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  1. I think this was covered in 'Love the Box'
  2. Back in 2012 I tried to create an Italian BB1 league, but administering it was like herding cats. I moved to play in UK league Blood&Snots and all the best coaches I met told me 'I mainly play in the OCC'. Finally @Ramtut_III convinced me to come and play here, as almost 20 years before he initiated me to D&D and CoC ! I've played on and off since then, as I tend to burnout and leave for some seasons, but the itch always returns.
  3. Congratulations @RTSD, good to see years at the top finally paying off!
  4. Congratulations Andy, hell of an achievement!
  5. MD1 Vs. Vampires. The first time in forever that I met a team without a single guard or mighty blow. The Witch and the POMBer got Badly Hurt, and that was all! Let's call it a warming up: next week 2110TV of Nurgle will give the L&L a proper welcome and goodbye :)
  6. Thou shall not get yourself promoted to Championship, especially if you are an elf! This page will chronicle the third season of the Lord and Ladies in the Championship (after season 1 and season 7), and since history has this silly habit of repeating itself I expect the team to be obliterated once more. Each time took me many seasons to rebuild and get competitive again, but I learnt a lot about self-control and setting obtainable goals. MD 7 will mark the 100th match of the team in OCC, which has been for a while my goal in continue playing and getting bashed. After that I will be able to let go of the team without regrets, in a final blaze of gory glory! However I do wish to keep a record of the Pain that can be inflicted to an elf team in our Championship division, as a warning to all considering rerolling to Any Elves. Not everyone can be the Sage or Andydavo, some are meant to be cannon fodder but that can be fun as well ! This is the starting roster. I will update it after each match day with the injuries received: Casualty Counter => 2 Obliteration Ratio (CAS/MD): 2 Lady Lara Raith, movement 9 Legendary Witch. Our First and only Legend, Lady Lara played most of the team’s matches and remains alive by being very, very good at running away. Many games have ended with the opponent stalling before scoring at turn 16 and hunting her down with his killers. We are a mean spirited lot, aren’t we? MD1: Badly Hurt. Foretold Death: by GFI trying to score in one turn. Lord of Jack and Shirt, AGI 6 leaping Bitzer. My Pride and Joy, never seen a player so good are recovering the ball. He has an habit of leaping, recovering the ball, dodging away and then fumbling the pass. This leave him exposed to retaliation and it is incredible he is still alive! Foretold Death: by gang foul after failing a leap. Lord Harry of Dresden, Blodge Blitzer, SS, fend, guard (-AV). A really important player, his guard assists have been instrumental in opening some cages. Now in his third season with a broken armour, his life expectancy is not great. Foretold Death: punched in the face after entering contact to assist opening a cage. Bob the Skull, POMB and Tackle Blitzer (-AV). The player who allowed me to start punching back a little, I admit it changed my games drastically. And yes, it took nearly 80 matches to roll two doubles on a blitzer! MD1: Badly Hurt. Foretold Death: fouled after piling on, as is just right and as I already knew when I took that skill! Tallin, block lineman. A mercenary who joined the team after scoring and incredible turn 16TD against a monster Nurgle team. Foretold Death: he will pass to third level, get guard and then he will be killed out of spite by the aforementioned Nurgle Team. Prudence, dodge Runner. I’ve completely ditched runners a few seasons ago, I actually do not remmeber why I hired this one! He has not left a mark yet. Foretold Death: he will be offered in sacrifice to an opponent killing blitz, just to have a dumpoff in a crucial moment of a game. He will probably fumble the pass too. Lordo, Blodge Blitzer. Nenthrin, rookie Lineman. Pain Foretold, rookie Lineman. The Next Big Thing, rookie Lineman.
  7. Thanks for the tip, that is the ultimate interceptor but I've not seen a single pass from other players in the last three seasons
  8. A Blitzer of uncommon agility update: leap was a great pick. My team value was destroyed this season and I almost always had a lightning ball to put the ball on the ground. This blitzer's ball recovery skills were key in gaining a promotion to Championship, where he will now die horribly!
  9. Best of luck, please name a Gutter Runner 'Duckbuttson'!
  10. Congratulation for beating the heck out of those clawers! We love orks! My avatar is an ork! Please do not murder my team next season :D!
  11. Resurrecting the thread. With much surprise one of those old key AV7 players has made it to level 7, my first ever legend! Lady Lara Raith - Witch: Block, tackle, sidestep, +2 movement. What does the hive mind suggest fot the last skill, normal roll? Thinking about Fend, with a side idea for Diving Tackle. She is a sort of oneturner, so sprint or sure feet are options, but I'd really hate to see her die on a GFI.
  12. So sad. RIP Duckbutt, the best named wolf ever!
  13. I am listening to all Carlin, and I do reccommend him. Everthing in "Hardcore History" is a gruesome listening, but very well thought out. I strongly suggest Hardcore History 43-47 – Wrath of the Khans Series. It is incredible how little I knew of the time when the Mongols almost conquered Europe!
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