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  1. Returning coach Coach Name: MaidenManiac Team Name: Green Bay Pukers Race: Nurgle
  2. There is a TV 100 team in 1B now. This is sadly not even the first time Ive seen someone delete their team mid season either here in the OCC. Is this monitored somehow? I sure hope so... While it doesnt matter that much for my team it makes a huge difference for other teams in the division. Is this kind of behaviour accepted? I bet everyone of us would rather have played vs 11 loner pesants and some star players for SPP farming and free wins....
  3. Juggernaut does open up some interesting things, Aka side line shenanigans. No-one is safe there anymore. Pushing stinky SF dorfs (or similar) of pitch is great fun! The threat that you aren't ever safe on the sidelines should force opponent to give you options to push through there. And if they don't respect it send some dude of pitch and laugh. It also let's you cherry pick wrestles or push on blitz of course. Mostly useful to stop wrestle in a bad spot, but getting the better of 2 options is rarely bad. Juggernaut is better with block yes, but the same
  4. Coach name: MaidenManiac Team name: Green Bay Pukers Race: Nurgle Returning coach
  5. RAW it seems correct, sadly. It specifies action which you dont have on opponents turn, opponent does the action part then. If that is working as intended though is a different topic. Those baguette eaters really arent known for flawless programming either...
  6. I like kick and have a kick rotter but I wouldnt pick it as skill 1 in the team. Block is sorely needed. DP is good, but as you pointed out that requires that you have players "spare" that can get sent off. Then again 2 DP rotters = 3 normal rotters, aka 3 fouls instead of 2... Btw youre all wrong on leap on the beast. Shadowing is where its at!
  7. I would say block and get the ball with the pestigor anyway. You want to skill those pestigors way more then the rotters. That generally involves scoring 2 TDs with each new pestigor to get a starting skill at least (best, fastest and most guaranteed way to get SPPs). Generally its pointless to plan anything out with rotters. They will get hit by some amazing combo like -MA -AG on one injury sooner or later anyway. (Sidenote: I got a double as first skill on my first rotter. Leader is a great call early on. You need all RR you can get). Nurgle sucks at start, just l
  8. There was more then one interesting WO higher up in the divisions at the end of this season. There is a quite big chance/risk/equivalent that the dirty grit competition in div1 and champs is being decided on a WO game where one coach didnt get a chance to score points game 9, which feels quite sad It is nice to read that there is some form of monitoring of WOs though.
  9. So I had a look at some opponents teams and their stadium upgrades and came to the conclusion that the names in the BB2LeagueManager and the in game names arent the same. Is there some copy right reason for this? Or some other reason? Is there some list to be found to figure out which one = which ? (google has not helped me here at all) The one called "Nuffle" is easy to figure out which one it is, "Astrogranit" is clear too, but all the different "area" ones arent as clear (to me at least)
  10. Coach name: MaidenManiac Team name: Green Bay Pukers (returning team) Race: Nurgle
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