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  1. You are all going to die, but you might win an award for best sound effects while doing so. Fame at last
  2. I just finished Penny Dreadful. Some of the plot twists were easily predicted but there were several great performances, not least from Billie Piper who was totally different from her Doctor Who character and displayed real acting chops. Eva Green as the lead character also endured multiple character and physical transformations - stirring stuff. Recommended despite some predictability.
  3. This is lovely but legends have their own thread, this one is for humble superstars.
  4. Doomy77


    A 4-4 draw? Sounds like elves were in cahoots to me.
  5. Doomy77

    Turf Torpedoes

    Have you ever had a big guy who was actually useful?
  6. Aware of that too. I understand it’s not a straight up recreation of the board game, but we both enjoy tactical turn-based combat.
  7. A little more on those tech issues I experienced on the client side of things - difficulty controlling menus, text such as location names and speech bubbles remaining onscreen indefinitely, spoken audio cutting out and Borke managed to interrupt the ending for me by clicking through his screens while I let the slideshow run automatically. I’d put all of those in the “annoying but not game breaking” category and most can be fixed with a quick reload. Borderlands has come up in conversation previously. Right now we’re off on a digital co-op board game tangent with Spirit Island via Remote Play Together. Fury of Dracula is also on my radar.
  8. Wasteland 3 co-op run complete! We enjoyed it a lot - some of the humour may indeed not be to everyone’s taste but we had fun, especially with the combat. There are some technical gripes with online co-op which particularly affected me as the client, but nothing that broke the game and it was generally stable. We’re open to recommendations for another online co-op RPG to help tide us over until Baldur’s Gate 3 finally leaves early access. Finished: Divinity 1 and 2, Wasteland 3.
  9. Doomy77

    league Awards

    I think there’s a case for recognising anyone going 0-0-9 and choosing to stick with the team regardless.
  10. I have a Now TV sub which gives me some HBO shows, Watchmen and Lovecraft Country being two such. Looks like you’d need a VPN though.
  11. Some shows are on Netflix and Amazon though this may also depend on your country.
  12. Was it me? We had a very fun rivalry for a while in UKBBL, although I forget the year.
  13. Am I the longest-serving active OCC member remaining? I joined in 2009, before season 1 of BB1. I think I saw an article somewhere saying an official PC adaptation of Blood Bowl was in the works, and signed up here after searching for a related community.
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