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  1. In that case, buy the book off ebay. Bound to be box breakers on there.
  2. Buy the box, ebay the contents. Hey presto, free book.
  3. Do you usually shudder when you encounter squirrels?
  4. Hobnail

    Turf Torpedoes

    \0/ \0/ \0/ It took more than 50 seasons, but I finally beat Pidpad
  5. Shit. Completely forgot I met you there too!
  6. Yup. And I'll always be your first.
  7. In fact the best thing about this league has been enticing people from it back into the tabletop tournament scene and spending real time with people from the best community I could have hoped to find. Shoutouts to that: @Pidpad @danton @dode @AllyRdr @Netsmurf @zulu501 @Hawca @Be4ch @Zunk@AndyDavo and so so many more. If the world ever self-rights, please try it out for size. I'll be happy to buy u a drink.
  8. Lol Ray and I used to do a skit in the old BB1 lobby pretending we didn't know one another and recruit each other to the league in loud "voices" so as to attract others.
  9. I think i served a little longer but less active than u due to my sabbatical in recent years. I was recruited by Zephire during beta testing BB1. I had played BB for years and he spent a game explaining the interface with me. We got on really well and he invited me to this league. I eventually signed up 14th or 15th the same day as dode I remember. I think i played 27 seasons in BB1 with my Lizards then my Amazons (who I think are still the only ones to hit top tier) and finally my Hobgoblins. I then hit a digital brick wall before the move to BB2 and stuck to TT tournament play (where I still got to meet plenty of OCC coaches). Lockdown forced me back before last season. So I bought BB2 cheap....am just taking care to only play my OCC games so as to avoid previous pitfalls.
  10. I look forward to seeing you in T4 in Season 19 then @AndyDavo
  11. You made the wrong decision. But you didnt make a terrible decision. I too failed in the last TT league I played in when my Krox rolled +MA for his first skill (which I refused in favour of Guard) only to be rewarded with +MA again for his second skill. How I wished I had a +2MA Krox!
  12. Hobnail

    Signups S18

    You're already in @TheDrunkMystic! You just need to respond to the "Decisions S18" thread in your division forum.
  13. What about the crowd surf one?
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