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  1. I disagree on the very few, given the outcomes of the poll so far. "donate to the OCC" instead of "focus on the league community". Everyone has their islands and is convinced the other islands suck. It makes me a bit sad.
  2. Yes, doing that as a hobby project is not an option. I'd pay good money to be able to get all my BB3 scheduling and league management into one site/app though.
  3. Yay! I hope you still enjoy it here. =D
  4. If you're entirely or relatively new to Blood Bowl, I'd recommend having a look at the reddit rookie league: https://www.reddit.com/r/ReBBRL/wiki/gettingstarted It's oriented towards new coaches, with more experienced ones taking them under their wing and teaching them, often in voice. I have several teaching videos as well, with the first one in this playlist meant for absolutely new coaches: If you're looking for advice on a specific race, this playlist has several race guides:
  5. I do have some guides, but not nearly all races (12 vids in this playlist). Doing it well takes a lot of time, doing it meh doesn't seem worth it. =)
  6. the Sage Dark Elves I suck at naming teams 18+
  7. Ooh wow, I hadn't realized I'd get one for div 1. =) I'll have Tropico 5, thanks!
  8. I guess we do add a fair bit of visibility. I quite often also get people on the stream asking 'how do I join a league' or 'What leagues have a new season soon', so I do refer them to whichever one fits best at the time (or to the ReBBRL if they're new coaches).
  9. Well, they had a lot more screenshots than they released, so I know they have models for most of the teams. Still, they were fairly cautious about the timeline, saying definitely 2017, and while they're aiming for this summer, they'd rather get it right than get it quick. So I wouldn't be too surprised if this became everyone's christmas 2017 gift instead. Seeing 24 races and all those great features by then would still make me very happy. I hope it also brings in a lot of new coaches and existing coaches from other formats.
  10. Hi all, I made a 10-minute overview of everything BB2LE will bring us. You can watch it here!
  11. Hi all, here's my round 5 game vs Wismerhill (who was kind enough to join me for voice chat during the match): Unfortunately, the recording of my round 4 game was corrupted, so it's missing. =(
  12. When I last spoke to Netheos, he didn't know. However, there is a fair amount of communication and cooperation between Cyanide and GW, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see the ruleset adjusted at some point.
  13. And here's my second match, the Mourning Woods vs the Mourning Woodies. =)
  14. Hi all, while I occasionally post general interest blood bowl-wide videos here, I don't put all my matches on, people who want to watch those know where to find them. However, I figured I would make an exception for the matches from OCC2. So here's the first one:
  15. Hi all. The new tabletop blood bowl game was released last Friday, and many people are curious about how the rules changed. Well, here's an overview!
  16. Hi all, I made a video about unboxing the new tabletop set. Sorry, I wasn't sure where to post this; none of the 4 subforums of the 'tabletop' sections seemed to fit. A video discussing the new rules (inc. deathzone & errata) will follow (probably Monday).
  17. OK, last one (except for an actual 'coaching and skilling nurgle' guide): The animations including beast leap, score, pass and foul. =)
  18. My pleasure, mate. I'll admit there's a certain thrill in being the first to show a large audience something new, and maybe the guide parts will actually help someone here or there. Also: Ooh wow the new forum has video previews, yeey! =D
  19. Lord Borak, Lewdgrip, Grashnak. I think that's it. If I have time before release I'll do a video on those as well. =) Oh, also Morg and Brick & Grotty, of course.
  20. Beats the CW backflip! =) btw folks, for those of you less than intimately familiar with Nurgle (ew!), you might also want to check out my guide, which goes over the player types, explains the two new skills (rot and decay), starting skills (foul appearance, disturbing presence, and tentacles), and the options for a starting roster.
  21. Hi all, Curious about Nurgle? Don't be!
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