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  1. Serves you right. ... Shoulda voted for Daryl !
  2. +2 MA skinks are bomb. Give it sprint (and possibly sure feet) and you've got yourself a natural one turner. Boom. That's it. You've just broke the game.
  3. We’re well into the season, so it’s time for an update ! We’ve gone 3-1-1 so far, which is kinda okay. I’m a bit miffed at myself though, because I’m sure I could have turned that one draw into a win and that one loss into a draw if I had been a bit more focused during the games. But we’re still placed second in the div so far, so I’m not complaining (too much). The div’s leading team being LordJair’s disgusting midget crew, who’ve inflicted us that loss. Last game was an ogre-fest versus Com Yarrick’s ogres, who’ve been ogre-ing it all over the place.
  4. Just took a look at the champ. Vamps are always a fun one. Orc and khemri aren't too bad either. But everything else... Claws... Claws for day. Man, I'm sweating for you.
  5. I started the same way last season and I really think it's the best way to start any lizard team. The extra punch, from a full saurus line plus the krox, feels far more important to me than the safety of having a third reroll. Else, I've had a decent start this season as well, with a 1-1-0 record so far. But we're going up against LordJair's fairly develloped Dwarf team next and that is NOT my favorite matchup. So we'll see how things go from there.
  6. Guuma

    Signups S12

    I'm a bit late to the party, so I'll just sign-in on the reserve list. Coach Name : Guuma Team Name : Golden City Geckos Race : Lizard-dudes
  7. The Junta fans are ugly, uneducated hooligans. The only things they like more than cheering for the team, is cheering for other fans beating up the team. And boy, did they cheer during that game !
  8. If you're looking for an active PS4 League, I've heard great things about the MML from different people (while not playing there myself). In case that what you're looking for, I'll throw the link in here : http://www.mmlpro.com/about/
  9. Oh ! So THAT'S where it was ! Been looking for it all morning. Thanks !
  10. You're welcome, it was a fun one ! And yes, I've long learned to embrace the Ones. They provide the pain, turnovers and crushing defeats that are needed to learn the game. They teach you to revel into the salty rage of failure. They allow you to take a short glimpse into the dark twisted and cruel soul of Nuffle himself. They are what it takes to turn a green, soft and good-hearted young coach into the Lean-Mean-Bloodbowl-Machine he needs to become. Also, sometimes, they lead to hilarious results.
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