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  1. Typo on Khemri, showing Blitzer with normal access to AG.
  2. Amazons, Norse and Nobles getting specialist throwers with PA3+ is stupid. So much for encouraging the passing game. Skaven, Orc and Human throwers get 2+, why not the rest? High Elf throwers are more like it, 100k starting!
  3. Suido

    league Awards

    Nice in theory, but: Positive recognition could incentivise playing badly Negative recognition is piling on unnecessarily Best left alone, I think.
  4. I assume it must have Right Stuff, if you can throw a halfling, you can throw a squirrel. Make it a squirrel glider with Swoop and it becomes a nightmare for any team failing their pick up.
  5. Good evening viewers, I'm Alan Smithee and this is Extreme Makeover, Blood Bowl edition. Tonight, we'll be revelling in the schadenfreude of a ghoul being raised from the dead and given the regenerative abilities that it so sadly lacked before. I haven't checked in with Alanis, but I'm classing that as ironic. But first, what do you call an interview with the recently deceased? An interment-view! Our interment-viewee tonight is Normal Norman, ex-ghoul and promising ball handler for - Out of the Box -, ex-lineman for Undeadly As Cuz!, since delisted and now desperate enough to try reality cabalvision. There's Norman, ball in hand on defence, the match in his grasp and the world of Blood Bowl at his feet. Alan Smithee [AS] - Normal Norman! What happened? Normal Norman [NN] - Evvrrry goolzzz wurssst nitemerrrr.. Got balll, tripped ovarrrr. Dedd. AS - Classic play! Tripped over by a strength 5 player without tackle, great to see it still happens. But here you are, looking... differently abled? NN - Wosss reegennnerrrated. Nno choyyss. Nnnot asss fassst nnowww, thiss bodyy isss... AS - Amazing, let's have a quick look at the moment of transformation. AS - Apologies viewers, it seems a rogue producer has locked the the caption bar. We're not into that kind of protection of people's modesty, it's highly irregular and the producer will be fired. Cough. Norman, talk us through the changes. You've said you're slower, anything else? NN - Wosss gud at runnning. Dodginnng. Pickinng up therrr balll. An torrrkinn. Not ennymorrrr. Diss bodyyy is sh- Badly Dubbed NN [BDNN] - shoddy. AS - Haha, we'll edit that out and replace your voice entirely from now on. But it's not all bad, surely. Let's see the before and after. AS - WOW! That definitely qualifies as an EXTREME makeover! Major spinal surgery to get you upright, reconstruction of the right eyesocket, a face full of botox, ears pinned and trimmed, implanted hair in the pattern of classic male balding, and OH MY NUFFLE, JUST LOOK AT THE DENTAL WORK. You look good, dude! BDNN - Why would I want male pattern baldness? Why not just give me a full head of hair? And this expression. Sure, I was surprised to begin with, but I can't close my eyes. It's agony. AS - Haha, what a, a, ahh, lovely, err, outcome? Um. So, where to next? BDNN - I dunno. I was fired immediately after the game. I have no prospects, my Blood Bowl dreams are deader than my old teammates. Like Bob. AS - Oh dear, what happened to Bob? BDNN - He died too. Then they gave him the MVP. So there is one person out there doing it tougher than me... my old coach. AS - I couldn't have scripted it better. I love reality cabalvision. Viewers, please be advised that some may find the following pun disturbing. Did you hear about the necromancer that turned a ghoul into a zombie? It degenerated! Extreme Makeover is all about improvements, so to summarise tonight's tale... What's better than one dead ghoul? Two dead ghouls! What's better than two dead ghouls? Resurrecting one as a zombie! What's better than two dead ghouls and resurrecting one as a zombie? Giving the other one the MVP! Thanks for tuning in to this episode of Extreme Makeover - Blood Bowl Edition, and I'll leave you with this candid image of our capricious god. Shout out to unglaublicher for a fun match, and my deepest apologies for your losses.
  6. If it's a reference to the fact that playing against Ratamo is a walkover, I approve
  7. Olde Worlde's suffering an outbreak of fey gnus. More at 11.
  8. Done. Putting Tale in the title seems like a good strategy. Even worked for my Skavenbury Tails.
  9. Yeah, happened to me too, life gets in the way
  10. Nice write ups, what happened with the rest of the season?
  11. Instituted in Season 4, the following fluff writers have earned the coveted People's Choice Award: Season Coach Votes MD Link 4 Jadman 10 1 The Legend of Fungus the Looney 5 Bantha 16 5 Imagine 6 C2MC 18 3 Ss'll Sh'Karr's delicious KHORNE FLAKES! 7 Francach 17 1 Our Team is in need of a Coach 8 Suido 18 8 The Skavenbury Tails 3 Fat-free Fili's fatal fondness 9 C2MC 18 1 Albert Foulé 10 Suido 22 2 The Fellowship of the Onion Ring 11 C2MC 19 6 Harder Bigger Dumber Stronger 12 brocCooLi 17 6 Swedo & Garfoul: The Sound of Nuffle 13 wismerhill 13 1 Choose your own adventure: chapter 1 14 Rymdkejsaren 22 1 The Tale of the Ragtown Rascals 15 C2MC 18 1 Tutan-Common the Wrapper 16 Gobas 25 1 Tales from the Blood Bowl crypt 17 Rymdkejsaren 33 4 The Tale of an OCC Season Multiple winners: C2MC - 4 Suido - 2 Rymdkejsaren - 2 P.S. Don't just check out the winners, have a look around the Fluff of Yesteryear, there's plenty more gold in that there sub-forum.
  12. Suido

    Signups S18

    Joey Wevs' and Kagunya's forum names changed to match in-game names.
  13. Suido

    Signups S18

    spreadsheet updated to here
  14. Igralius and Ynwe have been given their coins.
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