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  1. big league like ( OCC & rebbl ) can'T use discord for scheduling . too much a mess to admin if they have a lot of message in the thread. Forum is better but that'S not avoid the possibility for 2 coaches that are on discord to schedule their game anyway on it. The difference between the league is the interaction between the players and the discord chat some have more than other and it'S ok I like a more calm league where you just schedule and play and also like the discord chat drama. I play in many league and the fact that many league are jealous or dislike eachother don'T make me v
  2. ok to play in 1 hour ~

    1. MrBill


      just got home, logging in to the game now

  3. hi I can replace with my human team (1510TV) I play in 3C last season but I re-roll and play in 6D this season
  4. if you need a team I've got my ancient human team 1510TV that can fill a spot
  5. Luke4444 Castors Trois-Rivieres Humans returning teams Canada utc -4 if you don't have a spot available in higher divisions but needed one in lower divisions I would prefer to create a new team and play from the beginning of the season if he don't have a drop out in higher division than wait for playing with my old teams at mid-season
  6. Luke4444 Castors Trois-Rivieres Humans returning team Canada utc -4 My computer got hacked that's why I cannot finish season 7th and I'm late to register
  7. Luke4444 ORC Pilums ON Legionnaires 18+
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