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  1. ok to play in 1 hour ~

    1. MuminSlayer


      just got home, logging in to the game now

  2. everything ok you disconnected

    somehow i had my clock on london time sorry




  3. somehow i had my clock on london time sorry




  4. Online, you around sir 1507 utc



  5. I played SW:Destiny and I'm hooked! :) The only problem is that FFG greatly underestimated its popularity so it went out of stock the moment it hit the shelves basically, so it's hard to get a hold of these days. Luckily I managed to grab a couple of starters and 12 boosterpacks upon release so I can make a few casual decks, but there still is not enough players around that have any cards yet to make it interesting on a competitive level, currently I just play with my local X-wingTMG friends between x-wing battles. FFG is releasing a limited reprint of the first set (Awakenings) in june, to catch up with the players who didn't get a chance to score any cards, and the second boosterset (Spirit of rebellion) is out on shelves in April. So far, I have yet to meet a person who was able to try out the game first hand and not like it, even when they were sceptical in the beginning. So my advice is to just buy a couple of starters and boosters with a friend (when they are available again) and give it a try, probability laws says you wont regret it! :)
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