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  1. https://1drv.ms/i/s!AmP32eUPbSpogbxluD6D10YxeNk2uw Hope the link is working. One injured Blitzer died recently so he´s off somewhere else. But I got one -1 Strength, and Another -1 Agility that I might ditch. I´m saving cash for Another Blitzer right now, I Think I need 4 in the end. -1 Move on a Lineelf is no big deal.
  2. I´ll try to continue to play my Dark Elves, despite Deaths and Injuries. But the only cool thing about my team right now is a high Fan Factor of 7. And I don´t want to dissapoint the fans. :) So do you recommend me to kick all injured players or what?
  3. Nope I won´t. I got 1-2 blodge blitzers -1 strength, 2 blitzers -1 agility and 1 lineelf -1 move. It sucks big time, but I´ll give it a try.
  4. Ah, ok, missed the part of playing the entire thing through. Well, then I´ll just continue as before, who knows, things might change. :) Thanks!
  5. I think I need to retire my team and start all over again. Got too many really bad injuries from matches. Should I play through this season of Orca BB2, and start all over next season, or what do you suggest?
  6. I hate this forum since it turned blue instead of green... :P
  7. Do I have to choose skills for players before 2nd phase of the seeder? :) It would be nice to know what teams you´re up against, but I guess it´s against the spirit of the League?
  8. Thanks, I would like to credit all you people making this League possible. I just got a Little worried Reading Cpt J Yossarian post. :)
  9. I hope I can continue to play in the OCC2-league, even if my team finish last in the Group?
  10. What more teams can we expect in the near future? I´m waiting for the not so very popular Chaos Dwarfs.
  11. Do you remember M*A*S*H? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-BtquTKw78
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