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  1. Hey mate. First of all, thanks for being interested fin taking over! secondly, if you are in for this, HURRY now, as the admins are expecting rosters submitted and teams created in game for FEB 23rd. To answer your question, captains task is mainly to plan the draft part, so he picks the matchups Vs the opposing warband according to the ruleset. Then he creates the matches in game. It is pretty much it; he is also the guy the admins come to talk to when there is any issue (coaches missing games, replacements needed for a game, etc..). so if you want to take over, hurry quick and contact Meshuggah on discord so that he knows about another OCC warband next season. For now there is none
  2. ok @Bouffon @juvesak@dolbain @Dimmy Gee, sorry guys, but for different reasons i won't be in for this comp. Neither captain nor coach. I'll be glad to help if needed, but won't have time for more. If one of you is getting the team up, please contact Messhugah on Discord
  3. Thx for stepping up @brocCooLi! you are now official OCC captain for AD invitational season 5. OCC warmly thanks you!
  4. Ok cool guys, that is good news. i suppose @Bouffon would be a great captain ? if needed I will keep captains role but I’d rather leave it to someone else and have it change every season! i will gladly play as a coach, but will also leave my spot if there are enough motivated coaches. @Dimmy Gee @dolbain @juvesak @Bouffon that is 4 coaches, 2 more to go. once you guys have read the rules, can you post here what would be your race choice? also, once we have a full warband of 6 coaches and a captain, I will send invites to the discord specific channel
  5. Yes, I will also add that I would be glad to leave my captain’s hat to anyone who would volunteer. I’ll gladly play as a coach, but chief’s role can be turned!
  6. Hi all, For it’s first participation, OCC is moving on to playoffs on season 4 of the AD invitational, and determined to get back home with a win! @Mongloom, @Kazman29, @RTSD, @Larkstar, @bob152 and myself are thrilled to play here. Next season we will need a few renew coaches, so check this out! It is an inter-league tournament starting it’s season 5 in March, lasting approximately 4 months, with 2 weeks match days. The ruleset is quite complete, with rules looking to favor race diversity, so the team would need all types of coaches. League teams (i.e. warbands) are made of 6 coaches and a captain. Captain’s role is to plan the 6 matchups for each round, which will be determined in an alternate manner : A-B-B-B-A-A, thus introducing some nice strategic discussions. So if you are in for this type of adventure, please sign in right here. We will chose on a first-come-first-serve manner and considering coaches involvement in OCC. Currently we need at least 2 more coaches. This tournament already involves many different warbands from many leagues (already 8), so full commitment to the whole tourney will be mandatory, with classic OCC rules in case of drop out. Do remember though, that MDs last for 14 days each. Complete ruleset can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OZYpJlJVa22kcdPI-BskyKaHFd58ZR-PskATibiYRg4/ Any questions feel free to PM me or on discord. Hope to see you soon on the pitch! Expected start date March 1st, rosters to be submitted feb 23rd.
  7. Ozone

    AG Bomber

    All right! After all, what could happen?
  8. Ozone

    AG Bomber

    Hey all, Playing in a stunty league and just levelled up my gobbo bomber. I was about to fire him if he didn’t roll a double...but... he rolled AG! Now i’m puzzled. Does anyone have experience with those? He seems nice but is worth double his cost in TV...
  9. @Kazman29 we are up against BBLanz for first round. will probably draft tomorrow. Feel free to give your impressions. any chance you join discord?
  10. @Kazman29 yes you need to create your team now and send team name to Meshuggah. Or post it here and I will send it for you. Then you will recieve a ticket for a pre-season lounge which you need to accept
  11. ok guys, so to sum things up : @bob152 is playing skaven for flash category. @Mongloom is playing khemri for smash category. @Larkstar is playing flings for oddball category. @Kazman29 is playing undead for power category. And I will be playing humans for flex category. @RTSD is playing dwarfs for smash/bonus category. No regrets? I'll be sending your names to the comp admins. Please join the discord channel, and create your teams ASAP. When it's done, you can send your team name here, and/or to Meshuggah on discord. My team name will be [OCC] The Orca Boyz
  12. if i get it right now we have: -Flex : myself, humans (after thinking it again it does seem a better idea than bretts as you guys said ealier) -Oddball : @Larkstar, flings. -Smash : @Mongloom, Khemri. - Flash : @bob152, skaven, @Kazman29, DEs. - Power : @RTSD, undead. @Waleed I can leave you my spot, no problem, but would rather see you play humans or bretts in that case, coz I fear UW are kinda underpowered too in this format. If you play I'll just keep the team captain role and let you guys the coaching! Or whatever you guys want to change again! Please remember though we need to submit rosters by aug 25th at the latest, so let's set tomorrow evening as deadline for the races choice.
  13. We need one team in each of the first 4 cats: -Flash: an experienced Skaven or WE coach would be great! Otherwise I’d go DEs, as they can more easily fit anywhere. -Flex: my feeling is to go humans or Bretts. If I were to play i’d choose Bretts, because of their large set of starting skills, but it is personal taste I guess. -Power: as this is no res format, I feel like lizards are the most versatile choice. What do you think guys? -Smash: @Mongloom would go khemri. I like the flings in Oddball too, furthermore as we have a flings expert here, @Larkstar! So that would give us one last “free”choice. For that free choice i’m thinking maybe dorfs or chorfs so as to counter zons/flings/gobs or even Norse. That would also help with the “bounties” rule probably. Unless of course we have some great AG teams coaches involved, in which case we would certainly go with their preferred roster. We need to submit rosters by August 25th. So I propose we wait for one or two more coaches eventually. If no more get in to this, @Juriel and I will play too. So waiting until Monday evening (19th) for other coaches, then we block the registrations and create our rosters! Meanwhile, feel free to bring in one or two more coaches if you want.... ...and to share your opinions of course! cheers
  14. Cool cool guys. so as of now we have: - @bob152 - @Larkstar : flings? - @Mongloom : khemri? - @RTSD maybe @Juriel? Still one one or two spots to fill. If needed i’ll play, otherwise i’ll just stand as captain. @Juriel yes of course the first captain to pick the matchup is free to choose first but he looses the 3 next ones, so it’s all about “sacrificing” a team for the greater good sometimes! you guys can start giving you roster preferences of course.
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