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  1. I don't mean to rub salt in your wound RTSD, but if someone is interested of a video of the event you may watch it here:
  2. Some odd good stuff from my playlist, celebrating weekend. Strange Days soundtrack?
  3. Made a gameplay video of Cloudpunk to a rare live recording of Thåström "Alla vill till Himlen". I tried to enhance the audio, but it is what it is.
  4. A new test tune, had a nice bassline & needed to test some guitar effects, 70s distortion.
  5. And some more mobile muscles
  6. My Team Captain & Leader, Ball Carrier & Runner with Passing Abilities.
  7. "Santa" came to me with a barytone guitar, a new test tune. Happy New Year.
  8. @Pidpad had one job, & he blew it. So here it comes: With a personal favorite of mine as an add on, from the album "The man who became a pig"
  9. I´ll repeat what someone else wrote before "This is lovely but legends have their own thread, this one is for humble superstars."
  10. New test tune, arrhythmia I dunno. Had major problems trying to make it sound somewhat right.
  11. Not really very much jazz, but the mood is ok
  12. I´ve watched it finally, but sadly it isn´t complete yet. My biggest problem is to accept that the main character Major now turned into a "Loli" childgirl. I´m not sure if the new characters introduced is very helpful either, just some comic relief, & somewhat hysterically childish. I can accept 3D animations since that´s probably the future, they can very easily reuse scenes, enviroment & areas. But some scenes & the characters still looks too clean & perfect. They tried to get it dirty, but the characters & some scenes are just too clinical "perfect" & not very dys
  13. You don´t need to listen to Bard if you don´t want to, I don´t consider him a doomsday cult. It´s just a headliner. I don´t care about the channel, or the other guy. But I find Bard´s point of view stimulating & refreshing. He kicks at about everybody. Especially at those who just sits on their arses & lifts money for nothing, except feeding the society new fictional "monsters" to battle.
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