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  1. it is really nice that you take all the normal skills so the rest of us can take doubles and stat ups!
  2. worst game ever watch out for the future!
  3. md5 vs undead lost 1-4. 2 dead. 3 -av, 1 -ag. new Pidpad leveled dodge. banana for scale.
  4. md4 vs necron lost 0-2. got 3 deads and ogre -ma. banana for scale.
  5. what du you mean with grudge? is that the same thing as taking care of each other?
  6. hmm, maybe the replay file are able to get through the api then. i know rebbl also have this nice app for rolling mds. so i might be wrong. or there is some that sits and download and uploads the files. so it is probably possible in some way that i dont know of then.
  7. when you get data from the match from the api you only get the data. you dont get the replay. to get the replay the file has to be uploaded as far as i know. so spike only shows the data and dont have the replays.
  8. @bob152or @Tys123will contact you with more details since they are the tier admins. but thanks for helping out!
  9. no. replacements team like this arent able to stay in the league after the season.
  10. for this sort of stuff, its ok to do a custom team and add the skills you want. usually the team is some kind of replica of the replaced team, but doesnt need to be.
  11. it wasnt invisible. just very very small.
  12. md3 vs elven union we won with 4-3. Bouffon leveled up sure feet. banana for scale.
  13. sack every positional and start them over to get better skills.
  14. stop using it as a toaster is my advice.
  15. md2 vs high elf we won with 4-1. Pidpad leveled up block. banana for scale.
  16. now a days we also have a #picturespam channel on our discord server. so you can post the picture there and then use that link for the picture @LordJair if you have discord that is. otherwise do what Doomy said.
  17. this is still quite amazing. so now when i have comment on it again will it change?
  18. well @Ratamo, every season has had a different style in how it is written. so i had to come up with something new for this season. and paint pictures it is
  19. md1 vs undead won 1-0. banana for scale. Javelin the ogre got block.
  20. back to 3! Tier 3 3B Javelin - Wolves of the Calla - Necromantic - - Khuno Tridentis - Ultimate Ultimates - High Elf - - Suido - UnDeadly As Cuz! - Undead - - El Maldito - Soon - Undead - - Wainaja - Wreakful Burners - Elf - - brocCooLi - The OCC Crew - Human - - Willpower - Kings&Heroes - Nurgle - - Sniper Krizz - Nasty Necromancy - Necromantic - - Raslurbat - Slime Pit Sluggers - Nurgle - - GaryW - Norfolk Hornets - Elf - hopefully we can do something this season, finding the joy of the game again will hopefully make us play better. also need a new way to write this team blog. right now im thinking about bad paint images.
  21. you should have some attacking regular armor on the enemy with low normal armor. and casters destroying and taking care of the enemy with low magic armor. but yeah, brute forcing everything on regular armor probably also work
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