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  1. this is still quite amazing. so now when i have comment on it again will it change?
  2. well @Ratamo, every season has had a different style in how it is written. so i had to come up with something new for this season. and paint pictures it is
  3. md1 vs undead won 1-0. banana for scale. Javelin the ogre got block.
  4. back to 3! Tier 3 3B Javelin - Wolves of the Calla - Necromantic - - Khuno Tridentis - Ultimate Ultimates - High Elf - - Suido - UnDeadly As Cuz! - Undead - - El Maldito - Soon - Undead - - Wainaja - Wreakful Burners - Elf - - brocCooLi - The OCC Crew - Human - - Willpower - Kings&Heroes - Nurgle - - Sniper Krizz - Nasty Necromancy - Necromantic - - Raslurbat - Slime Pit Sluggers - Nurgle - - GaryW - Norfolk Hornets - Elf - hopefully we can do something this season, finding the joy
  5. you should have some attacking regular armor on the enemy with low normal armor. and casters destroying and taking care of the enemy with low magic armor. but yeah, brute forcing everything on regular armor probably also work
  6. md9 against necromantic we scored turn 2. they scored turn 4. we scored turn 8. they didnt score on the ottd. second half they scored turn 16. we didnt score the ottd (they also got blitz here). 2-2. was at least a fun game that ended the season. and Doomy77 leveled. got +ma. Breschdleng took frenzy before this game. 1-3-5 in record. really bad and disappointing. but yolo. found the spirit of how i want to play again i think so will do it like that more in the future.
  7. i have listened to this quite a lot the last few days. in swedish but doesnt really matter.
  8. for flings yes. every other race no.
  9. md8 against norse not sure what happened. well, i know. but really wierd. we scored once. we scored twice. we scored thrice. in the end norse also scored, once. we took 6 cas. managed to do 3. and we had a rock on the yhetee turn 1 (apod). game ended 3-1. Borke leveled up and took mb. Bouffon leveled up and took sidestep. Breschdleng leveled up and havent picked skill yet.
  10. if my memory was better i would have. thanks for the help!
  11. md7 i thought i was gonna play against dark elfs. got wizard, helmut and babe. played against orcs... turn 1, i knock down a good blitzer, going for the foul with helmut. 1. im not gonna waste a reroll so i let it happen. helmut is badly hurt... the orcs score on the drive. i fail a half hearted ottd attempt that pitch invasion doesnt help out. pitch invasion for next kick off too. looks really bad. but in the end i go for a long bomb to Javelin (ogre with -ag), inaccurate but lands close to him. turn 16 and no rerolls left, Javelin easily picks up the ba
  12. md5 against lizards. we lost this. i think we might have been able to get a draw if i remember correctly, got a blitz, the ball was a out of bounce or what it is called so the draw didnt happen. md6 against nurgle. fouling nurgle. so we got 2-2. my reporting and memory is lacking skills that are needed for weekly updates.
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