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  1. surely thats why we have reserves though for exactly that point....im just saying im an auto 1 every season.....i'll chnage the team name to Dont bother asking me admin im a 1 decision.
  2. Given i've lost my league spot due to some over excited admin pencil pusher who because i didn't specifically say "in time" i didn't want to stay, reroll or quit they opted to pick "quit" and therefore rob me of a season of my beloved underworld team so now i wish to make a light hearted but also formal declaration and want it taken down into the records so i never have to repeat myself again. i want it taken down on record that UNLESS I STATE IT OTHERWISE....in writing, carrier Pidgeon etc....that i hereby swear to STICK with my team come rain or shine, injury or nay, win or loss....for every season from now and forever and therefore refuse to acknowledge the need to ever state this again for every bloomin season. rant over....now sign me up for next season. love and kisses.
  3. Keith carr snowflake generation underworld returning team
  4. Nuffle altar is so good!! 10k and 50k star players 😍
  5. Brilliant write up and even more of a fun game, I genuinely planned to foul all game and when you fouled every turn whilst I Passed and caged I though we had swapped play books 🤣
  6. I use the stadium enhancement and quite frankly love it! now I don’t use it for the “advantage” as I run a high tv orc team and i’ll Bash you to death or three a gobbo for fun but I use it for the randomness it adds to every game that we all fell in love with this game for in the first place back in the day! Also; in my opinion random event cards should and MUST be brought back to bloodbowl I NEED to see someone slip on a banana skin ! #thisisbloodbowlNOTCHESS
  7. hello Zulu501, sorry I was 20 minutes later I got my times mixed up, I can your online, im online lets get this game played

  8. I feel I should apologies for the dice in that game, the number of skulls you rolled was unreal!?! Also that aptly named "my mum slept with nuffle" rookie debutant blitzer not only got 10spps in the game he then walked away with the MVP, (he really should of got it anyway) thanks for the match and hope you do better in your future matches buddy
  9. keith carr skaven wc - the harem 19+ sorry for the late sign up I thought I had press submit reply yesterday only to find my horror I hadn't!!?
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