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  1. Afternoon. We currently have 56 coaches signed up to this. We currently have a ceiling of 64...although we are able to request more - but no guarantees. So long story short, if you are hoping to attend, get your name down in the thread on TFF (immediate payment not required). Grab one of the remaining 8 definite spots.
  2. I HATE that they no longer have the same stats
  3. That I was mate. Good to see some familiar faces still here. Realise its a serious commitment mate, you are a long way away. But if u decide and I can help with any local knowledge, pm me here and/or at tff.
  4. It's not been the same without you the last couple mate. Used to look forward all year to stopping you from winning the Welsh
  5. Hola fellow Blood Bowl loons. Long time no speak. I dare say most folk around here have no clue who I am. Lucky them. However, there are bound to be a few who remember the caress of my boot. Anyway. I'm here to let you know that I have taken over as co-organiser of the Welsh Blood Bowl Championship. Was hoping there might still be folk here who play real BB and might be interested. All the details (including rulespack) can be found on TFF here: http://www.talkfantasyfootball.org/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=46667 We are hoping to attract 50+ coaches. The tournament is across a weekend in mid-January in Cardiff. Be great to see an Orca Cola crowd join us, just like the good old days.
  6. Oh 100% Apathy is a factor also.
  7. That might just as well be in Swedish I dont care enough to go that much trouble. She'll be dead soon enough.
  8. 4 seasons actually. Two promotions to Tier 4. Team destroyed and relegated back to Tier 5 where it remains!
  9. Long time since I posted here....but the OCC can welcome its latest female Superstar (albeit languishing in Tier 5) Latrodectus Katipo Hmmm. Cant get the image to post - but she is a fairly ordinary Amazon Blitzer - Tackle, Guard, Mighty Blow, Fend, Pro
  10. I tried again in the cold light of day. I figured the camera angle out so it was tolerable. The Black Orc pitch I found easier than the Nobility one. Interested to see Ripper Bolgot amongst the stars available to the BO team given he isn't part of BB2020 (yet). But after 8 turns, I just gave up again. It's ghastly.
  11. I'm gonna give the beta another go tonight at some point, but after last night's experience (and Cyanide's track record), my expectations aren't all that high for the finished product.
  12. It was indeed a human thrower. Magnus I believe he was called. Coached by dogboyuk
  13. I got a runner up and Dirty Git combo.....two seasons running?
  14. Every race has sufficient tweaks such that they have to make choices between positionals and RR. I like it....means you have something other than an apothecary to save for early on.
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