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  1. @Rymdkejsaren I think that is going beyond liberal interpretation to positively laissez-faire :) I concede the point it is theoretically possible to read it the unintended way, but only with twisting of clear intent. Having said that, depending on someone's native language it may be entirely possible they see it in a way a native never would (unless the native was trying to be annoyingly picky ). At the start of a drive, a coach may legally concede by quitting the match when unable to field three players . Moving the words around and adding a comma r
  2. Just a point on language. A coach may legally concede by quitting the match when unable to field three players at the start of a drive. I appreciate that not everyone is a native speaker and that may well cause misunderstanding, but there is absolutely no ambiguity in this statement at all. Adding the last 6 words in bold may encourage people to read to the end of the sentence, but that doesn't change the fact that it is still a clear and unambiguous statement. This is purely about the comment on the language of the rule, not whether the rule itself should b
  3. Really depends how well the workshop item is designed - they are getting much better as time goes on with snap-to slots and general quality of life/reliability improvements. The Terraforming Mars mod is really good for example and includes the game expansions. For free.
  4. Get Tabletop simulator, play it as a proper board game plus a ton of others for less money
  5. Looking forward to the new season - let's get drafting soon :)
  6. Zeph - I posted at the same time as you so anything in my post was prior to reading yours - wasn't referencing you in the post but the chap who expressed he felt it should be banned
  7. Name one country where we have a coach whose laws ban Neo-Marxism or state that legally you cant say anything good about Stalin and you have grounds for asking for a ban. We have coaches who live in countries where Nazism and saying anything good about Hitler is illegal (I live in one). Apart from that then given the game involves brutally stamping on people and wholesale slaughter of the weak then I can't really condemn a person who decides that histories worst butchers might make good team names.
  8. If you need to know the tune for this, your musical education is sadly lacking :) The Devil went to the backfield. He was lookin' for a ball to steal. He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind. He was willing to blitz for real When he came across this norseman dodgin' thru a tacke and playin' it hot. And the Devil jumped upon a comatose dorf and said "Boy, let me tell you what." "I guess you didn't know it, but I'm a Bloodbowl player, too. And if you'd care to take a dare I'll make a bet with you. Now you throw a pretty good long pass, boy, but give the Devil his due. I'll bet
  9. Another resident! I feel less lonely already :)
  10. I live in Vienna so will almost certainly pop along to spectate. Sadly I don't own a TT team, so unless anyone has a spare and knows a team that needs a player, I shalln't actually be playing!
  11. Greetings fellow coaches, Are you often frustrated by the evil spinning gold coin of could not connect? Ever wish you could just simply challenge someone to play that isn't a random gimp in the public league? Well, your wait is over! The Black Gulf Open Challenge League is a challenge enabled league open to applications from anyone with access to this websirte. New and old teams are welcome - this league is for those who simply love to play - who comes top isn't a priority. As it is a challenge enabled league it is vulnerable to people exploiting it for 'free' wins. Doing so will be pointles
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