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  1. Hey folks - thanks for the shout outs. OCC is my favorite league and AndyDavo & I will continue to sing it's praises on our show. Hope you're enjoying yourselves @dieMaus, @Gelbek, @Igralius. I joined when my mate with whom I'd played TT decades ago rang me. This was when BB1 had JUST come out. I'd missed the cut-off for S1 but joined in S2.
  2. Zunk

    Signups S18

    New Team Dynamo Drakenhof Necro Love, Z xx
  3. Basically that ^^ ;p Getcha next time mate!
  4. Pidpad; Pidpad; he's our man; if Pid can't do it; no-one can!
  5. Hallo folks, Just a quick note to say, if you missed Andy's 1/4 finals champ ladder game vs aDant's killer dwarves...you might want to check this out: This has to be one of THE most dramatic games of BB I have ever seen. Enjoy! Zunkbot
  6. Those Orcs were hilarious. Glad to see Andy is playing some new Orcs in S8!
  7. Sure can! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4hzfz2rbFULXNJ4xOewDkA
  8. Back online tomorrow 10am UK time GMT+1 (Saturday 8th July)
  9. Great to hear you're enjoying OCC - I love it too! Hope we meet on the pitch sometime! =D Cheers, Z
  10. Thanks for the feedback, Ally - we've done only 1 week now and it does seem to be going down well with the punters, eh? Andy's back on Twitch telly 9am UTC this Saturday Jul 8th when he's back from his holidays. Hope to see you all then! Cheers, Z (does a pretty good job)
  11. Hey Spydyr, Only just watched this; didn't realise you uploaded to YouTube. Nice commentary; couple of criticisms you made were fair comment; there were alternatives. A couple of criticisms, I had considered what you suggested on the stream but had motives for doing as I did which you didn't discuss. Certainly agree that the two mega-saurii going out so early was absolutely crucial. Just a final note: whilst I fully recognise my limited proficiency at BB, I'm not completely a rookie as you speculated early in the video; been at this daft game sin
  12. Zunk

    Xcom 2

    a) If you liked Xcom 1 - yes..definately. Better in every way... b) I would say whatever they demand..it'#s great. I would recommend going for vanilla game tho', the DLC is OK but not exceptional... ...I'm loving Psi Ops - went to develop Psi training as fast as I could.....got 2 Max rank Psi guys with a 3rd close. All 3 on a mission is a right laugh.....dominations and vortices abound muhahaha
  13. The DLCs so far have been excellent...the balance and depth of the whole game is just getting better and better. Any of you fellers want to try multi-player co-op sometime ? <-- Zunk1967 on Steam
  14. Played through all factions twice now and just finished DLC Beastmen main campaign. I really like this game. If you're into Total War at all....get this...it's easily the best TW game I've played so far....plus I can be orcs or chaos....mega!
  15. I think I'm being misinterpretted.....I'm not American, so I won't get a vote....but as an outside observer, old Donald seems utterly unelectable based on his extreme statements these last few months. The actions of these ISIS lunatics pours fuel on Donald's fire.
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