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  1. I´m in the camp for banning stadium enhancements. Will never afford one anyway so...
  2. Hurra! I´ve seen them live & even carried some soda backstage for them.
  3. Yeah, welcome. Don´t know what to say. Used to love go fishing when I was a kid.
  4. Dogs of War! Home of the mercenairies!
  5. Made something fun & easy for my Vampire-team in Another League, "The Fangs of Bela Lugosi".
  6. This one goes to all the Lizardmen(Jurassic Park)-players out there. I kind of hate Lizardmen(Jurassic Park) ever since they reappeared in Warhammer 5th(?) edition.
  7. I don´t know what to say really, take care out there.
  8. I made something for my Nurgle-team in another League. I´m still trying to learn Gimp 2.
  9. @Ballztothwwalla Thanks, alot of cool fonts at dafont. Now I just got learn how to get them into Gimp.
  10. Nice font you are using for your team sig. Is it available for Gimp-users? I need it, or something similar, for my Nurgle-team.
  11. @Jav Yes I know, I grew up under the influence of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Crash Test Dummies, MTV & Twin Peaks on repeat on the telli. And alot more of course.
  12. Sure, just for you Jav. Well, this is my first excuse for a team in a league outside Cabalvision BB2. So I had to come up with something as a team name. A crash test team, since my players tend to fall to pieces on the pitch. I know it´s not very much in line with Dark Elves, but I don´t care very much about that.
  13. Thanks Dreamy. I hope this sig won´t offend anyone, or break some rule. It´s a work in progress. I´m looking to replace the dot above "i" with a ball and i might add some scars etc to the dolls.
  14. So... What was the sign limits again?
  15. If two teams, or more, with the same Points & NET TDs. Shouldn´t the team which scored most TD+ take a lead?
  16. Awesome "work" man. Interesting statistics, right now my team is Top 10 in TDs, KOs & Push Outs. I guess it´s possible to play bashy elves. :)
  17. SQL Error An error occured with the SQL server: This is not a problem with the IPS Community Suite but rather with your SQL server. Please contact your host and copy the message shown above
  18. My feedback is that I don´t have access to that part of the forum?
  19. Tjena, jag har spelat en match i 4B, draw, onsdags kväll. Snubben jag spelade emot har inte "confirm" matchen. Men han har bett admins att göra det åt honom i våran grupps tråd. Något du kan fixa? Confirmation alltså.


    Ha det bra! Anders "emil" eller Kia Sidhe här på forumet.

    1. Flyktsoda


      Skicka ett PM där du inkluderar alla admins i tråden, och måtståndaren :)


      Får inte göra ett skit om du inte gör det.



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