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  1. Ok back on track with the new computer. I'll also be streaming my games on twitch now, right HERE!! Week 2 @ Chaos against @Steelheed (+210 to Chaos: Wizard + Babe) Synopsis: These Chaos aren't very scary yet, as far as Chaos go. This match will be 12v12 with lots of av8 pieces to hit with Mighty Blow. We just hope to remove their goats faster than they remove our Humans! Chaos are still a deceptively competitive race, even without their kill skills. Positioning dynamics change on offense and defense when the other team can always blitz at 4 Strength. The O
  2. Sorry I just built a brand new computer so I can finally retire the old potato. Its been a process moving everything over and getting all my software up, but back online now more match reports soon
  3. I'd cycle Birdy and Flash. You will be very TV competitive and still have Vex and a very nice Ogre to build around.
  4. These match reports are going to be big with big-ass gifs, so I'm hiding them in spoilers for the mercy of your bandwidth. All 5 of you reading, feel free to critique or laugh at my poor play, even when I don't notice it. Week 1 @ HElfs against @Antrm (+160K to Elfs: Wizard) Synopsis: Our Humans have 2MNG for this one, putting this at an even 11v11. There is a skills advantage over these less experienced Tango Trueborn, but with no reserves it could just take 1 lucky injury to tilt this game for either side. Barring removals, we will have a very hard time de
  5. Howdy, I'm J.J. Cash. I may not be a particularly great or talented coach, but I have coached more Humans than most (big fish little bowl). Over the past ~2years I have played almost exclusively humans on BB2. Look at my mediocre BB2leaguemanager stats!! And that's not counting all the leagues that are not indexed on there! But I think I've made my point. I suck. Humans suck (in eternal format). I've been moving on to other(better) races to cover up for my obvious coaching deficiencies...
  6. This team has a really great foundation with the Ogre and the +ST blitzer/catcher, but also has lots of issues that can't all be addressed at the same time. My maybe radical strategy would be to immediately cut the unskilled/avbusted catcher and not replace them. Spend the whole season with Peggit as your only catcher, and force yourself to feed TDs to the newer blitzers. As far as the first skill for the two unskilled blitzers, I think that depends how you envision yourself using the +ST blitzer. As the season goes on, you could find the TV to bring on a ne
  7. finishing my video stream for another league can we start 15:30?

  8. Unfortunately all my content creation time is being eaten up making videos for another league, I've been trying to make time to start doodling again. Humans might get the creative juices flowing a bit more.
  9. I'm going back to my roots, an under performing race that is at least somewhat TV efficient.
  10. Lost the +st blitzer today, which I'm ok with because hes so bloaty, but I also lost the +ag blitzer too, which is going to hurt the longterm prospects of the team. I think I might finally be ready to throw in the towel on this one, all I have left with this team is trying to get the catcher to legend...
  11. It would be preferable to get some +ma on catchers for sure! I still think its nice to go from 7 to 8 on a team of only 6 and 7, and there's some synergy, 8MA Jumpup/leap/dodge can cover a lot of distance even from downed state. If I could do it over again I would probably pass on the +ma for guards. Guard is a very critical skill, and Kislev mainly seem to get it from doubled linos/catchers instead of an array of blitzers. I want to know how this team feels with a lot of guard. In fantasy-'I'm not doing TV math right now'-land, the team has the potential to be a 5+ gua
  12. I'm a fan of the Rule of 5, and I have 4 very nice blitzers and 1 amazing catcher, so none of my linos will ever see an apo outside of the closing turns of a game.. Might be better served swapping the unstatted blitzer for a bear if I can ever afford another one. I can get behind Pass Block so far in that there isn't much competition for skills on a traditional catcher past blodgestep. Maybe if I can hold on to a 2nd catcher for more than a few games I'll pick it up to play around with.
  13. @MerlinpigKislev can do more with a wizard than maybe any other race in the game, at the point that a wizard stadium upgrade might even be a very good strategic play! But it's not often about what you can do with inducements, its about what your opponent is going to do with inducements against you . The blitzers are very nice but we're all having trouble at developed TV right now feeling like we are much weaker than our TV would indicate and still giving away inducements... So its become an issue of TV competitiveness past 1500 I think. @Sliceanddice and @wismerhill .. how are your
  14. @wismerhill I feel your pain, I've just started playing with a bench for the first time in 2+ seasons. Is this really a team that can play outnumbered with the same tenacity that proper elfs can? I feel the lack of bench (subsequent to injury spiral and expensive roster) has been a major contributing factor to my in-game struggles. The bear will definitely carry its weight in your first 20 games, but I've had a hard time holding on to them against real bash. They get tied down and surrounded while the rest of the team is leaping away! Then there's the financial issues of replacing them... I'd
  15. Now that the honeymoon phase of a newer race is over, there are only 4 of us coaching Kislev this season... @Sliceanddice, @wismerhill, and newcomer to the suffering @Merlinpig. The initial furor of excitement has given way to some harsh truths: This race is difficult to coach, but even more difficult to manage and develop. Most of our compatriots have thrown in the towel. Those of us with developed teams seem to have settled around 1700~ tv. How critical have you both felt the bear has been to your successes at this TV? What are your thoughts about the team
  16. Don't worry friend, I'll keep leaping in your honor. I think my Kislev team finally might be coming together, but I've been saying that for 3 seasons now... I'll probably still be slumming around Div4 by the time your new team gets there
  17. I really think stability damage needs to be nerfed, or at least bigger mechs should take less stability damage. It's as easy to knock over a 100Ton mech as it is a 20Ton one (as far as stability is concerned) and it makes LRM heavy setups even more optimal (best range, doesn't need LOS, leads to knockdowns very fast which are auto death for enemy once you have called shot mastery on your pilots). +Stb Dam LRM's are just too good. LRM20++ with both +'s stab damage will do well over half a mechs stability damage on its own, and breaching shot is a thing too.
  18. The game is too easy unless you impose arbitrary self-limitations, but its still very fun. I'm excited to see how they build upon this concept, since the launch was successful by most financial metrics and should ensure they continue to develop content. Or when all else fails, mods.
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