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  1. md2 played brets didnt go as well as i hoped. scored 1-1 early second because of lots of brets ko. more or less everyone came back. lost 1-2. md3 played orcs. was burning rerolls like no tomorrow. lost 0-1. this is going straight down the drain so far. at least Pidpad leveled after last game. we will see what he pick.
  2. season 18 we was ready for staying in t3. but we got promoted! yeeeehaaaa! t2. amazons first md. we defended. we defended. we defended. they scored turn 7. we managed to score turn 11, they were down to 10 players so we went for it. didnt work. lost 1-2. really nice game. Bantha became superstar and took guard.
  3. md 7 and 9 are also no winners so far.
  4. i totally agree that block is the best choice. +st could even be a stupid choice. but a fun one. but can you take block on big guys, take it. and if you can get +ma on the krox, take it! sooooo good its almost silly.
  5. yeah, block is the good and solid choice. but +st is more fun. i took +ma on my krox in another bb2 league and it is sooooooo good! best pick ever almost.
  6. md9 - kislev picked the winning strategy to start. lost the ball due to ag4 couldnt catch the pass. kislev scored. i did manage to do 1-1 before the end of the half at least. kislev scored fast, i couldnt score and kislev scored again. but in the end i got one more td. lost 2-3. was a nice and fun game. but my fouls very terrible. record for the season: 3-3-3. not the greatest idea to end the season with two losses. dropped down to 7th place. but will stay in 3B at least. Bouffon leveled up and picked block.
  7. brocCooLi


    WOW!!! WOW!!!! that is amazing!!! so 24 is your new lucky number?
  8. md8 - chaos i choosed to attack. things looked good. did some removal, fouled a beastmen to his death (or to be specific, he got -st and apo to death (and since he wasnt a legend (3 spp from legend) King Kill picked the death)). got a bit panicked, or stressed. didnt make the td. chaos made a td instead. second half and chaos made another td. i managed to stop them for a while and almost stole the ball. but in the end it didnt matter. got to do a td in turn 15 at least. put up my players in the back to protect them. got blitz... lost 1-2. record for this season: 3-3-2 i still think i have a chance for promotion. but i must win the last game and hope for some other results to go my way. not the best situation. Doomy77 lost a bit of armor.
  9. nope. no coach with that name here. and if it wasnt during a OCC game, not sure what we could do.
  10. Hymn to Nuffle by Swedish bb-coach havaji
  11. brocCooLi


    tbh, this is the only reason i read this team blog how many can you get?
  12. basically, all other skill choice would have been better then dodge.
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