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  1. Kind of cool, but the comments to the video really made me laugh. :)
  2. It was the last "big" Hollywood movie to be made without a lot of digital effects, if I´m not mistaken. I think they made it on purpose. Bless Coppola, he is/was an artist. Rumble Fish, low budget, is not well known, but the Photograph is stunning.
  3. Releaseparty for my first Music Video on YouTube, I had to do this since I need the soundtrack at work to wake myself up. A tribute to Jim Morrison & The Doors. :) LOL Party!!! "The Scream of the Butterfly"
  4. Jim Morrison. The No1 recorded primal scream of Rock & Roll! Raw!!! Come on everybody! Let out the Beast within you! Happy Weekend! :)
  5. This one is heavy! Like a doom/goth metal song from the early 60s! :) Naah...
  6. "Know me, broken by my master. Teach thee on child, of love hereafter. Into the flood again. Same old trip it was back then." -Alice in Chains "Would?"
  7. Thought for the day: Oppression comes in many forms nowadays. Even in a democracy. Stay free, keep your mind free & remember freedom costs. Shiny Happy People? Right... Have a nice weekend everybody! :)
  8. "Jolene" has been covered about 1000 times, when I find a song I like I usually try the original. But what version fits you the best is totally up to you. Bob Dylan´s "Knocking on Heavens Door" got some kind of world record, has been covered a million times or something.
  9. All her talents, & I guess she was considered a real hottie at the time being too? Just curious. Better watch out for Verbal though, according to rumours he keeps records over how old peeps here might be. Or so I´ve heard. He passes judgements from what kind of music they listen to. :)
  10. Left the 60s for the 70s, barely scratching the surface. Fascinating with artists that borders to being a genius/insane? She plays piano, sings, acts, dances & compose her own music. (I guess she´s like Amazons, she can´t cook. BB2 reference) Wonder if she could have played Harlequin in an earlier Batman Movie? Gosh, all the nice 70s-80s video effects too… :)
  11. Smashing Hit already! This will sell, mark my word!
  12. Aaaah, "Illegal" Alternative Clubs, Disco Dancing, drinking your head away… :) Happy Weekend everyone!
  13. Cr@sh Test Dummies Sheena Punk Rocker made it to the Superstars last game. With her Agility of 5 & Leap she´s a constant threat both in offence & defence. Her main duties on the pitch, except attracting Lighting Bolts, is to take care of the ball & distribute it amongst her team mates or go for a TD herself. But with her latest add on to her Skills I might reconsider & use her more aggresively. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF4-l2OYHPM
  14. I´m not sure if you´re trying to tell me something? (Since you like to provoke peeps. :) Don´t understand his English accent but he seems to be a funny guy. But I guess I can always spin-off some more out of this :) Or some words from the Legend himself :)
  15. From a time when Walt Disney & their music was good, happy weekend:
  16. @Verbal_HM I´m updating my music library with some music from the 60s, then I´ll go for the 70s. Wu-Tang Clan belongs to the 90s(?), but I´ll get there. Besides I prefer the original recordings if I can find any, they are generally better. :) Just compare the song "Tainted Love" from the 60s to Soft Cells, Marilyn Manson & now Rihanna(?) Gloria Jones wipes the floor with the others artists, but that´s my opinion.
  17. Still better than anything with Taylor Swift... Still better than anything with Taylor Swift... Still better than anything with Taylor Swift... Still better than anything with Taylor Swift... Still better than anything with Taylor Swift... Still better than anything with Taylor Swift... Still better than anything with Taylor Swift... Still better than anything with Taylor Swift... Still better than anything with Taylor Swift... Everything is better than Taylor Swift when I think about it... F**k Taylor Swift... Hate Taylor Swift... She doesn´t even have a voice that carries her(T.S.) songs... I think she(T.S) hates us all... I hate Taylor Swift!!! Taylor Swift is a bad, bad Grrrr...urrrllll!!! Happy Taylor Swift-free weekend everyone!!! :) Ok, I need to end this post with something Swedish. :)
  18. Rod Stewarts version is quite good too… "...I´m sexy" :) (The Original one.)
  19. This Louis Armstrong tune gives me the chills in a positive way.
  20. The best stuff you ever posted Verbal! :) Some call me Hitler at work just because I´m Swede, some kind of retarded reversed(?) racism. But I don´t mind really. Kind of fun having someone from Afghanistan or something else, doing the Hitler Salute towards you. Funny thing is, if I ever did that I would probably end up being prosecuted for something they call "Hets mot folkgrupp" in Sweden. (Translated: Persecution towards community(?)) It´s so retarded, among other things, I´m thinking of leaving this soon to be shithole country. (Sweden that is)
  21. Oh, sorry. Didn´t mean to spoil your Christmas rituals. :)
  22. (So this thread got hijacked by some happy pro-vampire peeps?) My mum took me to some concerts in the beginning of the 80s when I was about 8-10 years old. The most funny concert I remember was Ebba Grön with Swedish rock legend Thåström. There was this gigantic hibernated hippie dude besides us: -"Are you here with your mum? How cool isn´t that! If only my mum took me to concerts!" (Observe, I don´t support the lyrics/ideas in this one, it´s about the suburps arming it selves to pick a fight against the bourgeois, king etc) "They can take some lead in their necks" etc (some kind of execution). It was almost forbidden at the times being. But it´s still a damn good rock tune. (We have already had "Staten & Kapitalet" in this thread.) Another Swedish classic. Wait for the primal screams at the end. I´ve also been to Anders F. Rönnblom about the same time, with his legendary Christmas song & a really nicely done video too. I served him & his band some soft drinks before the concert. :)
  23. Like everybody else, just fill in: Coach name (ingame): Team name: Race: There´ll probably be some drop outs, then you are more than welcome. :)
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