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  1. Hi @ElfiC, I won't wait any longer. I hope everything is okay!

  2. Hi @ElfiC, I am waiting in the game.


  3. ElfiC

    Signups S16

    Just noticed I have team from prev season. If this is possible I want to continue with UnderForestWalkers Necro TV: 1290
  4. ElfiC

    Signups S16

    Coach name (ingame): ElfiC Team name: StinkyWasps Race: Nurgle
  5. 26th place Unbreakable Husars. If we won last game could be 4th or 5th... Damn 😊
  6. And we have two players from Poland who got prices for best team. Specially Im proud of Mewash - from my team - he got best chaos dwarf award :)
  7. Really hard to play game this week. I left WED and now I'm on way back. My team was 12th before last game. But we lost last and all dreams about top 10 vanished.
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