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  1. It was indeed a human thrower. Magnus I believe he was called. Coached by dogboyuk
  2. I got a runner up and Dirty Git combo.....two seasons running?
  3. Every race has sufficient tweaks such that they have to make choices between positionals and RR. I like it....means you have something other than an apothecary to save for early on.
  4. You wait til you see the rosters for BB2020!
  5. I refer you to the title of this thread
  6. More guard, less DP would (surprisingly) have been my choice.
  7. We both know you are plenty talented enough to beat most people with 4 elves and 7 journeymen. Enough of the smoke and mirrors in front of the newbies.
  8. He won't need block much buried in the middle of the inevitable cage (the bull I mean)
  9. Also, I'd bin a Hobgoblin and a FF to get an apo.
  10. I always run a Minotaur. If I have access to a double, I'd always give him block ahead of claw. And I usually put Sure Hands on a Bull. ST4 being a great defense as a ball carrier.
  11. Claw is a double. I thought u said 6 normal?
  12. Interesting new Inducement called Biased Referee would be nice to see in BB3...
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