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  1. Same routine as always… Put some clothes, perfume on & get drunk.
  2. Jon Lord(former Deep Purple, RIP) does Unsquare Dance (Dave Brubeck) I knew about the classic "Take Five", but not this one. Great!
  3. Yeah, I know this might be controversial for some, but I find Saga of Tanya the Evil great. Refreshing even.
  4. It´s getting lighter they tell me. "WinterNull2"
  5. Todays contribution. Wonder what all high tech studio professionals thinks about this? I´d rather listen to this than most radio squeak.(?) (Is "skval" the same word in both Swedish & English?)
  6. Made a video for my favorite tune in a PC-game. No, I don´t understand a single word of what she´s singing about, but I´ve heard she appears in a Rammstein song too.
  7. Since I play 2 teams for the moment in OCC, I think it would be reasonable to let me have 2 sig. banners & 4 links. No...? :)
  8. Oh it´s a video from Italian Spartacus, he doesn´t give away too much information. Starting position, some glimpses at skill tree, abilities & possible route of the campaign.
  9. Finally a real crusade too! Bring it on, Undead! :)
  10. Got a game in a few hours (Uhm? Since 13th century we have had laws regarding woman's right to integrity) Ramones Tee & gigantic Blondie fans/rip offs? Nsfw? Think they focused on the wrong thing here? :)
  11. My banner for my new team in OCC Tier 6, Bretonnians. There might be some changes later: *edit Update*
  12. I think my playlist tricked me today somehow. I was forced to listen to this tune about 3 times at work, & now I can´t get it out of my head! LOL :) I have a deadline for my new team´s banner tonight! :O I need to relax...
  13. LOL, looks like my place on an ordinary lazy Sunday. Not the neighborhood though & no banjos. This is a great gritty & dirty cover. *edit* I´m not that old either. :)
  14. Some truth in this… Happy weekend everybody!
  15. Coolest Dark Elf Character in modern days are coming! And...? https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791457822083/announcements/detail/1715238555467589965
  16. Somehow I must credit the 4AD label. Uhm… They have released a lot of interesting music through the years.
  17. This is as good as it gets live. The screaming guitar, the groans, the lyrics, anxiety, the salvation army hat, Thåström´s finest moments. All this in the great contradiction to the audience acting like dead fish in a pond. (I swear, I would be crying.) How I wished I had been there. Blå Himlen was an underground Club in Stockholm, now it´s some fancy place I probably would disgust. Where did all the underground clubs go? Is it because of gaming & drugs in general? Best MTV unplugged song ever?
  18. What do you want to know? I can check somewhere else for you pal. Or you can buy the worthless CD-single from me, special price for you my friend. :) (If I can find it that is) It contains 4 tunes: Ladykillers, Matador, Ex & Dear Me. The other tunes are more Pop but are ok or better. Uhm, Dear Me is actually one of my favorites.
  19. I mean I really loved Led Zeppelin, & who doesn´t like Elvis(R.I.P) What can possibly go wrong? :) F****K!!! One hour to go to work & I haven´t slept yet… (I had too much to do this weekend) Zzzzz...
  20. A new season ahead, a new team for me. Best football(soccer) song according to me. (But I guess the English peeps might still get upset, "God´s Hand")
  21. Interesting Beats, Dance & message from Iran, Sweden & LA USA. English translation YT too! :) I like her mostly because she´s seems to be always happy despite all shit.
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