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  1. Apart from killing me a lot I’d say it’s OK. I’m on a temporary hiatus because I decided to play through the original Shining Force but I’ll be back on it soon.
  2. Hi Jade! You’re welcome here whether you’re male/female/robot/jellyfish. Hope to play a match against you at some point.
  3. Ooh, a Switch version. I wonder if we’ll finally get cross-platform multiplayer.
  4. I’m a bit over one hour in. First boss down and I’ve purchased the compass. I’ve learned a magic attack spell but now I’m trapped until I kill a certain beastie. Liking it a lot so far, I picked it up on Switch for handheld play as that’s how I do most of my gaming these days.
  5. I’m downloading it now. This is your fault @Barristan.
  6. Just finished Shadow of the Conqueror by YouTuber Shad M. Brooks. I liked the premise of the most evil dictator in history getting a chance to redeem himself via rejuvenation and magic powers, but some of the writing and characters didn’t sit right with me. I saw a thread on Reddit where it got an absolute savaging but I think that’s a bit much, though I was listening to the audiobook which has some top tier narrators. Perhaps it’s harder to get through in print.
  7. It’s a damn good game!
  8. Great blog! Keep up the good work. That you’re playing - I mean piloting - Ogres only makes it better.
  9. @Rymdkejsaren. Some fine recommendations there. Sad to say that my book consumption has diminished greatly since early 2020. Before the virus times audiobooks were very much my jam and I did the vast majority of my “reading” while driving, which of course has been greatly curtailed due to the pandemic. I hope to get the opportunity to return to that pattern before long.
  10. A perfect ending to another season of wonderful fluff. Congratulations, team.
  11. He looks nice. Personally I wouldn’t have carried on with the PO after rolling a strength increase but it seems to be working for you.
  12. Classic Kjelstad match report. Alas! Alack! Dismay! *whisper* won 3-0.
  13. Vampires. It’s quite possibly going to be your last chance.
  14. You seem to have issues keeping your legends around.
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