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  1. A perfect ending to another season of wonderful fluff. Congratulations, team.
  2. He looks nice. Personally I wouldn’t have carried on with the PO after rolling a strength increase but it seems to be working for you.
  3. Classic Kjelstad match report. Alas! Alack! Dismay! *whisper* won 3-0.
  4. Vampires. It’s quite possibly going to be your last chance.
  5. You seem to have issues keeping your legends around.
  6. The highest SPP player in OCC BB1 generally lived in Tier 4.
  7. 15 players on the list and three of them are vampires. That’s a good advert for playing vamps while you still can.
  8. To answer your questions in order: no, a lineman who will die immediately, no again, and he’s not speaking to you since that Hugh Jackman movie.
  9. Since the re-release of Turrican games on modern consoles I’ve become obsessed with that soundtrack. How many ancient Amiga games get the full orchestral treatment?
  10. Is a theoretic naturist someone who thinks they’re naked?
  11. Doomy77


    Made it to the fourth area!
  12. Doomy77


    Thanks. 0 times out of 30 seems remarkably low.
  13. Doomy77


    Still plugging away, yet to get anywhere near a win though. I have noticed the gun weapon has never gained the shadow bonus, so I’ve never used it.
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