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  1. @Silfuin do you have a squad appropriate for tier 4?
  2. T4 has a second opening. what an opportunity!
  3. Tier 4 has an opening again. get in while it's hot!
  4. bob152

    S17 Tier 3

    We now need 2 coaches to replace 2 coaches who have had real life force them out. Contact @bob152 and @midievil
  5. season 4 lark has exactly right. season 5 roster is Me, bouffon, RTSD, ozone, juvesak, dimmy g. We went undefeated, won first round of playoffs, and have the title matches next week.
  6. Tier 3 is looking for a replacement team. Contact @bob152 and @midievil
  7. sooo, when does the Saloon open back up so we can gamble these precious precious coins?
  8. Do i get the fat stack I won gambling back?
  9. that first gif is every double gfi: fail, rr, make it to 2nd gfi, fail. Beautiful.
  10. We need a Tier 1 Replacement for a Chaos Dwarf team. Contact me and @Borke
  11. We're back! I'm going to try this again. I think i'll hold my own interest if i try to add more than just match reports. We'll see. Last season: 4th place. We found our killing stroke. So did our enemies. Week 9: We played the already crowned Dark Elfs of @Kazman29. We need the Dirty Git crown and a win to promote. Very dicy game. They have leaping strippers, don't miss AG rolls. They take the ball and score twice-- in MY half-- and the game is over. I mean we did some damage with fouls but dude this is over. But wait, look at all that text below this! Som
  12. Bob staggers around outside the closed bar. God damn it. Someone is going to gamble me something. He starts drinking his flask and challenging random strangers to feats of blood bowl as they walk by. "Hey you in the cab- I bet you my new blitz-ra kills a delf!" "You- you there- come over here and bet me- my total ball control stat will beat yours by 3%- I bet my House!" "If say 2 guys were close to winning the 2A fouling title, would anyone like to say, place a relevant wager?" BET ME
  13. I play in their Clan side league (5 teams play vs other 5 team clans) It's a pretty cool way to add some flavor to a league. Both clan and the main league make a lot of use of the custom team building aspects so they have a variety of bells and whistles. Plenty of OCC guys over there already.
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