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  1. Sounds good. I didn’t know who originated this, just that it didn’t start here.
  2. The letter is being signed by one representative of each league involved. Borke signed on behalf of the entire OCC.
  3. Hey! Just a heads up that you will have to change your forum name to your ingame name. Sorry I don’t have more exciting news for you right now.
  4. Yesterday’s release of the Brutal Edition prompted a considerable amount of behind the scenes discussion among your greensuits. We have agreed that in its current form Blood Bowl 3 is not a suitable platform for our league and we will continue to be based in BB2 until further notice. This is because BB3 has very few of the admin functions we need, and also it is not possible to resume a match if a coach loses connection. We are forming plans for some manner of competition based in BB3 but this will not be the main focus of our activities until significant improvements are made. The information available to us at this time suggests it will be at least six months until we can reevaluate our position. Meanwhile we will continue to monitor the progress of BB3 with a view to switching over at some point in future. [Addendum by Borke] In the meantime, representatives from many private leagues have come together and sent an open letter to Cyanide. The OCC has also signed this open letter, asking to implement the basic admin tools required to run leagues in BB3. You can view the open letter here.
  5. I rarely buy new games. This is why. I can live with patching for bugfix purposes, but releasing blatantly unfinished product with vague promises about making it worthwhile later is far too common.
  6. League play certainly will not be viable until this is in place anyway. I remember BB1 when admins had to watch replays and guess the most likely outcome of a dropped match. No way are we doing that again.
  7. They’re charging for basic functionality?
  8. If this is true I expect OCC to remain a BB2 league for some time.
  9. I am one of a handful of people here who understood that! Been trying the campaign mode. Made it through the first match, the second has crashed twice with no obvious way to resume.
  10. I’m installing it.
  11. Yeah, Google lied to me.
  12. It was a bold move, putting a non-native English speaker in charge of the fluff team, but dammit it might just work!
  13. You have no idea how much stress this has caused me.
  14. Good to know. In other news, please volunteer for reinstatement as a redsuit. We’re a bit short since you encouraged Pid to create another tier.
  15. There are plans to add another tier, plus we’re losing some admins, so the signs are we’ll definitely need some new or former reds. PM me for further info.
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