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  1. Another Demo. Slightly out of sync, not sure why I fail all the time by small margins.
  2. I remixed a tune & added drums. Since there were no drums from the beginning, it might sound out of... *edit*
  3. Added some drums & remixed it some. It was somewhat influnced by John Bauer "Among Gnomes and Trolls" among other things.
  4. Every breath I take Every move I make Every bond I break Every step I take Every single day Every word I say Every game I play Every night I stay
  5. Returning team, Tier 2 Coach name: Kia Sidhe Team name: Couronne Croissants Race: Bretonnia
  6. Some more drums, inspired by another tune. Guess?
  7. Another test tune from my virtual vinyl player. Sounds like something always goes wrong for me somewhere. Drums would prob help a lot. Whatever, heavy mental!
  8. My Virtual Vinyl Player is back with something new. (I started out with one idea that split into three)
  9. I don't mean to rub salt in your wound RTSD, but if someone is interested of a video of the event you may watch it here:
  10. Some odd good stuff from my playlist, celebrating weekend. Strange Days soundtrack?
  11. Made a gameplay video of Cloudpunk to a rare live recording of Thåström "Alla vill till Himlen". I tried to enhance the audio, but it is what it is.
  12. A new test tune, had a nice bassline & needed to test some guitar effects, 70s distortion.
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