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  1. Returning team Slime Pit sluggers Raslurbat Nurgle
  2. Here´s my canidate! It took Lord Slarvis 27 matches to get his first SPP. He has played 83 out of 84 matches possible. Escaped death on two occations. Actually reged nine out of ten cas recived. 351 blocks succeded 59 armorbreaks 4 cas of which the first was a clean kill. 2 TD. Touchback on both. 4 MVP Total of 34 SPP
  3. I´ll pick Shadowing as soon as my beasty hit Legendary.
  4. In thread:Timeline Season 8 -> Season 9

    Season 8 starts: October 31st?

  5. Dont mean to be rude. I willl be playing on my TV. Resolution wont be perfect and I can prolly dont read what you type.


    In advance: GL And HF.


    You can expect a quite drunk opponent since Sweden advance in the FIFA  WC in Russia  :)


    Cheers and Celebrationg.


    If England wins againt Belgium we will meet in the finals :)


    /Sincerely Lars

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    2. C2MC


      Well, the game automatically conceded. I didn't validate. I think we have to reschedule, as per the rules. But I marked it in the MD5 thread. Let's see what the Admins say and we'll probably try again later.

    3. Raslurbat


      sure thing its up to the admins


    4. Raslurbat


      i can play everyday at 19.00. if thats the perfect time for you

  6. Returning team Coach name Raslurbat Team name: Slime Pit Sluggers Race: Nurgle
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