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  1. For what it's worth, I once had to play a 3rd round match with 7 loners. I lost that match, was 0-1-2 just like you are now, and then went on to win the division. It's blood bowl. Shit like that can happen, but not if you give up after a couple of bad matches. All the good underdog/comeback stories require persevering despite the odds. This is spot on. In the lower divisions, wins aren't as important as team development and enjoing the journey.
  2. Size XXXXXXL, developed and marketed in partnership with Bugman's XXXXXX brew
  3. You've seen da Snuggy. You've seen da Oody. But did you know that Night Gobbos were wearing dem before dey were cool? An now we've discovered da market economy an cultural appropriation an copyright law! Order now an you can have da original an da best!* If yer fans howl / for da foul! If yer knees go weaky / for da sneakky! If you wanna stab / an stab an stab! You need Da Sneakky Oodie Available in any colour as long as it's black. Yellow ornamentation optional and not recommended for sneakkiness on Blood Bowl pitch. Payment in useful and/or fun mushrooms accepted. *best for hiding yer 'eavy stompin boots an diverse array of secret weapons** hahahaha just like dat scene in da Matrix ** 'eavy stompin boots an secret weapons sold separately
  4. A few thoughts: It's worth having 1 beer boar on the pitch for two reasons - the threat of the Pick-Me-Up and as a mobile assist and/or fouler. A star player with GUARD!!! Thorsson is a lineman with worse agility and Loner. He costs more that triple a lineman for a special skill that can be a de facto second blitz at a crucial moment or cause a turnover - totally OP as long as you roll 3+. The synergy between Thick Skull and Pick Me Up is nice. Jump up is less good without pile on, but means the berserker is about the only player I think is a good candidate for DP/PileDriver. MB/Tackle/Juggs is still better, but if I rolled a random skill on a berserker and got Piledriver, I'd have fun with it. The positioning and cage/line breaking potential will cause problems for unwary opponents. Surprise free blocks from Pick-Me-Up. Ivar on defence means the opposing cage needs 2 squares of separation to be safe. That's a huge positioning challenge. On offense, same for elf columns or similar. Thorsson is the ultimate glass cannon. Once per drive, best sacker in the game as long as you roll a 3+. Opponents will want to keep the ball carrier and cage corners more than 3 squares away. Or he rolls a 1 and ends your turn.
  5. Copying @Gobas' homework.
  6. Sentient warts are the smartest part of a troll, usually
  7. Season 24 update. Congrats to @Nateguy75 for swooping in and cleaning up on first attempt
  8. Next minute, enormous amount of team blogging. So close to a couple of division wins, good luck in T2 Awesome work keeping this up over the last four seasons, enjoy your Exceptionally Fancy Fluff award!
  9. Welcome back to team blogging and nice work. Don't let the bastards dice grind you down! Anyway, have a fluff award.
  10. Nice work. The first blood bowl fluff I ever wrote, way back in my teenage years, was a poem. Good memories. Roses are red Leaping is great Have a fluff award For poetry first rate
  11. Hmm. I didn't think about the Strip Ball. I'd have one of them on the team as a sacker, not a scorer.
  12. Norse benefit from the new skill system because as many lineman as you want can be guaranteed Guard as their first skill. Assuming the valkyries are expensive, I'd probably ignore them in a TV1000 eternal league build and feed TDs to everyone else first. Zerks to get MB/Tackle asap, Ulfs get Block/Guard, and at least two Linemen get Guard. Then worry about developing a ball carrier. Boars being weaker than flings doesn't make sense to me at all. Actual boars would be St4. Should have called them piglets or something.
  13. Get your festive smelting hammers out and shake them all about because... they're strong, they're short, their glory is eternal, the daemons they smith are totally infernal! presenting antman and The Infernal Daemonsmiths Season 24 OCC CHAMPIONS! Congratulate them here
  14. Congratulations @antman and The Infernal Daemonsmiths Strangely, they appear to have sacrificed more than just hobgoblins to reach the top. Worth it.
  15. UnDeadly As Cuz! present their Wights for your appreciation. Adamned Goodes is an original team member who reached Superstar in S24, MD7 and is an excellent utility player. Nicky Grim-mar is the 3rd of his name. V1 died shortly after getting pile on, V2 only lasted a match or two. V3 reached Superstar in S24, MD3 and has got everything he needs to deal with pesky defensive skills. Given the amount of churn in my ghoul and mummy ranks, these guys are the core of my team. Update: I've just realised that Adamned Goodes has played in every match since team creation, 75 as of S25, MD3. Has suffered 10 casualties, but never missed a match. Amazing.
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