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  1. MD7 vs Raslurbat's Slime Pit Sluggers I took Ramtut, which made up for one of my mummies dying in Turn 2. The first half was bleak as Bells Beach on a midwinter morning, but we eventually got a tacklezone on the ball and the pestigor failed it's dodge. Defensive job done. Casualties mounted up, the new wight and fend zombie both got niggled and all badly hurts regenerated. On the plus side, I killed brocCooLi the Cabbage (both decay results = DEAD) so I'm accumulating OCC coaches as zombies, which is nice. Second half I was able to score with my wrackle ghoul... who levelled up and
  2. Thank you, and that goes for each of your appreciative comments
  3. The referee blowing the final whistle. The team’s public relations manager takes over, issuing orders from a different kind of playbook… IF home team AND (won AND/OR caused many casualties), THEN celebrate on pitch, sign orcagraffs, smile for instablam piks. ELSE hide in the dugout. Quickly. The fans leaving the stadium in disarray. Which? Both. Cleaners and tradies move in, fixing the damage as per the owner’s budget and vision statement. The best blood stains are left to dry. Stadiums in gentrified suburbs employ artisanal woodworkers to create
  4. Bump for Season 20 awareness.
  5. MD6 was a mirror match, not just in terms of race. Both teams scored on the 5th turn of offence. Both teams failed to score in remaining 3 turns of half. 1-1 and done. Out of five matches, three were won by teams placed 8/9/10 and the others were tied, so my lead over second place had increased from 3TDD to 1 point and 4TDD. Bonza. Next we're facing 2200 nurgle with five(!) blodgers and we'll have about 400k inducements. The dodge skills on the warriors and pestigors means they're thankfully not as super-killy as you might expect given the TV. Block/MB everyw
  6. I are Da Waaaghenborough and I are da greatest waaagh-leader* naturalist in da Old World. Fun fact: da difference between a naturalist and a blood-thirsty savage is where you keep da bones. Dis me in front of three-horn squiggoth I catalogued. It are taste good. I have lead many waaaghs cough expeditions to crush my enemies cough collect specimens. But my greatest delight is murdering cough tagging and bagging cough cataloguing the diverse species we call Greenskins. Greenskins are called dat because dey haz green skin. Dis are expert naturalist secret knowledge,
  7. Cyanide have announced that BB2 Servers will be down for maintenance on Friday 12th February. The below times are in CET, which is UTC+1. Please rearrange MD6 game times as necessary.
  8. I was really confused by this match report, until I fixed it: Southern hemisphere banana for scale.
  9. Update: Top of division confirmed with healthy +3 buffer on TDD. Equal on points is the Necro team I gave a win to in MD1.
  10. Now you're speaking my language.
  11. The third best thing about the game was having three of my players sent off for useless fouls, while they did one foul and killed my guard ghoul. The second best thing about the game was how every kick off result started with Bli: Blizzard Blitz Blitz Bliering fans Bligh Kick Blikey! The best thing about the game was that it was an absolute flogging. 4-1, fed 2 TDs to my rookie wight Killed Breschdleng and @C2MC - he plays for me now. Honorary Aussie confirmed. 3 AV busts 1 AG bust 29 SPPs To celebrate
  12. To quote the 12th Man, a grudge is a place to park your car.
  13. Yeah nah, after havin to concede the first match, the season's goin a bit of alright. Two wins and a draw, ay. Take that for sure. MD2 against Nurgle had some early shenanigans. Bit of widezone action led to being able to surf two of their players. All we needed was an AG4 ghoul dodge for the blitz. Snake eyes. Totally dogged the boys, two of ours were surfed instead. The rest of the game proceeded as smooth as the Aussie Open hardcourts, ended up 2-0. MD3 was an armwrestle against Necros. 1-1, no big dramas. MD4 was a pretty easy win against Elven Union,
  14. There are two sure things in a biologists life - death and taxonomy. These two things come together today's episode of Blood Bowl Planet. I'm your guest host, Vampire Lord David Battenborough* and I am excited to delve into the hidden death cycle of that unique creature - the zombie. The zombie begins its life in the dugout. It stands, fully formed at its moment of creation, able to stagger, moan, and understand the rules of Blood Bowl from inception. Truly remarkable for a creature often described as brainless. The zombie will return to the dugout frequently - often s
  15. I'll do this for whichever MD is after our match up.
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