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  1. bump due to the addendum by Borke.
  2. thank you for this memorial <3 his replacement managed to do 5 passes in his first game so hopefully he can become almost as good as Idhrengolion. but tbh, sometimes it felt like i was cheating when i played with him because things was so easy
  3. oh... so i can spend more money when i buy the game instead of spending more money after i bought the game? i like this 'spend more money'. can you tell me more? but you have a point.
  4. and one month. 23 february, not january.
  5. standard - basic game imperial nobility edition - basic game + imperial nobility customisation black orc edition - basic game + black orc customisation brutal edition - basic game + both teams customisation and some ingame coins i think it was, and "48 hours early unlock". so what game you buy doesnt really matter at all i would say, unless you want to be able to customise imperial nobility/black orcs. or want the early unlock. edit: was customisation and not the team. edit2: early unlock on brutal edition.
  6. i have no faith so i will wait until the game is actually released until i say something about migration.
  7. md9 gif explained: high elf close loss against norse gif
  8. md8 gif explained: high elf win over orcs gif
  9. team pages, and then you have a small scroll/window what teams you want to see. the default is the ones already in the league (at least something cyanide did right ) so if you scroll to all teams you should be able to then search for your friends team and send a ticket.
  10. juggs all the way in that case. and frenzy on next as well probably.
  11. yeah, juggs could be really good on him. depends a bit on what the rest of his skills are.
  12. md7 gif explained: high elf 1-1 really fun and weird match gif
  13. md6 gif explained: high elf 3-2 first win of the season gif
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