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  1. Uhm, funny thing. My last video link was meant to be Lykke Li´s "Gunshot". But hey...
  2. An unique opportunity to spot as many gifted peeps as possible in one video.
  3. ...a remix someone did… 0_o Frail, beautiful & brutal, for all BR fans.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. Uhm? Can I offer you Battle over "Paris" & "Notre Dame" with gigantic pink cannon? I know it´s fiction, but I´m not sure why a Japanese anime studio puts a "Swedish" girl in Pippi Longstocking haircut in front of Unified States army vs Empire (Mary Sioux(Sue) v Tanya) They got the berserker state of mind right though. The ending in the cathedral is a great ending for one of the best anime movies around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsOQALSI-wY
  5. @FlyingTurtle Check with Bantha, he was looking for a coach at Tier 4 lvl methinks.
  6. I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown which forces me to blow it at the most important moments. - Jim Morrison

  7. Have a nice weekend everyone… "Mixed" together the 3 parts of "Sweet Sweet Man" by Tindersticks & put some "fitting" images to it.
  8. Oh no, I´ve been somewhat creative in the night. Warning, some nudity. Art.
  9. First it was the obvious Beatles Sitar arrangements, Rolling Stones Paint it Black, Led Zeppelin Kashmir etc. Then it moved on to Chinese Folk Music from Camden Town, London. My favorite game for a time was Medieval Total War II Kingdoms Crusades, I made a vid for my favorite: Stumbled across this Armenian Duduk track. (Never mind the photo, former American model/actress in Armenian(?) clothing.) A movie I´ve seen, alternative rock cover with some influences Then someone at YT tried to mend my soul with this, & I went retarded back to Chinese Folk Music. :) So now I´m kind of stuck on reverse... :) Thanks for taking your time btw. There are probably oceans of eastern music around. *Edit* Chinese Folk Music, not traditional or classic on Spotify
  10. Yo @Smiling Tom, my alternative(?) music friend & others. I´m setting up my "studio" & I´ve some kind of vision to be creative. Angelo Badalamenti has been a great inspiration to me among others, mainly "black" music like jazz/blues/rock with a weird twist. Guitar based music that is. So my vision goes something like this, what do you think?: "Unfortunately" I´m being inspired & influenced by Eastern music as well, so I´m kind of divided which way to go. There´s probably no future at all in this anyway but... Better to stay somewhat creative. Grateful for feedback of any kind.
  11. Wood Elf infighting in Blackwood or something tonight, followed by a desperate weekend. R.I.P. Keith Flint
  12. Probably the only concert I might be visiting this year.
  13. I must say our game was one of the better online experiences I´ve had, ok I´m not very experienced. But it was very pleasant talking to you no matter what. I´ve had more trouble understanding English peeps talking English than French & Brazilian.
  14. (Messiah, Candlemass. He´s huge! He had to do a stage check when everybody else had a soundcheck. To see if the stage could bear his weight. lol) Well, Magnus Carlson(Weeping Willows) is officially Bajare, so it´s not up for a discussion. :) Warning, no music: https://youtu.be/70j2yFjBm8o When I come to think about it, almost everybody is Bajare? Madonna, Zlatan, Skarsgård family etc... Since I got a game this evening I´ll drop this one. Upcoming star?
  15. Best male singer in Sweden, unfortunately somewhat in lesser quality. (Perfect Brit Pop?) The guitar is unforgettable.
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