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  1. He is not a killer really, he is just a blitzer to be precise He is meant to remove anything on his way irrespectively of their skills. He is lacking grab, but it is something that you rarely use on that type of players...
  2. So, by now I have two legends in my team. The second legend is AG 5 blodger, with guard, sure feet and pass. I also finally got me two tackles which proves to be efficient enough to put the pressure on my opponents. My MV 7 vampire finally got both, sure feet and sprint, so he is now able to pose the threat of 1 TTD. I am planning to get him the side step if he somehow survives and sees his legendary status
  3. Get dodge. Will allow you to move him as a last action and may open up for a blodge.
  4. Approach – Adaptive, sometimes risky, creative, never-give-up, psychological warfare. Every block is potentially death for you or your opponent, so you should clearly understand why you block, when and where. Teams – Vampires, Elfs, Wood Elfs, Dark Elfs Coaching method - I will make you suffer playing against me. Depending on what team you choose I will be making you play against the worst match ups.
  5. AG 6 is pretty good. You will be able to gaze and dodge like hell. Take it without doubt!
  6. My advice would be to hunt for the ball, some teams can play around and come to it eventually, but vamps benefit the most from a quick counter touchdown. Also, consider this, you should always pick attack first, and even if they score on you(yes, I mean exactly what I mean) , don't be too upset, defense is the real offence drive for the vampires, so you should aim to get as many of those as possible.
  7. Weaklings. I will not support eiterh of you
  8. Leap. I know that most people believe that you do not need it if u play it right, but remember those games where u r left with a handful of vampires, one thrall and not so many turns to score. Leap can help u penetrate defences and run away, steal the crowded ball, avoid tackle and diving tackle of those bloody dwarfs surrounding you. Jump up is not bad either as it makes you a constant mobile threat unless they stun or outright cas u.
  9. I would go with sure feet. He is your only +speed guy, so I would maximise his ability to score. Or, you could go nuts and choose to have sprint, which would allow you to think about 1 TTD. Yes, I am obsessed with running, but that is just because I see how vampires lack that 1-2 speed on top of their 6.
  10. Lost 4 - 3 to the wood elfs. That was a fairly equal match, albeit I lost my only tackle vampire on the third turn. From there on it was a one way trip where I chose to deliver as many td's as I can. Now I have 3 +agility vampires and 1 +movement. I feel like I am really lacking some tackle and diving tackle...for those dodgy bastards.
  11. I would go with sure feet first. Having a one-turner is nice, but that does not add anything in a normal drive unless you want to sprint 3 times...
  12. I am against such a specialised vampire. The best you should get is block+tackle vampire which gives you a decent chance of stripping the ball. Why so? I think that speed 6 will make it rather difficult for that specialised vampire to be where you need them most. The teams that do not have sure hands usually have above average speed, so changing sides won't be difficult for them, while your vampire may well be stuck or munching on a thrall when you will be running from side to side. Also, you might want to consider some MB on your tacklers as they are the ones that you will want to blitz with most of the time. On a side note... My perfect vampire would look like this: Block Dodge Tackle Jump up (you need mobility and almost-free blocks) Sidestep/Sure Feet/MB Diving tackle/Guard/Piling On/Juggernaut
  13. 2 - 1 victory this time against nurgle. Some very nice kicks and a blitz allowed me to crowd the ball and then steal it with no major issues =) First drive ended in 1 - 1. Second drive was a 6-men push that succeeded in 2ttd. Then I made him lose the ball on a couple of occasions till I got a hold of it and he could not take it back and score. That the price you pay for not having tackle at this level...
  14. 2 - 1 loss to the pro elfs. I did good in this game and removed half of the elfs in the first half, including the +st +ag blitzer. However, they all came back in the second... One of those games where elfs outbash you while their armor holds =)
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