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  1. This was a fun read. I absolutely feel trying to remove the wolf was the right call (Blodge that falls down on turn 8 is worth the try), but thought you'd be doing so with a skeleton. I hope to see your team in future seasons.
  2. I know the first advice is usually "don't play nurgle", but I like my minis and plan on playing every team at at once. 6 rounds, 40 players max 1100, 6 skills no doubles, need to have 11 players before buying a star, max 1 skill per player. Bonus points for td differential (up to 5) or casualty differential (up to 5), no negative bonus points awarded Really not favorable to Nurgle. So obvious thoughts are 4 bloaters with block. At least 2 rerolls. Thinking of going Bulla over the beast so I at least have someone useful every turn (if nothing else a safe stab).
  3. Not directly related to the OCC format, but directly related to Nurgle. So getting back into the tabletop tournament community (NAF and all), and the physical location I'm in typically has the "1100 TV with 6 free non doubles skills, one per player, must have 11 players before Stars" format (the other main format I know is a 1k team and 200k for skills and extra stuff). They are "lower tier", but I REALLY like playing Nurgle (in all GW games), and while going 0-3 to start a 2 day event isn't so fun, playing a team I like really is :) So the first thing the i
  4. Fweddy

    Signups S14

    Returning coach, but rerolling a new team (retiring Delicious Fireball if you need to note that in your records) Coach name (ingame): Fweddy Team name: Happy Kitty Bunny Pony Race: Necromantic
  5. So amazons. That was THE most b******t sequence of dice I've ever seen in a game. Kudos to my opponent for realizing the "takes 28 things having to happen perfectly" sequences of events, but a game like that really makes me realize I do not like playing this game as much as I once did.
  6. Small update, week was a concession victory as my opponent left the league by not showing up prior week. 2 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss. Currently tied for 4th place. Striking distance, especially as most of the teams ahead of me (save one) I still have to play. Means they're good teams, but also means a win also counts as them getting a loss. Have about 110k in the bank. Concession win gave Peanut Butter a +AGI to go with his +STR. 6448 horns, but no block. Wild ride but have to take it. Playing Amazons this week and almost guaranteed to face a
  7. HEY, part of the conversation I know about :) Well one thing they did was add the new Halfling positional players. And of course the things from deathzone. They also apparently have been adding in some of the extra things we've heard of like "balls" etc in past sessions. ALSO however, the "team pitches" that I thought were mostly for fluff, all have rules. I picked up the Chaos one (as it was the easiest to see the squares, as I found when I picked up the Nurgle one and had to mark it with Sharpie to see the squares on it), and it has a rule like "if a casualty is scored in
  8. No it was a human blitzer. I have the replay file, I wasn't sure if this was "working as intended" or if somehow because it had failed the GFI (a situation in which Rot wouldn't apply to), but used a reroll on it, if it had somehow triggered a "We say to the God of Death, not today!" situation, trumping the intended result.
  9. No the player was not available after the match. To the other person, yes I get that there's "some gray area" here, but the zombie from the necromancer does come from a skull/both down result from your opponent's failure. Again barring an actual rule clarification (which again, only matters in leagues, and in offline leagues there are never any "bugs", nor hard and fast rules for how things area), the way the wording goes looks to specifically exclude crowd injuries, failed dodges, and failed GFIs. Maybe I've been doing a lot of other things wrong as well. If your op
  10. Not sure I've seen this reported anywhere else, not easy to replicate. Just seeing if anyone else has had this, and if its a known issue. Nurgle's Rot, "When this player kills another player during a block, blitz, or foul action". This is not triggering for when an opponent is taking a "blitz or block action" and rolls a skull result and dies. Maybe there's an FAQ entry somewhere stating its supposed to be worded "when this player takes a block, blitz, or foul action and kills another player", and as we're in BB2016 rules everywhere else, maybe it'll never bother be
  11. WEEK 3: antman - Angry Tusks - Orc - So he takes a lineman to be at a full 14 players (and I assume to foul, as an extra player functions slightly better than a bribe). We're in his stadium so no riot or pitch invasion (that's both a bonus and a hinderance to late game antics). I'm at 12 due to 2 MNGs (including my awesome all star kicker +MA, tackle, +Agi guy). First half, couldn't have gone better if I were just picking the sides of the dice. Before he gets a turn he's down to 8 players (2 injured 1 KOed). Mostly rookies, he left a lot of his po
  12. Hey I think I have enough rep, can I get one
  13. Current RosterSeason StatsAll-Time Stats|Previous PlayersGraveyard|TV by Game Roster - 14 Players # Name Position Ma St Ag Av Value Spp Skills Injuries 1 The Metal Warrior
  14. Pre-MD4, gave the level 2 Beastman Wrestle. Not sure why, maybe its a sign of old age. What were we talking about again? Oh yea, i'm through the "bulk" of punchy games (he says right before he plays Orcs, but we'll recap that tomorrow after the game). Wrestle is poor man's tackle, and poor man's dodge. Meaning its another way to stop a Blodger, and its another way to ensure not being knocked down (on a "Both down / Push" result). With the added bonus of a "not paying attention" opponent thinking I have wrestle set to auto, and could choose to end his turn in a crazy situation.
  15. Borke - Warpstone Avengers - Underworld - Giving up about 400k to Underworld, very surprised I didn't see Skitter. Luckily we were in my stadium so no cheaper star players. Weather dome instead. Kicked off, and decided to sit my Minotaur while on defense (the claw doesn't do that much anyway). Very defensive first half, with a lot of positioning and me not giving him free blocks. He managed to KO all of my Chaos Warriors (?!?) before things got too serious, but I removed some people as well. His turn 8, it was about 6-6 players at the time, and he managed three 2+ rolls (n
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