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  1. hi I can replace with my human team (1510TV) I play in 3C last season but I re-roll and play in 6D this season
  2. if you need a team I've got my ancient human team 1510TV that can fill a spot
  3. Luke4444 Castors Trois-Rivieres Humans returning teams Canada utc -4 if you don't have a spot available in higher divisions but needed one in lower divisions I would prefer to create a new team and play from the beginning of the season if he don't have a drop out in higher division than wait for playing with my old teams at mid-season
  4. Luke4444 Castors Trois-Rivieres Humans returning team Canada utc -4 My computer got hacked that's why I cannot finish season 7th and I'm late to register
  5. Luke4444 ORC Pilums ON Legionnaires 18+
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