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  1. Scythe is proud to announce his brand new Blood Bowl shoes: the “Air” series. Following their last campaign (the heavy “Earth” series), the next generation centers in the lightness of the materials. This ultimate footwear is suited for the best players, even those who dare to challenge the referee skills. Here you can see the Air Max 120. Made of hard beastmen leather, it offers a great protection without losing flexibility and speed. His sole sharpened spikes offer a good grip assuring that you'll never slide even in the most wet conditions. The frontal spikes are designed for testing the abilities of the boldest players, those who want to risk their field presence. Go, dirty coaches, release the power of the new footwear and aim for the Most Dirty Player award. Oh, and arrange your games early! If you have any problem contact your division admins.
  2. Tired of drinking too much of that weak Imperial beer to get in the mood for smashing the heads of your rivals? You need Absolutist Vodka, the new queen of drinks coming from the icy lands of Norsca. Imbue yourself with the power of the norse gods that gives this spirit. Drink a lot! DRINK A LOOOOOT! Toast the last shot of Absolutist with you rival and arrange you match quickly before you have a hangover, please.
  3. The varius imperial schools of wizardry made a conclave last week in Aldorf. The subject of study was the strange weather changes that occured in the game between the Reikland Reavers and the Chaos All Stars. The game begun with an icy snow storm, then the clouds dispersed and came a very sunny weather, and in the last half of the game some players suffered a heat strike. The amber wizards representative started the meeting claiming that those crazy changes are caused by the so called global warming, and pointed to the dwarven and even imperial foundries as the main causes. He was interrupted by the celestial mages spokesman, who alleged that the changes are a result of a meteorite clash in the Lustrian continent, that is causing some trouble to the lizardmen. The bright order leader angrily shouted that the smoke erupted by the great volcanoes is the ultimate reason. A big, chaotic discussion followed as the wise wizards tried to impose their views to the rest of the group, until the noise of a big hammer stopped the chatter. The grand Theogonist Volkmar entered the room carrying a hammer in his right hand and an old book in his left. He looked grimly at the conclave wizards and showed them an image printed in the book. “He who you must blame is a chaos cultist named Jervis Johnson! His evil writings are making the people get mad. They spend hours of his short life playing a crazy game, lose sleep due to dice rolls. Even the weather changes oddly.” Fellow Blood Bowl cultists, praise Jervis Johnson! He says that you must arrange your Orca Cola matches quickly. If you have any problem you can contact your brother admins:
  4. The next BBWC located in Kislev is closing in and the preparations go on. As we have recently know, the Tzar Vladimir Puktin has allowed the sale of beer and other alcoholic drinks in the stadiums, and the homosexual players are banned from the competition. Some countries have protested against these measures. The elves of Ulthuan argue that this is clearly a bribe from the Bloodweiser lobby and that without alcohol control there will be more throwed objects and riots... quite the opposite, the Karaz-a-Karak dwarves think that these measure is short and they would like the beer to be allowed in the bench too. The Bloodweiser lobby gathered with Puktin and friends If the second Puktin measure goes on, the Empire can lose one of his most valuable players, the ogre defender Maximus Sußenherz, a declared gay and an activist for the LGTB rights. The head coach of the Empire Joachim Löwe has send a message to the emperor Karl Franz to put some pressure on the kislev Tzar. Sußenherz Meanwhile, the OCC season goes on. Arrange your matches quickly and if you have any problems contact with your admins.
  5. Unfortunate injury. Last Festag Klaus Sigmarson presented to the Marauders crowd his recently won Golden Football trophy. There was a show in the intermission after the president's brief speech. The stadium employees brought Bloodweiser beer to the public and players while the mage Tork Balrec showed the Sigmarson's best plays in the cabalvision screens. It was a great feast for the supporters and players. The only problem came when Oghar Borg, the Ogre kicker, was a bit carried away by the cheerful atmosphere and kicked the trophy away... He'll be in the injured list until next month. The Reikland Reavers lose Oberwald Stopping his sprint run in the middle of the game, and removing his sweat drops, Griff Oberwald asked himself about why's he running and sweating if he's already rich. “What I'm doing is not appropiate for the rich people. Rich men should'nt be sweating”, said to himself, remembering that a person with his money doesn't need to run and get tired, and that nobody in his right mind practices sport because “running's a Sh**t”. “Serioulsy, what the f*** I'm doing here? These men are serious and they kick and beat and you can fall to the ground and get full of mud”. The Reavers have hired the services of the apothecary Zygmunt Froit, that said Oberwald has a “personality disorder that needs psicologial treatment”... whatever it is. So coaches, treat your star players well... or maybe not! Pay them less! MD5 starts now. Please, contact your rivals ASAP and if you have any problems contact your admins.
  6. Tobias Hansen. Königstag 13 No, this time we're not talking about some Nurgle team, but it's almost as disgusting. The reiksgard stomped into the NAF headquarters building located in Altdorf last Backertag. The soldiers were looking for some important members that were accused by the Imperial court of bribery, fraud and money laundering. A number of gold chests were requisitioned and the president himself, Joseph Platter, was taken prisoner. This journal applauds the quick and categorical action taken by the judges. Klaus Morgensen Festag 15 We apologise about the harsh words that wrote our journalist last Königstag. He's fired, of course. The justice has proven that Platter was innocent and all was a complot against him. How could we doubt about this man, that has made so many good things to our favourite sport? We thank him and his kind and altruistic support. Fellow coaches, now that you've been freed, please arrange your matches as soon as possible and contact your division admins if you have any problem.
  7. Uther slaps his body creating a cloud of dust around him. It's been a long way to this lonely cave. He aproaches the opening and suddenly a skeleton emerges from the darkness and shows him a written message: “I knew you would come. Please, enter here. Be my guest”. An open-mouthed Uther finally reacts and enters before the dried remant of a man. He is the refugee sage that long time ago reached the western world and offered his knowledge to the highest bidder. And who paid for his services? The rich Quatar Sultans, a Nehekhara blood bowl team ruled by the city prince. The book says he could see the future, so the team could know how to win and the prince knew who to bet to. The team reached quickly the top leagues and his prince got richer and richer, affording the best players. And there he is: the legendary Shazam Zandokan, still “alive”. The house he has in the cave is amazingly comfortable. He offers a seat full of rich cushions to Uther and looks him with his empty eyes. Uther babbles “Ehmmm. A pleasure, Mr. Zandokan. Excuse me, I was searching for you but of course the man who knows it all also knew I was searching for him.” The visionary nods. “Well... my question is... if you've seen it all, why not to use all that valuable information to your benefit?” The skeleton continues communicating by written messages. “I earned money in the beginning of my career. Once you know it all you don't mind the human problems. And no, I can't show you the way to see the future, but I'll give you a present so you can leave me be, leave this place and be content with your stupid human games. I'm going to let you know the next OCC S4 results and leaderboards.” Uther was going to say something but... he only sees the hermit get some papers from a desk and then how he gives them to him. Zandokan taps him in his shoulder as he shows him the way out. Uther smiles stupidly and abandons the remote cave with his eyes wide open.
  8. A tilean tavern. Uther listens to the extravagant, colorful clothed man. The winding movement of is pointed moustache almost gets his attention, but when he speaks of the ancient emperor Baldgustus his eyebrows bend. Finally! He has found a man ho knows who this ancient ruler is! He stops the wise man chat and asks him a direct question: “Do you know where the remains of his oval stadium might be?” The camera fades to black and then we see a excavation. Many man work digging in the dry earth. A worker's shovel hits something hard. The man uncovers the dirt. Now we see a rich man surrounded by Uther and the tilean wise man. They are eating and drinking wine. A scream breaks this delicious moment of respite. “Sir Rolenzo, a tomb. In the middle of the Stadium!” The three men run towards the direction of the worker. Four strong workers try hard to move the tomb's cover as the other three men look anxiously. The wise man encircles Uther with his arm. “We are living an historic moment! The tomb of Baldgustus!” At last the heavy cover is lifted up and we see a skeleton. Jewels all around. A crown in his dry forehead. And in his hands... a rod. Night. A shadow sneaks through the guards and moves away of the excavation. Uther smiles. Now he has the ancient MVP rod. If the manuscript is true, when the game ended the emperor raised the rod and the crowd screamed MVP, MVP, MVP... the rod, charged with the power of the chantings, was directed to the row of players. A lightning of pure energy was directed to the player selected by Nuffle, Nuflestus in the ancient tilean language, who had the blessing... or curse of the god. Now you know the ancient origins of this tradition of the MVP. Go and play your games and hope for a thumbs up and not a thumbs down.
  9. Uther turns his emaciated horse, rises his head and looks at the impressive sight he has in front of him. Finally he's there: the Dunkelberg castle. Reading, understanding, riding... Questions, answers, directions... It's been a long trip since he and his brothers discovered the ancient manuscript. But at last he's discovered what must be the home of his first objective: baron Faust von Dunkelberg. The brother stops, for the legend of this character is dreadful and this task can be dangerous. The writings are clear: he was a top player and after that a top head coach. A pioneering one: he was one of the first vampire players to play Blood Bowl ever. His legendary skills, his ability to kill other players, and his cruelty as a coach are worrisome. But Uther spurs on his horse. He cannot believe he's still... alive? Yet he cannot refuse the vast knowledge he could obtain from this... man? We see Uther cross the gloomy castle gates and face two guards. And then all is black... ...Until the camera shows us the feast that is taking place inside. Lots of people gathered around a long table, laughing, drinking and eating expensive and exotic dishes. We see a semi-nude girl feeding Uther with grapes as he talks with the sitting figure he as in front of him. We only see the figure's back and his pale, long nailed hands as they move while he chats in an old fashioned dialect. Sometimes Uther manages to skip the girl's arms and write notes. Finally he asks the most important question. The question about the fabulous tactic the vampire faced as a coach while playing the final of the Superbloodbowl XIX: the “H Fleshbone” formation, mentioned in the manuscript. Suddenly everybody shuts up. An unpleasant silence fills the room and the girl slips away from Uther's grip. “W-What? Did I said something wrong?” We see now the face of Faust, looking sideways to the researcher. Now we see Uther, scared, sweating. We see again baron Dunkelberg, a close look at his angry eyes. We see again Uther from a closer range, swallowing saliva. And again Faust, whose eyes relax a bit. “I don't like to talk about that bloody awful night. Some time ago, I would have killed you... but I like you and we must close the scars some time or another. Don't we?” Uther writes and draws with his trembling hand this new valuable information. Suddenly he stops and looks directly at you. “What? Do you want me to write here that infallible tactic? No way! Use your own fabulous BB tactics to win this MD game. Go, go go!”
  10. Hahaha, angry, angry boy. "It's the worst game ever made". For a moment I even thought he would cry... and what a long speech. Some people seem not to realize that it's just a game!
  11. Good work and excellent minis. Greebo makes good miniatures. I've participated in their last kickstarter campaign for three elf teams (dark, high and wood) that looked great. And I finally ended painting the Bullz! Well, except the troll... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.128713777760419.1073741827.100018653924120&type=1&l=4e69ed4e9b
  12. I need two more blitzers and black orcs, but it seems GW it's not selling them separately and surely I don't want to pay for another whole orc team, so I would like to know wich other miniature brands sell individual fantasy football miniatures that are good enough. I've been in the Willy's miniatures page and they look great but they don't have those positionals. http://willyminiatures.com/product-category/orcs/star-players-orcs/ Meiko has them but they aren't very good looking. http://www.meikominiatures.com/?m=1 Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  13. No post showing minis? Time to change that! I present you Oras Grank, black orc from the Zikkago Bullz. Enviado desde mi ALE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
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