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  1. Great! I've got a new team so count me in plz
  2. Returning coach, looking for spot on reserves Coach ArchieBunker Team Dethtonez Race Orc New Team
  3. Thats a beautiful killer man, congrats.
  4. Well he survived his first game despite me using him as bait and getting punished with a crowd surf KO and I didnt get the positioning I used him as bait for *sigh*. But I did learn a valuable lesson and I wont be using him as bait again, lol.
  5. All the time! He was pretty reliable when he had to dodge through TZs too. Its a rough estimate but I believe he succeeded around 70% of the time. I keep him off field to avoid the POMBs
  6. If he's lucky! ...Seriously tho, dont kill my dude @C2MC Thank you!
  7. This guy has been pretty dependable as far as 1 turn TDs go, the Agi should help a lot. My first legend
  8. This beautiful bastard has given me 53 TDs in 71 games and rolled Agi for his last skill. Now that you've seen him, MOVE ALONG!! Go 'on and 'GIT! Nothing else to see here... This is not the catcher you are POMB'ing for
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