he has made more red dice attacks that all my other players ever. And yet he did not die. I used it as a screen anytime it was useful. Opponents were surprised. And yet he did not die. He has remained at 75spp for ages, as I am trying do develop other players. He managed to score a pass today during a dakka retreat offence agains dwarves. Roll for advancement, 6+6. He is back in the game, but at 290k he is monstrously expensive. And yet how could I fire him now? He is the perfect half of a 1TTD machine!
  4. A Bloodbowl God. My name is Chris T.N.O. (The Number One) Primadonna and I am a Bloodbowl God, in training no more. My Heroic Journey has come to an end. I have searched wide and deep for what it means to be a Bloodbowl God, and found wisdom at the end of the trail. I will not become God’s Gift to Bloodbowl by becoming a copy of someone else, I should have never bothered with peasants’ skills. A halfling can be on guard. A linerat can have claws. Neither of them can be the champion I will be. Through my journey I’ve risen above traditional skills and I have come up with my own unique recipe for success, my training is complete! Nerves of steel, plant bending skills, a prehensile tail and an Icy Gaze make me a unique player, something never seen before on the pitch. I will score dozens of touchdowns and I will dedicate each of them to my sweet lord Slaneesh, at least until I am loved and lusted after enough to take my own place between the Gods of the Old World. But I need to be smart about this. I am the first of a new breed and new things scare people, while I need to be adored. For now I will need to hide my tail until it is really needed, and my Icy Gaze will be revealed only when the time comes for it to be my trademark and bring the big sponsorship money in. I do not want to share the spotlight with Wardancers, or to share a locker room with Nurgle Warriors. I will hide my tail and gaze under a long mantle and a visor, I will join the Kingdom of Swadia! Dear Lords and Ladies of the Orca Cola Championship, you are all cordially invited to the adoubement of Chris T.N.O. (The Noble One) Primadonna, to be held on the pitch of the Kingdom of Swadia moments before the inaugural kickoff of Season 24.
  5. I played against the guy, well done bringing him to Legendary status! +1 for Jump up, with fend a close second.
  6. Congratulations for having something published!
  7. Welcome! Stay a while. Stay forever. *Insert Manic Laugh*.
  8. Naaah. Only Syd Barrett can take the place of Syd Barrett
  9. And Syd Barrett got his third injury, I am afraid I may have to let him go!
  10. It does but it fits with the theme: 11 elves, 9 permanent injuries. The treeman is str bust as well. The wardancer is at 72spp, I might just bring him to superstar and retire it there.
  11. Update! Due to me being a complete overconfident dumbass poor guy got str bust. Apo tried to kill him and in a fit I was tempted to let him, but he will rejoin the season on MD4 instead. Memento of my hubris.
  12. I've played against them, so I agree! However sending Chris directly to the reigning champs seemed a tad excessive, story wise
  13. Please vote on the poll on the top of the post
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