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  1. I’m also disappointed in myself. With both Syd and the wonder-Wardancer in ideal fouling positions I decided to score instead.
  2. @GalenthI’m logged in and waiting. Get your arse ingame and take Thick Skull.
  3. Man, I really wish my MA8 Tackle pest was available.
  4. My Beast is allergic to SPP for this very reason. After multiple seasons he still only has 2.
  5. Pinched from Reddit: Tolkien got into an argument with the editor of the publishing company regarding the spelling of dwarves and elves vs. dwarfs and elfs, the editor's argument was that the latter method was the one used in the dictionary, to which Tolkien replied to the effect of: I'm the one that wrote the dictionary, and that's not how it is in this. As a Philologist and professor at Oxford Tolkien actually had a large part of writing the Oxford English Dictionary.
  6. Great report. It’s “gnoblar” though.
  7. I hope your passing Khemri meet my Nurgelves in future.
  8. I no longer have an active image hosting account but I should mention Calling while he’s still alive. Pestigor, Block, Sure Hands, +ST, +2AG. Notable achievement: being intercepted by the same dwarf blocker twice in the same match.
  9. Oi! I was pretty good at that stuff when I needed to be. OK, I kinda stayed away from the guts of the forum after accidentally giving a tier admin godlike powers, but I never broke it.
  10. I’m betting on you finishing third. It’s what you normally do.
  11. It seems appropriate that Literal Pain would begin with a defeat. Something about the hero’s journey, or maybe they’re just rubbish. Time will tell.
  12. Great theme mashup there. Jane Austin 3:16 is my favourite. Good luck with the team.
  13. The Kislev TV is indeed high, but the team is basically a pile of injuries tied together with string.
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