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  1. Now to something "new" I really like actually… Phantogram Hit Parade!
  2. Rage against the Machine - Just a remix of 70s Black Sabbath with some political/angry lyrics. Know your history! Besides, I look like 30 or younger. It´s our healthy climate & lack of sun that doesn´t turn you into a raisin. Throwing Kisses to @Verbal_HM I want to reach out and touch the sky I want to touch the sun but I don't need to fly I'm gonna climb up every mountain of the moon And find the dish that ran away with the spoon I've crossed the ocean, turned every bend I found the plastic at the gold at rainbow's end I've been through magic and through life's reality I've lived a thousand years, it never bothered me Got no religion, don't need no friends Got all I want and I don't need to pretend Don't try to reach me, 'cause I'll tear up your mind I've seen the future and I've left it behind Nobody will ever let you know When you ask the reasons why They just tell you that you're on your own Fill your head all full of lies You bastards!!!
  3. Cr@sh Test Dummies latest addition to the Superstars, Elthlos Blitz. Nothing special about this dude, except he´s about as annoying as one can be as Dark Elf without any Stat boosts. He was our Shade, until he got -MA. His most famous moves as shown earlier this season in Championship.
  4. The 90s was a very strange period, at least in my life. 8-9 Suede concerts? Impressive! I´ve kind of missed them performing live, although I´ve never considered them a live act as such. I believe some of their early stuff is too hard to perform/do justice live. I might be wrong, & they got some dude on keyboards nowadays. I really like the early Suede & their thematic Album/Singles covers, very artistic. I´m fascinated by the quality of the Singles B-sides too, like Europe is our Playground, The Big Time & so forth. Sci-Fi Lullabies is a great asset. Everything will flow is perhaps their best commercial pop song, it´s brilliant as such, but it isn´t really Suede to me. Not even the video reminds me of early Suede. Maybe it´s just me... Suede - Everything will flow I´m more of a Rock Festival guy, & I always end up someplace else then the concerts I had in mind. Either drunk or... I even missed Nirvana at Roskilde Festival 92(?) since I was discussing football with some Danish peeps.(It was the summer they won European Championship) But I´m kind of glad I missed it & the hysteria that was going on at the concert area. Last concert I´ve been to was Deep Purple, they opened up with the same songs as they did 45(?) years ago. Unfortunately I´ve heard some Norwegian TV series "Beforeigners" use Deep Purple - Child in Time. They are messing up my teenage memories now. :( I´m kind of raging at that. Hate Beforeigners. How old am I now @Verbal_HM??? Deep Purple - Child in Time (R.I.P. Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore, another great guitar player, Ian Gillan Wow! & this is live! Roger Glover & Ian Pace well…) Portishead - So brilliant, I can´t quite find the words to describe their first Albums before "3" that is, "3" is a different take.
  5. Bernard Butler, guitarist on Suede´s two first albums, has been an inspiration to me. He brought back energy into pop/rock music, sometimes it sounds like he bends whole chords into distorted euphonious beauty. Unfortunately most of their old tracks got inferior sound in these days, but I found one of my favorite dark tunes with great lyrics & video that gives away some of Bernard Butler´s skills. Suede - The Asphalt World
  6. I´ll try to help you in my final game, but you better help yourself first of course.
  7. EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! NEW! NEW! NEW! *hope I´m first*
  8. One of us! One of us!
  9. 1994 - The Crow. Great movie & music for its time. R.I.P. Brandon Lee & Ian Curtis. NiN Dead Souls (Joy Division Cover)
  10. Mmh yeah… In 1972 Deep Purple released Made in Japan, & it´s still considered the best live album of all times. Well, Swedens contribution, I think will be Dag Vag, with their live album Scenbuddism from 1979. Dag Vag considered their music to be transcontinental Rockreggae. Enjoy! R.I.P. Stig Vig. Dag Vag - Dimma (Haze, somewhat drugrelated)
  11. Seems like the backstabbing Dark Elf Coaches likes to keep for themselves, or? Do you got something to share/say?
  12. Best concert I´ve ever been to. The electricity went out, but the band kept on playing with drums, trumpets etc while some of them continued to stage diving. Nice video too!
  13. Ok, I´m gonna be the odd one out here. One of my favorite movies of all time is the Film Noir Classic "Gilda". It´s old, but it´s quality all the way through, considering the time it was released. I highly recommend it. I think the script was written by a woman & man do they talk. Since Rutger Hauer passed away recently, I would like to mention "Blade Runner". It´s almost the same category of movies. But I guess everyone seen it already.
  14. "Coaches in the Championship are doing something wrong this season. It's called Blood Bowl, people!" Yuck you, I´m doing my part! 3 Kills in 4 games are pretty good, although one b*****d cheated & regenerated. But next time time… *Edit* 4 Kills in 5 games.
  15. I came across this gem from some telli show. "Are you ready & comfortable, lovely?" Beth Gibbons starts singing her dark lyrics. "Wandering stars, for whom it is reserved. The blackness, of darkness forever. Wandering stars, for whom it is reserved. The blackness, of darkness forever."
  16. OMG!!! One of my all time high favorite bands still makes music! If you ain´t got Surfer Rosa, Come on Pilgrim & Monkey Gone To Heaven you missed something boys & girls. The Breeders(Pixies Bass Player) Cannonball is a great tune too. Oldies but Goldies!
  17. Good luck against Nurgle. Sorry about the Niggling, but we all know Injuries comes sooner or later. I usually don´t foul since I want my high value players on the field. But sometimes a player with Piling On, or some other opportunity shows up. Then it´s just to put the Boot in.
  18. I know Banthas The Vampiers Strikes Back are everyones favorite team. But Evil Elves do what they do & are good at, destroying the party when everybody is having a good time. I even managed to Injure one of his Vampires, giving him a Niggling & one died by a foul. Unfortunately he Regged that. I can´t understand how his Vampires have gotten this far without any permanent Injuries before. But it was a hell of a game with some legendary Shadowing in the end. A true Dark Elf Skill!
  19. Another Superstar is born in the team of Cr@sh Test Dummies in the Championship. Blitzing Geddhil got his last well earned SPPs by taking out one of Banthas Thralls & got a MVP for tonights 2-1 victory over The Vampiers Strikes Back. He runs, he dodges, he take punches, give some hard hits back too. But above all he slips away for another assist, a screen or why not score another Touchdown for himself & the Team. I gave him Fend to try to get him to stay on the Pitch, considering his AV7.
  20. Just because you use distorted guitars, you can´t run away from the composers rights to get credits of a song he/she/they created. It´s summertime!!! I wish I had the haircut & sideburns like Ray Dorset.
  21. I would like to make a correction of Metallica "Staten & Kapitalet" It´s not Ebba Grön who wrote the song. Ebba Grön made a cover of Blå Tåget "Den ena handen vet vad den andra gör". So Metallica makes a cover of a cover.
  22. Cr@sh Test Dummies latest addition to the Superstars, "Mr Anonymous" Bloke Camhil. To be honest, I can´t remember anything special from this dude. But he takes his punches, slips away & is a great asset as long as he stays on the pitch. According to the statistics he has actually managed to kill 4 other Blood Bowl players. That´s good! Hopefully more to come in the Championship where he´s playing right now.
  23. Will have to try the Beleghar Ironhammer campaign. Sounds interesting.
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