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  1. We have a volunteer! Thanks to @HarkonBlackpool
  2. Do you have an eligible replacement team? Want a few weeks of games in Tier 4? contact @bob152 @Bevan @SniperKrizz
  3. Week 1 vs Drama Kuin Drow by @Saruman25130. It was a fun match with a lost of twists, but we came out on the short end both halfs, 0-2. Wasn't a dicing either, just a few key moments kind of match. On the plus side, we got enough cash to buy a 2nd Revenant and our M(NG)ummy comes back MD2. Setekh really earned his keep. No turnovers. Made his 1 loner roll. And he had a real star turn- needed 2 dodges on a blitz so break tackled the first and 50/50 the 2nd, made both gfis and got a surf on the ball carrier. Unfortunately, the ball carrier, now in the stands, threw the ball right where the elfs wanted it. The fouls were pretty good. 10 for 4 removals, with 0 sent off. We started with a bribe and we got a kick off table bribe, and both were fully necessary. We even got a couple sneaky git rolls, perhaps the first time that skill has ever actually been used. We ought to be in 1st for DG by a few points over Ratamo who beat us out last season, but week 1 is always great for finding out who else wants the boot in your tier. Inauspicious start to the season, but our team looks better for next week.
  4. Player Spotlight: Egghead Egghead is the longest serving ghoul on the All-Stars. He's built block>>>guard so he's mostly support and offensive weapon when the other ghouls crack. From his interview with the Ghoul York Times: "It's an honor to play for the Vincent Price All-Stars, a most eggcellent opportunity to showcase my eggstensive skillets. I have huge mushells that allow me to eggsist on blocks. And my blodge makes sure I don't fall over easy. When I help the Revenants on their blocks, all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put them back together again. I'm also eggactly the right ghoul when we hatch a plan to foul the opponents when they're down. If we hit the poor bastards while they are laid on the ground, we might be able to poach our squad a new zombie, so we never yolk around with the fouls. On defense, i'm more free range and look to scramble the other team's plans with my eggsquisite movement." "Now it's not all sunny-side-up as a Blood Bowl player. It can be quite eggasperating just how thin shelled some ghouls can be- we may need to figure a way to hard boil their armor! In our first season, we lost 3 ghouls on their very first received blocks- boy did we have egg on our faces. This season we hope to keep albumen alive, so we can be well prepared for the top tiers. Then i'll get all the chicks!"
  5. Missed that goal. Got the Bounty Hunter. 2nd in DG (not very close in the end, gj Ratamo) 5th place in division. Like i was contending for the lead when I posted and my losing streak and the other contenders winning streaks coincided in just such a way that i ended in 5th and was lucky to get that. Once our star wight died on a dodge. Each of his 2 replacements have suffered career ending injuries in their first match. I start the new season with 1 wight and not enough $ to buy a 2nd. I think it's all the fans missing our favorite. This next wight will stick around, i'm sure. Ah well, new season. Onward and upward ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In another league, I look over French roster sheets frequently. In French Blood Bowl, wights are called Revenants. That's so much better! I'm not even sure what a wight is, but a Revenant: that's something scary.
  6. As i suspected in my first post, i kind of lost interest in my undead blog but the fouling bit kept me coming back. I have kept the first post updated with no more than 1 match missed. Now i feel a couple updates coming on. I do intend to keep this team until OCC runs through BB2, come hell or high water (likely both). I expect 3-4 more seasons, judging by admin statements and the expected pace of game feature rollouts. Think i'll go back to skaven for BB3- that's where I started BB2 and had a lot of fun with them. I still haven't taken the time to look at the new rules, but I have some of the relevant youtube/twitch discussions bookmarked. Trying to speak it into existence: I am tied for 3rd place but face 2 of the other leaders in the final 3 matches. I'm in 2nd for Dirty Git, but i play the leader this week. I'm in first in Bounty Hunter, with plenty of juicy targets remaining. I am making it a formal goal: I want the triple crown of division winner, Dirty Git, Bounty Hunter.
  7. Stats updated for the season. The end of the DG season we got blown out of the water by Gobas and especially Hobnail- likely 3rd place season. We go into the offseason with 2 DPs and now a helpful grab mummy who can get those victims into better places for stomping.
  8. Keeping up in the lifetime posts in top post above. So far this season, we're in the running for a pretty competitive DG in tier 5 with a lot of Golden Boot winners stomping around. I don't think we'll end MD6 in first but we'll be right in there. The season opened with a bang, a really good fouling game out of the gate. Results have been middling ever since but our last match vs undead of all teams woke the dice up a bit. We fouled the dust out of his mummies.
  9. I got 16 last season, 4 in the final match! EDIT: i got 15 last season too, missed one from this season. We're ref bait twins!
  10. I have kept up with with the foul blog lifetime fouling stats portion of this. Last season ended with a whimper, losing out on the division and the DG. this season started strong on DG and 2-1 on the division. My war with the refs: at the end of last season they put on a performance for the ages: 4 ejected on 6 ineffective fouls, ending my longshot chase at a comeback win in the Dirty Git. But this season so far, they've been oddly kind. I think the know i get points for it under the current t5 system. They save their treachery for key moments.
  11. I got your same rare combination in T3 S16, DG and title. Those are the 2 I really try for. I have some footballs but no helmets or punches yet. And when dode told me to come check out this league when we were in OFL together towards the end of BB1- it was these prizes (and the forum, league structure etc but mostly prizes) that convinced me. Gotta catch 'em all!
  12. MD7: WEAK. 2 fouls. Our first foul (DP with 3 assists) went 1-1. We played down men most of the match. My half was beset by several turnovers so even with fouls available, we never got to take them. Match: Opponent played really well with an utterly normal young goat team. First half they severely outbashed us and easily scored. Rain in our half ruined what should have been a draw. The match turned on a 1-1 by our AG wight who opened up a blitz on the ball ghoul, which of course worked, and resulted in a CW who didn't know it was raining to break away with the ball. We recovered but needed to make GFIs to score. You know how that went. SO dirty git chase is now out of reach as is the division title. Our war with the damn dirty refs is renewed. The only good thing that happened in this match is we got a sweet new minotaur-hide rug for our break room.
  13. MD6: we whipped some norse real real bad. We were able to foul with impunity the entire match. We killed a guard lineman, we BH another guy. We fouled at will all match and not once did we get our card pulled. The agreement we made with the head of the referee union (your brother says hi!) may have something to do with that. It is looking like a 2 man race for DG in tier 6, me and @abu_abdillah. At match end, he has a 3 point lead in the [1 point for foul, 1 point for removal, triple score on t16] system. With 3 matches left, we'll need 3 more matches like this one to take home the trophy, as i have no doubt that abu_abdillah will be focused on the task. SO we will. Oh right the match. The first half was played in the rain and quite even really, with our team grinding and the norse pushed into early desperation plays- which they made all of. Like ALL. I think 5 different norsemen dodged into TZs and out into the clear. They poked the ball out and whipped it downfield. I needed to make a desperation play of my own- and wtf, we made the rolls! 1-0 at half. Which felt right as to how the half played but was actually quite dicy at the end. 2nd half we just started clearing them off the pitch. Lots of cas and KO. He was hunting ghouls to great effect but that left us to score with the +AG wight. He was putting up 6-7 at kickoff multiple times and failing KO rolls. We decided to score early 3-0 on the chance of going up to 4-0 but then his guys woke up and made sure we could not. Was closer to a 3-1 end than a 4-0, but we kept it 3-0. The +AG wight had a hell of a game, 3 tds, thanks to the rain. With a complementary draw (a gift from our DG competitor) going to the top team humans, we are now in first place for the division and in control of our destiny. I have no doubt Gelbek will not falter again, we'll need to go 3-0-0. SO we will. And welcome to our newest member, Peugeot Movillov
  14. MD5: we didn't get to foul very much, but for the good reason: we were playing a tight match. The fucking fucker ass refs still fucked us though: 2 sent off on 4 fouls with no results. Like seriously fuck off; go referee a ballet or something. The match itself was excellent fun. @Stomm dark elfs and my dead were both 1290 going in. The match played that way, with a dozen situations in both halfs that depended on individual die rolls. The match broke on a turnover on his side that let me block a cage corner and blitz the ball. The dump off worked to my advantage and then the full contact result of that scrum worked out for Vincent and his Vincents. I love tense matches where every dodge matters to the result, especially the ones where my guys end up making the rolls. He got a 2-turn try but perfect D solved that. GG. We have a shot at the div title, but we already lost to the one team in front of us, @Gelbekhumies. So we need help. Hey 6A: help us!
  15. MD4 had more and more successful fouling in a very atypical match. bjjhero is going with an extreme version of the wood elf build with 0 rrs and hasn't had many levels yet. The wardancer we swore to kill BHd himself on a leap on turn 1-2. We ended up harming a -MA wardancer (apoth>>>-MA< well done) and 2 more BH- elfs with no skills make great opponents for a fouling team. We had our first bribe of the year and our first rejected bribe- the refs clearly heard my complaint last week and took it out on us despite the bribe. Fine then, refs: this is war.
  16. MD3 we started getting some results. 6 fouls for 2 KOs, a MNG, and 2 ejections. My opponent and I @abu_abdillah, (and shout out to him for an exceptionally bold t16 foul) will both be submitting this game film to the league office to complain about the overreaching referees. They misinterpreted several clearly clean, accidental face stompings as fouls. Those refs should be sent down to the minors until they can recognize when to pull the red card.
  17. Player Spotlight: Baka Position: zombie Role: Our very first DP Baka spent his living years supporting the Pharaoh of a rich desert kingdom in his obsession with a series of slave revolts. They suffered a humiliating defeat when the slaves, led by a wizard who was a former friend of the court, escaped en masse. This left a bitter taste in his mouth, so in undeath, he has chosen to play Blood Bowl for an undead squad rather than his Khemri national team. It is fitting he is the first Dirty Player on the squad, as his hobbies in life including whipping and torture. With every boot, he manages to push his own bitterness and failure just a little deeper, as he pushes his downed opponents just a little deeper into the pitch.
  18. We're an undead team in 6A. We started with 12 men/1 ghoul. He went BH on his first received block. We got enough cash for a second one. Ghoul one, again, went BH on his first block. The new one died on the 4th turn of his career when he 1-1d a dodge. Damn it. We beat the CDs week 1 and got smoked by humans week 2. I had pretty bad dice in the loss but the opponent was also good at stretching me out and taking advantage of his higher MA. This is my first league shot at undead, and i clearly need to work on having such low movement. I want to foul more- we can't knock anyone down! I did miss an open shot at a turn 16 on a damn chaos dwarf week 1. Just spaced it.
  19. Season 1/ MD 1 + 2: We had trouble knocking people down. 3 fouls per match with an ejection in each. Nothing notable. That's right- i just made a note that nothing notable happened.
  20. I've tried a few other team blogs but i always lose interest- i run out of storyish material, my match reports become just a way to whine about the dice; they all languish and die. But i want to keep a team blog but how? What do i actually care about enough to keep up with? FOULING! That's it- this is the Foul Blog of the Vincent Price All Stars! Maybe i'll add in other shit but maybe I won't. Team Career Foul Stats: Fouls: 171 t16s: 14 Removals: 63 BH: 18 MNG: 9 Injuries: 4 Kills: 2 Ejections: 38 Bribes: 14 Failed bribes: 1 Failed apoths: 6 Failed regen: 1 Graveyard of foul victims Peugeot Movillov, level 2 norse linemen (guard) of the Jarandilla's Omen of the Sea, level 2 linehelf (wrestle) of the Doom Foretold
  21. @Silfuin do you have a squad appropriate for tier 4?
  22. T4 has a second opening. what an opportunity!
  23. Tier 4 has an opening again. get in while it's hot!
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