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  1. Old Coach, new team Coach Name: Kronk87 Team Name: Star Trekkies Race: Dark Elves
  2. Old Coach, new team Coach Name: Kronk87 Team Name: Star Trekkies Race: Dark Elves
  3. Hi fellow Norse coaches! My story with this team is a bit strange...I first started playing Norse, without any previous experience, in the REBBL Clan League (a format based on 5-players Clans facing each other). After a few disastrous games, and having some free time, I decided to enroll in OCC with another Norse team to get more experience, as I liked them on theory but I was totally uncapable of doing anything good. The results were quite bizzare...while my Clan team kept on doing terrible and was rerolled with a 0-0-7 record to boast, my OCC "training" team was very succesful! Agents of B.E.E.R. won their division and I believe are coming up nicely..here's the roster: https://spike.ovh/team?team_id=3870379&platform=1 I'm quite proud of my best 'serker, Daisy "Quake" Johnson, was had won the "Impact Players" and had most CAS (14) and Kills (2)! The only problem is the Yethee who was Niggled by Chorfs. Probably going to keep him around anyway. I'm also very happy with my divison...almost every team has plenty of AV7 players that I hope to get some CAS from. Looking forward to the first game! :)
  4. Kronk87

    Signups S17

    Hi everyone! Almost new coach here...I've created the profile like 9 years ago and maybe played a season with BB1 back then. I have a different coach name for BB2. I'd like to reserve a spot, while I create the team. EDIT: team ready! Coach name: Kronk87 Team Name: Agents of B.E.E.R. Race: Norse
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