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  1. And killing wrestlers that wanna put your wardancer on the floor for fouling.
  2. No bad choices. Don't forget that juggernaut is great for cancelling stand firm, wrestle and fend, and those pesky both downs that don't do anything against block opponents. It's always underestimated. MA is the obvious choice because MA, but woodies aren't exactly lacking speed. Do you find yourself having to GFI often due to frenzy/positioning? If so, that would confirm MA as the safe choice. Otherwise, if you want to simply hit harder, MB. If you want to disrupt your opponents in high TV environment, Juggernaut. I tend to find giving MB to elves makes them useless at hitting, but your dice may be better.
  3. This is a true tale. I don't have high quality pictures or fancy rhymes for you. All I offer is truth. I was there that day. It happened right before my eyes. I've never seen anything like it, before or since. There was a time and a place. Orca Cola Championship. Season six. Division 2C. A stadium in the frozen north. Come, burn your bridges and jump with me to a tale too weird to not be true. The Kislevites were behind on the scoreboard, and taking their chances. The ball carrier was running into trouble, running out of time. Sizing up the pass. Rush a little more or pass a little further? The decision came up, split his brains out, split him into parts, pieces. And even his legs went one way, and even his hands went the other way. His legs rushed. His hand passed. He passed as far as he planned to rush. His legs accelerated him into a diving catch, receiving his own pass. His opponents gleefully closed in for the sack. Blood Bowl is a tough game. It's a strange game. And sometimes it is an unbelievably tough, strange game. This tale was truly told. May your rushes, passes and clicks be as true.
  4. Registration will open in few weeks. Season 22 will start August 18, if I can count weeks correctly.
  5. Hey! My ball carrier was supposed to blitz their marker then run into the end zone on Turn 16. Who decided they were just blocking? Fork you, Nuffle, and fork you to Typos and Ms Click for helping Nuffle!
  6. I had a AV6 blitzer that I held onto because he was my only Guard player. Shouldn't have because he was basically a 1-shot guard skill - used once, then off the pitch in the opponent's next turn. I imagine this guy is much the same. No double skills or stat increases, I'd definitely replace.
  7. Just updated Jade's forum name to match ingame name
  8. Perikles name changed to Exhael jadepink name changed to Ros2016 Knox's ingame name is K'nox, but forum doesn't allow apostrophe.
  9. Punch is casualties caused (counting only those that give SPPs) Helmet is casualties received (doesn't matter how)
  10. As expected, a bretty good blog. Have a Fancy Fluff Award.
  11. Nice blogging, have a Fancy Fluff Award, and hope to see the final couple of reports and then more next season
  12. Hell of a way to resurrect a thread! Congrats on almost making it to the Champs and all the best
  13. Great blogging! Have a Fancy Fluff award and hope you keep it up!
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