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  1. rough season, but new season new start
  2. Rough third match, that hurts. Only three match reports this time, but each one so good! Fluff award incoming.
  3. Our venerable scribe takes off their spectacles to polish and replace them before squinting at the notification... "Hm hm another OCC champion, what have we got this time? A strength 5 player with tentacles, most of the warriors are move 4. Nurgle again, eh? No, no, there's no rotters. Ah, what a magnificent legendary player that beastman is. Hm hm, very nice. So those others were chaos warriors? Slow and steady did the job, hm. And that team name, hm, that would be a quite a mutation. Yes, yes, now where's my extra large green quill gone..." CONGRATULATIONS to our S27 OCC CHAMPION Sabertooth Vag 1.0 coached by mbCARMAC Click here to congratulate @mbCARMAC yourself
  4. It's Chaos! No pile on, a smattering of stat increases, a solid all-round team and a heck of a team name. Congratulations @mbCARMAC and Sabertooth Vag 1.0
  5. orcaHow: How-to instructions you can trust* *but probably shouldn't I been workin so hard on my perfect blood bowl I didn't leave time for a perfect photoshop of myself as the Orca-Cola orc workin hard on my perfect blood bowl. So this'll have to do. Not perfect, but pretty close Anyway, I think I've nailed with barely any help from anyone else. Listen up. Have orcs on yer team Have a stabby git on yer team Have a killa with claws if you can get 'em. Have an unstoppable maniac on yer team Do some fouls Do more fouls Have some panache (even when winnin cos this is about the perfect match) Be an admin (this should be step 0 or -1 or sumfin, not actually part of a perfect match) Have some favour of nuffle which includes havin fun (see steps 2, 4, 5) bein an admin (see step 7) wearin clothes like a respectable coach or not much clothes if yer coachin norse or snots well this bits tricky it's hard to have chorfs an orcs on the same team If you do all the above and maybe some other stuff* yer pretty set for a perfect match gl&hf * like make good decisions about risk mitigation and positioning and blitzing and other stuff like 1TTD set up/defence** **and have smokin hot dice
  6. Bump for Season 28 awareness. It's been a few seasons since we had new volunteers in the fluff team, and there's always room for more red suits.
  7. orcaHow: How-to instructions you can trust* *but probably shouldn't You think you know how to do best cage dive? WRONG (PROBABLY) Some players like fancy dodging or break-tackle-dodging or leaping or sidestepping or wizarding... but these are not best options BORING Some players like throwing teammates or bombs... LESS BORING BUT STILL NOT BEST There is only ONE true BEST method HAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHA! BANG! CRASH! THUMP! AHAHAHA!
  8. I've got a fluff award for ya! Happy fluff day :)
  9. Better late than never... have another fluff award for your second season!
  10. It's tough keeping blogs going when the in-game action isn't fun. Hope to see you back in action!
  11. Season 26 update. Welcome @SoapyTheBum to the team and congrats on winning with your debut fluff!
  12. What would you sacrifice to win a Championship? A legendary catcher's life? CONGRATULATIONS Season 26 OCC CHAMPIONS! Congratulate @Guido Baggins here!
  13. What has six active players on their roster and the Championship? The Elder Children, coached by @Guido Baggins Congratulate them here!
  14. I can think of a few workplace training sessions that would have been improved by the introduction of a ball and chain wielding maniac.
  15. Petition signatories: 1. Borke
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