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  1. You don´t need to listen to Bard if you don´t want to, I don´t consider him a doomsday cult. It´s just a headliner. I don´t care about the channel, or the other guy. But I find Bard´s point of view stimulating & refreshing. He kicks at about everybody. Especially at those who just sits on their arses & lifts money for nothing, except feeding the society new fictional "monsters" to battle.
  2. Manu Chao - La vida tombola - YouTube Same singer
  3. A new Star is born, Childebert de Broche - One of the best allround players I´ve witnessed as Bretonnian coach. He´s got speed, he throw passes, he dodges, he scores, he hits hard & he´s everywhere.
  4. I just need some time to replace players
  5. I´m cool with 20:00 UTC too
  6. Last late night at the bar because of lockdown for a looong time? (Sweden)
  7. Fittingly enough, a new release of an old classic:
  8. I guess you don´t care, but I got some inspiration for a bassline this weekend that sounds pretty cool.
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