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  1. Gotta vote for my boy Dale
  2. The action is hotting up in the jungle! Last week's challenge really put the krox among the players, and ended in a double-elimination tribal council. Dale Kick-it won the vote by the skin of his teeth - and skeletons aren't known for having much skin. That means it's time to say goodbye to Freight Train and Eyegore Phelps. Deep in the Lustrian jungle, we will observe the sacred priests of Tepok making sacrifice to their god! But not any sacrifice... will they actually be able to kill a vampire and a flesh golem? Find out, in this special episode of Survivor: Orca-Cola!
  3. I don't think that's a fair assessment. Different leagues cater to different people - turn length, regularity of games, division/playoff structure, etc. Not playing in a league =\= thinking it sucks.
  4. If there is no further commentary on why legal concedes exist, this topic will be locked again.
  5. Can't believe it hasn't been said yet. Ahem. All right!
  6. *takes a seat in the stands*
  7. Great concept, looking forward to reading
  8. Great blog over the 4 seasons. Looking forward to the Brets!
  9. Nice blogging, Fancy Fluff awarded. I managed to get 15 red cards last season, mostly at the start of matches, which slowed down my fouling. Any idea how many you got?
  10. Employing my Green privilege to answer something from the OP that I didn't see addressed previously. The bold part is the only section of this paragraph that I agree with. Removing players is a legitimate and completely normal strategy for both winning games and developing players. Pitch clearing is just removing players on good luck steroids. Nobody deserves to be punished for employing standard tactics in a board game and getting good luck. Denying your opponent the chance to score a certain TD by conceding is horrendous sportsmanship. That is why I believe c
  11. No easy matches in this division. The easier looking matches (Necromaniacs, D'Orcs, Liqor Store Squad) are because there are exploitable weaknesses, but they've also got match winning players too. Five claw teams makes me nervous, I definitely need to do a better job of protecting my mummies and wights than I have in previous seasons. 6/9 at bribe stadiums, which is nice.
  12. Welcome to Survivor: Orca-Cola! Ten celebrities of the OCC are marooned in the Lustrian jungle. One castaway will outwit, outplay, outlast the others and take home the grand prize! I am Detlef Probst, your host. I will be bringing you all the drama, all the conflict, and all the key moments each week. The ten castaways have been split into two tribes named for local Blood Bowl heroes - Slibli and Quetzal. Today we'll meet Slibli Tribe, in alphabetical order: CubeFarmer, Wood Elf catcher from Mourning Wood, currently in Div 1B Lotho Cotton, Legen
  13. Season 20, Division 2B Couple of OG teams with 184 games played, but attrition has kept them looking pretty young. A few legends and plenty of superstars to target. [EDIT: Now in schedule order!] Frank Furter - Frank's Fowlers - Nurgle - 1890TV 2 superstar pestigors, 1 is a killer, other is St4. 2 star warriors with all the standard stuff. rest low-mid development, including rookie beast. Excellent pun theme. My home game, free bribes! Geiger - Necromaniacs USA - Necromantic - 1470TV OG team but only one legend, Big Bad Wolf (143 matches, 314 SPPs
  14. Good long term strategy. Much efficiency.
  15. It would be disappointing to not get the title if you get the other two.
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