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  1. Skavens are not that hard, they just works differently from others. Once you get some stable income & food production they are quite rewarding to play. But they lack elite close combat units, & their units are never experienced from the start like Elves/Dwarfs. In & before battles you´ll have to wear the enemy units down. Assassins are very useful for taking out some Garrissons & Army Units/Characters before battle. In battles you´ll have to sacrifice some cheap units to get the most bang for the bucks with your Warmachines & Support Units. Technology & Magic is quite important. But the mainstay Units are Skaven Clanrats with spears. To get the numerous advantage you´ll need some Skaven Corruption or alot of Food to get some more rat packs. I use Plague Priests spreading corruption & making holes in enemies walls. If a major city is too hard to take, you wear them down by spreading Plague for 6 Turns & just before attacking you use the BOOOM-agent to destroy their buildings. My recipe for destruction & world domination as rats. Although I do have problems in areas like diplomacy, nobody likes rats. & definitely not Clan Pestilence. There are some Vampires, Skavens & Dark Elves you might barter deals with. Right now I got some armies coming to attack Lustria, Dwarfs & Bretonnians have taken som areas in Southlands & other Old World armies just come sailing. Will be interesting.
  2. Yeah, but the game is too fun to ignore. Right now I´m playing Skaven Clan Pestilence for the first time ever. Skavens are quite insane, I don´t know who came up with the idea of this army. They are somewhat fully operational "terrorist state". :) I´ve only played the more "civilized" armies before, & my favorites Dark Elves. So I´m having alot of fun & the campaign have developed in a strange way. High Elves are in Naggaroth together with Exiles of Nehek & some Skaven, Dark Elves desperately tries to get a hold on Sword of Khaine. While I´m taking the back door into Ulthuan & Southern Naggaroth. Unfotunately both Dwarves, Bretonnia & some other Old World armies have discovered my hidings in Lustria, got the whole continent now. The only thing that really bored me was when I took The Galleon´s Graveyard, what a dissapointment. All these preparations I did for almost nothing in return. It takes time & effort to launch a campaign like that. Boohooo!!!
  3. You can sing through a banana on a tv-show if you are bored or high enough: Don´t know why I got this clip pushed on the tube. But I´m sure Gobas will be happy.
  4. Good for you! I might consider Sure Hands as an option, but right now I rely on Ag to pick up the blasted ball.
  5. Will there be a World Cup in BB2 this year?
  6. Coach name (ingame): Kia Sidhe Team name: Cr@sh Test Dummies Race: Dark Elves Returning Coach & Team for Tier 1. If no spots in Tier 1, I can sit out another season.
  7. Anyone who knows how to post an image from OneDrive? Sorry for hijacking the thread.
  8. My second contribution: Bloke Celdrir, stands in the frontline at Line of Scrimmage & takes all the punches for the rest of the team. Sometimes he packs some damage as well. Been with the team from the very beginning from the seeders to this season. Please die, I ain´t got the heart to fire you. *Update* He´s now finally dead. He died from a fouling Chainsaw(Max) with a lot of assists against Coach Regor´s Carnival of Nurgz. We´ll drink to his memory & may Khaine guide him to more killings.
  9. Yeah, now I kind of regret I gave him Dodge instead of +MA. But I couldn´t foresee another +S.
  10. My first contribution: Ereos Blitz, sold his soul & armour to the Chaos Gods for some gifts & now have a Death Wish. He is somewhat of a jack of all trades on the pitch, but avoid Line of Scrimmage.
  11. Gimme some please! Is there a place where you can hire coaches to try to assassinate certain players? *edit* (Ooops, wrong topic to ask questions)
  12. Uhm, you need to upload the Picture to OneDrive or something like Imgur. From there you can create a shortcut of the picture for forums.
  13. Thanks for sharing the news. "Any content post release? …But this is not all. The Druchii possess a dark and powerful weapon. When blood runs in rivers and the air is choked with Death, the chains will break and this monstrous secret will be unleashed." Mmmh...
  14. Coach name : Kia Sidhe Team: Bretonnians Team name: Couronne Croissants 18+ *edit* Changed team name
  15. @meebee Hi! Please don´t be mad at me. I´ve come up with another better(?) idea that I believe I can pull off myself. Sorry for wasting your time. But if it is any comfort I´m now a gold sponsor. Danke schön
  16. Ok, I´ve asked the guys on their forum what kind of background color they use. But I might be ignored. Is it possible to take a screenshot and take a sample of the forums background color?
  17. Follow the guidelines for OCC & you´ll be safe, they allow bigger but I settle with OCC standard. Background color, just make it transparent? Or else have a look at UKBBLs forum: http://www.ukbbl.co.uk/ :)
  18. @meebee Understood, I´ll donate a smaller sum to the OCC if you can pull it off. Just as a symbolic gesture. I don´t know why I haven´t done it yet.
  19. @meebee Hi there! I got an idea for a team logo, but I aint got the skills to pull it off. It´s for my team in UKBBL. Can you take a look at it? Please with sugar on top? Hope the link is working: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmP32eUPbSpogehDKvquR_PR4pvJHA I want the red parts to be green/dark green, and instead of "Montreal Blitz" it should read "The Blitzkrieg Bop" in white letters. If you can fit in "Hey, Ho! Let´s Go!" somewhere it would be nice. It might be easier done than I Think, but I´ve just been playing around in Gimp 2.
  20. What is the difference between difficulty levels? Earlier titles of TW just changed enemy units experience if I recall correctly.
  21. Personally I go for routing the defenders first, objectives is a secondary thing. Defenders usually got some warmachines at the square objective, so I usually send some Knights or similar to rout them.
  22. The only thing you need as a Vampire is some Grave Guard with Great Weapons as a centre. Almost...
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