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  1. md8 - chaos i choosed to attack. things looked good. did some removal, fouled a beastmen to his death (or to be specific, he got -st and apo to death (and since he wasnt a legend (3 spp from legend) King Kill picked the death)). got a bit panicked, or stressed. didnt make the td. chaos made a td instead. second half and chaos made another td. i managed to stop them for a while and almost stole the ball. but in the end it didnt matter. got to do a td in turn 15 at least. put up my players in the back to protect them. got blitz... lost 1-2. record for this season: 3-3-2 i still think i have a chance for promotion. but i must win the last game and hope for some other results to go my way. not the best situation. Doomy77 lost a bit of armor.
  2. nope. no coach with that name here. and if it wasnt during a OCC game, not sure what we could do.
  3. Hymn to Nuffle by Swedish bb-coach havaji
  4. tbh, this is the only reason i read this team blog how many can you get?
  5. basically, all other skill choice would have been better then dodge.
  6. md7 - orcs i choosed to attack. orcs got blitz. started to make my way through, then they suffered one of many double skulls. i failed my pass for a safe touchdown. in the end Pidpad could pick it up and dodge away and run in with 1-1. the orcs failed to equalize in the first half. second half and i used fireball on the orc cage on my half. knocked down 1 out of 5. at the same time one of my rats fell out of their cage so i had to go on a rescue mission (he is ok). couldnt stop the orcs, they scored. tried passing play again, failed again. this time it was Breschdlengs time to shine. pick up, dodge away and pass to Mongloom who catched it and ran away. wait... this pass succeeded? and this was the time when i didnt use a thrower.... won 2-1 after a hard game that the orcs tried to make easier for me by rolling lots of skulls. no major damages. Mongloom leveled up, rolled a double. waiting for the skill up. record for this season: 3-3-1 i think i needed that win to still be in the fight for promotion.
  7. but he already has loner? loner = reroll on 4+. pro = reroll on 4+. so why take a skill that does the same as loner? WASTE! go tackle.
  8. i would go tackle on yeti. probably sure hands on lino.
  9. md6 - bretonnian brets attacked. our defence was perfect! we mananged to stop the td and made a td ourself in turn 8. much thanks to Pidpad staying on his feet and then doing 4+ 4+ 3+ dodge and a pass. wonderful! second half they got a blitz and used the wizard they took as inducements. scored pretty easy. so 1-1 and i had six turns to score. should be doable. switched sides but got locked in by guards, didnt really know what to do. tried dodging with the ball carrier, failed. ball to free space. brets picked it up but was nice enough to score on turn 15. the weather went to blizzard. got touchback. first block was knock down. ended 1-2. no major damages and no level ups. record for this season: 2-3-1
  10. i know!!!! and from last season this is HUGE!!!!!
  11. md5 - necromantic wont the toss, decided to start. it was raining but who cares. looked ok, but in the end it was close getting 0-1 in my drive. luckily i did a ko on the wolf and managed to get free with the ball. got bolted by the wizard but Rymdkejsaren didnt cared about being stunned so just picked up the ball and scored turn 8. second half necro didnt have any trouble scoring. did so in turn 12. i wasted rerolls and was almost surfed with the ball and that would probably have given the win to necro. instead the wolf rolled skull into skull. giving me a shot for the win, but failed it. and was probably the fairest result. ended 1-1. Rymdkejsaren leveled up, got guard. C2MC leveled up. both Bouffon and Gobas got -st. Bouffon starting over in a reset. probably same with Gobas. Javelin got -ag but as an ogre it doesnt really matter. record for this season: 2-3-0
  12. well..... that would require me to have the skill of reading. thanks!
  13. is it released or is it early access?
  14. yeah. 100% humans and orcs. maaaaaybe a goblin in the orc team and a troll/ogre?
  15. well. in the trailer we can hopefully see at least two teams that will be available in the game?
  16. since the original question has been answered and no further will come by discussing this im locking the thread.
  17. md4 - orcs won the toss and decided to start. deja vu anyone? looked solid. then not. in the end, SniperKrizz made a inaccurate longbomb. ball bounced back to Mongloom that catched it. turn after he made a dodge and scored 1-0 in turn 8. orcs got a riot but was able to stop the scoring. second half, orcs scored in 3 turns. it went blizzard. played a bit solid, then i had a couple of turns where im not really sure what i was thinking. in the end the orcs blitzed the ball carrier but rolled a skull and i could score. ended 2-1. Mongloom levels up. record for this season: 2-2-0
  18. md3 - nurgle won the toss and decided to start. got bugged down more or less from start and couldnt move forward as i wanted. tried to solve it but nope. had to use the wiz to stop getting a goal against. in the second half i was able to steal the ball and score. then i was unable to stop the nurgles scoring. ended 1-1. no levels up. record for this season: 1-2-0 edited: md2 to md3
  19. md2 - underworld since i was slow on writing this report i have forgot most of it. it ended 1-1. and i think i was a bit lucky to get away with a draw. Borke leveled and has now +ag. record for this season: 1-1-0
  20. i would also say no. i never added journeymen when i did admin results.
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