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  1. Except on a team where you have no regular access to guard. Unless your are multiblocking snotlings it doesn't sound like a good idea. I'd say ST all the way, you can't deny a gift like that without risking Nuffle's Wrath !
  2. It took them a few days after the revamp to include the Faqs for their main games, maybe it will take them some time to put back up the Specialist Games page ?
  3. Same for me, I was able to have a sneaky season with my Chaos team back in season 3, so of course Pidpad decided to only include from S4 to screw me over
  4. No I don't have any at all.
  5. Well I've added BBM to the list of exceptions to the firewall so I doubt it.
  6. I know it's not an issue with the BBM server, it's on my end, hence the message I get.
  7. I've been plagued with this particular issue with BBM for several weeks now and I can't seem to get it work. Everytime I try to log onto my account I have the same message display : "Une erreur est survenue. The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly." I've seen BBM bugs and stuff but never this one before, has anyone else met the same issue ? I tried reinstalling it and added it to the exception of my firewall but it doesn't change a thing so how can I solve the issue?
  8. I believe goblins deserve a little place to shine besides TDs and Injuries conceded :p
  9. Well they did deserve it a little Oh wait right that wasn't Bloodbowl, depitching the opposing team isn't supposed to be a legit strategy ...
  10. I know I won't be supporting them this year either ! @Gruzmog ah the Dutch and their ability to outperform pretty much everyone during the qualifying rounds for the last 20 years and yet never to deliver during the actual tournament. I always love the team and their players
  11. Oh man just discovered this thread and went through the "You chose wrong" blog. I have very fond memories of that Grail Quest series with Excalibur Junior and the dreaded chapter 14 ! But overall I was a huge fan of Lone Wolf, had the whole original series + 5 of the New Order ones. And curiously enough a friend of mine got to work for a year with a company that translated and adapted the french version of the pen and paper RPG Lone Wolf.
  12. I think it's an extract from Street Trash, an indie trash/gore movie that was absolut batshit crazy and hilarious. I loved it, and even more when I learnt the movie director was then forbidden to pursue his carreer in the movies by the sect he had just joined after doing this marvel.
  13. There was a discussion on BOLS when this was revealed a few weeks ago. I don't know exactly how much you'd be saving with the bundle, but knowing GW, it would probably be like : "spend 7k quid, and get a free bolter for your troubles !"
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