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  1. That’s the spirit. You’re in good company. https://lithub.com/20-famous-writers-on-being-rejected/
  2. That’s a shame. The standard of entries must have been high indeed.
  3. @Pidpad having trouble accessing the ACP, can you correct this naming issue please?
  4. Leap, so he can kill himself and save your opponent the trouble.
  5. Classic Kjel match reporting, “it was a disaster except for me winning”.
  6. Very good. Reminds me of Kipling’s If.
  7. So what happens ingame if you attempt to take a third stat increase? Do you get a notification to choose something else or just waste the roll?
  8. The blog, mostly, since I, and everyone else, hates chorfs.
  9. “Congratulations”?
  10. Looking for volunteers again. Anyone who is interested in learning more should drop me a line.
  11. Good match. Fucking skulls. I need better dice. A trip skulls vs Broc cost me dear last week too.
  12. Why reroll? Rebuilding from the wreckage can be a fun challenge in and of itself, and one that deserves a lot more respect than just lucking your way to the championship.
  13. Good news, it’s not as bad as you think. You’re on 1190.
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