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  1. An experiment in my "studio". Enjoy or not. (2nd ed.)

    *edit* It´s a fusion inspired of Leadbelly, Led Zeppelins live performance of Dazed & Confused & Twin Peaks - Angelo Badalamenti´s guitarist, or if it was himself playing. I dunno... :)

  2. @Bouffon
    I´m not really a weeb, a good movie is a good movie or serie. Same as with music. But that´s all about personal taste. No Netflix for me, is it any good in the Anime section?

    I got this game Cloudpunk recently, which is not yet fully developed, so I haven´t played it yet. So Cloudpunk, Blade Runner, GITS.

    "Time of Eve" is a cute one that is based around Isaac Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics", but is also about outsiders, loneliness, emptiness.

    Goblin Slayer is another funny one. If you ever played paper/pen fantasy RPG, you´ll get a giggle. Although some scenes might be disturbing.

  3. Couronne Croissants hasn´t played very well lately. Could be because evil Pidpad forced our team to play one division higher than intended. So we´ll bring out some heavy artillery to support us to keep the faith in our play & game plan.

    How about some French wonders


    How cute can someone be?






    The Voice.



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