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  1. yes. its only in the official ladder it costs the same as picking a skill.
  2. true, i thought it was worse.
  3. yeah, reason they removed cheaper random skills was, surprise, people being able to just spam random skills and kick players that they didnt want. because they hadnt put in the banking system either... now with the banking system they probably can try to have cheaper random skills again.
  4. i agree. it works really good. first when i saw it i was sceptical and thought it was waaaaay to little time. but it works like a charm.
  5. Coach name (in BB3): brocCooLi Team name: Frog Salad Faction/race: Black Orcs
  6. i think its only for tournaments.
  7. im more green than you, grow up veggie!
  8. thanks! even i understand now.
  9. so if i buy the blood pass i get the team at level 1, otherwise i have to grind to level 50 where i get the team? i understand better now at least. thanks :)
  10. im feeling confused now. what does the bloodpass give you? is that the team for the season?
  11. what? i have understood it that if you play the season it should be possible to earn the warpstone to buy the pass without spending money. but if it is this hard as you say it sounds utterly stupid compared to what everyone thought they were saying.
  12. none so far. they will come in a few weeks, hopefully.
  13. true. but it is a lack of information.
  14. would make such more sense if you moved one player at the time and had some kind of countdown instead.
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