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  1. Oh noes! Time for Syd Barrett II to make his debut?
  2. Welcome back and good luck with the new team!
  3. And you were going to take the season off. Grats @Kjelstad. Clearly vamps are too easy.
  4. Just for the record, I am awarding rep purely for the effort that went into the post. Fuck Wardancers.
  5. @Banthamy understanding is that all players come with predetermined skill rolls which are merely revealed at each level, so you haven’t actually robbed yourself of two S5 vamps.
  6. I had two warriors with the same name for a good while. One of the pitfalls of taking names from a list. I also currently have a rotter named The Dinal Cut because I didn’t notice the typo initially and now I can’t fix it.
  7. I had a peek at your team. Some very nice players there (and two cases of duplicated names).
  8. Uninjured, too! What have your opponents been doing?
  9. Beggars can’t be choosers! Also, when did my matches turn into the Warren Commission?
  10. Also, the warrior got MVP and skilled anyway.
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