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  1. He did and he even skilled up to get tackle this season. Philip actually survived without injuries up until MD3 two weeks ago when he got himself killed in the match against the Anarchy United coached by @Corash All in all I would say frenzy turned out to be a good choice. Definitely recommended.
  2. I sure am glad that my second undeserved 1-0 win against you did not rob you off the title this season as well. ...and congratulations!
  3. Well deserved @Regor! I am already happy I had the chance to play in the championship. My new goal is to make it there again someday.
  4. I had a look at my division today. Excluding the vampire and lizardmen teams my other 7 opponents have a total of 4 dodge on their players all together. The tackle being more of less bloat for most of the season makes me lean even further towards frenzy. This guy better prove himself this season.
  5. Thanks for the input. Linemen are tricky once you level them up beyond block/wrestle. Tackle, dauntless and fend are useful. From there it is downhill. I will wait until I have seen the division for next season and make a decision but I am leaning towards frenzy to spice the team up a bit.
  6. The +st and block lineman I have been feeding SP recently decided not to roll the double I wanted. So instead of the difficult choice between catch and thick skull I now face less interesting options. I have come up with the following ideas. 1. Tackle. Boring but I do need one more tackle player. Makes me wish I had taken wrestle for his previous skill though. I also already have Clumsy George Cottonhand (wrestle, tackle, dauntless, -ag) for taking down problematic skill squirrels. 2. Frenzy. I would love some frenzy but is a lineman not a bit slow for that? Also. Any future doubles would still be guard or dodge. Not stand firm or side step. Also2. My +st, guard, dodge, mb, -av, and -ag blitzer Jeff the Knife is the intended future frenzy player. How much use will I have of 2? If Jeff could ever get his arse over those last 11 sp... 56 to 65 has taken ages and he spends so much time being injured lately. 3. Sure hands. I once had a thrower. He had guard and I loved him dearly. Then I faced ogres. Since then I have just not been able to fit a new thrower into the squad. A st4 lineman with sure hands as ball carrier makes so much sense against pesky strip ball elves, goblins and rats. Mv6 is just soo slow for a ball carrier against anything else though. Help?
  7. I seldomly have a spare 100k these days. But I agree with the idea.
  8. This season I am trying out heavy fouling so free bribes would have been perfect. Might replace my astrogranite for such if the results are to my liking. Using the dome is to never taste the sweet Khemri tears when the rain starts to fall. I like the idea of wizards but as long as my strongest pick up is 3+ without sure hands most teams will use it better than I can. I was tempted to get the thing that avoids the rock. The rock is brutal.
  9. I currently maintain an astrogranite surface. This is mainly because humans tend to have higher movement than their opponents. So I want to make slow bashy teams suffer when they try to negate this advantage with GFIs. It has not generated many injuries which makes me conclude it has an psychologial effect. Either way it is my win. When it comes to skaven and elves I will not be able to keep up anyway. So I bash and if they run away I let them run away. Stalling is their risk. And. Agi+ players sounds useful. Still waiting for one.
  10. You give me way too much credit. This is the third time our teams meet and I have yet to even manage a draw against you.
  11. It passes. It is good anger management training. One of the sideline perks of playing Blood Bowl.
  12. I was grumpy all evening after that. As I deserved for letting you have that opening. Upside for both of us was the very friendly casaulties. One niggle each on a non-important player and the rest BH or MNG. I hope that keeps going.
  13. I have had my fair share of good luck as well this season. Not complaining. But I can still be.. not bitter.
  14. The deciding TD being a turn 16 TTM 1-turn TD at that. I am not bitter.
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