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  1. I'm returning coach. Coach name: Sliceanddice Team name: Sweet Verses Race: Dark Elves Team is from s16 tier 6
  2. Returning coach with a fresh team. Coach name (ingame): Sliceanddice Team name: Sweet Verses Race: Dark Elves
  3. I might have a Kislev syndrome. It's similar to stockholm syndrome, however it revolves around playing kislev. You know that your mental health will shatter while you play them, and for some unexplained, masochistic reasons you like it. I signed for up as a Kislev in Rebbl, after 3 games in preseason i have block blitzer dodge catcher +ma catcher (one turn as kislev - sweet ) and 2 linos with 5 spp ready to get wrestle/guard/+agi/+st. Wish me luck and Gods protect my mental health. I'm planning to go 4 blitzer 2 catchers 12 players as a final build - no bear this time. On the
  4. Thx for bringing up this event. I had a blast writing stories. Also congrats @Fantus. Now you should give Dogbert a little break, which would allow him to spend some time with lovely lady.
  5. I was able to reach tier 1. Ended season on last place with both of my str 4 players dead - st4 pomb block tackle blitzer and str 4 wrestle tackle lino. It was still pretty playable team (mainly couse of busted agi 5 catcher, block krox and blodge guard lino) however I was sure that i will not be able to rebuild in tier 2 ( i would have to drop at least to tier 3 to rebuild) so decided to reroll. With kislev the biggest problem is when they explode in high tier - If you loose 1 or 2 key players team will not perform couse skilling players is not easy. Also... get a wizard stadium and embr
  6. Good luck for other contestants and let the Nuffle be with you. By the way. Nes: Don't look through the money vault too thoroughly.... something blue might be missing. Signed Still-not-dead Mr. Turner
  7. Mr Turner removes his helmet and whispers to the Nes'es ear - Psst, this is just a trick - he starts very silently and squeaky - Last week I took acting classes but I have mistaken the room number and instead attending "play dead classes" i was participating in "play deadly classes". But, to be honest, maybe it was better. Mr Turner winks to Nes and again puts expression of anger, instanity and bloodlust on his face.
  8. Mr Turner enters the beach wearing... plated armor. He is stomping steadily and full of strenght. - Mr Turner -Handsome coach starts talking pretty confused - as you are aware this is a swiming suits contest. Mr Turner looks at him and starts laughing. In his eyes there is no fear. Only madness and bloodlust - This is my swiming suit - He roars with a deep voice... how it is even possible? - I swim only in blood of my enemies. Probably adventure with baby ogre or long-term warpstone exposure made Mr Turner pretty insane. Hovewer love is insanity, so maybe he now has better
  9. "I should keep this key. Couse of this competition i have became weaker and.... Bleeeh nicer" - Mr Turner whispered to himsef so silently that nobody could hear that.
  10. Nes should check his pocket. Mr Turner belives that it is there again.... i mean.... it was there for whole time.
  11. Mr Turner Enters hall rapidly holding ogres baby by his hand. - My Luv. - he starts to shout triumphantly. - I have found him. Let me tell the whole story: As You had wished I took your offspring to the sewers to show him, with my pack secrets of skaven's art of blood bowl. Everything started pretty normaly. We showed him our hidden blood bowl weapon - assasination. I have showed him how to stab people and other humanoid creatures using hidden blades without beeing noticed by the ref. He was a very sharp student. I have found also one advantage, which your offspring has. Becau
  12. Mr One-Turner shows up in a tabard with archery target painted on his chest. "Excuse me, my luv. I have lost your offspring in the sewers where i live. I'm ready for punishment." ------------------------------ Sorry, but because of some personal issues my head is occupied with other things and I can't come up with a decent fluff. That was fun competition and I'm realy glad that i was able to participate.
  13. Welp.... this gonna be... interesting. @brocCooLi don't spoil this child with your trinkets and baubles payed with gold, not in blood.
  14. Mr Turner entered the hall and took a big, stained parchment from his pocket. He cleared his throat and strats to read. Once upon the times, before Nuffle gave us rules of Blood Bowl, there was an Ogre village, full of mighty warriors. However, in this village, lived one ogre, who was the smallest and weakest of them all. His name was Benny. Ogres were aware that Benny is weakest of them, so they protected him, couse ogres cares about their kin. Ogres led and peaceful live, ransacking nearby villages and eating humans and their stock. However this perfectly normal and peaceful
  15. R. I. P. Mads. Your cousin - Gen. Eric Villain, highest commander of army of Nuln, will mourn you.
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