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  1. Aloha OCC fans, new OCC superstar from next OCC champion ? Dark elves with only 1 defeat after 29 games played and 3 seasons ! congrats coach @Dalibor
  2. 35 passes he could be a good contender for my elf team
  3. Aloha OCC fans, a new OCC superstar is born ! hype for BOLFOK is growing ... congrats @Nateguy75
  4. new OCC20 season , new stories.... preview of the pointy ears team
  5. ty mate oups... i forgot my 5th superstar ....Easy Jet® my thrower...
  6. new superstar in OCC ! awesome performance for a elven lineman ! my 5th superstar alive in the same team... someone knows any other superstar elf lineman in OCC history ? @Borke@Bantha@jounisii@GaryW i can't wait to play for the first time with my 5 superstars together in next OCC20 season (2 blitzers, 1 catcher, 1 thrower & 1 lineman)!
  7. Aloha OCC fans , i would like understand strategy for Tie Break, why does "least TDs conceded" exist ? mostly "Head to Head" must be before in N°3 for memory : Order of tie-breakers within a division Points (classic) TD differential (classic) Least TDs conceded ?????? 0-0 is more fun than 3-3 , you're better when you scored nothing ? Head to Head (good) Wins (good) Random Method* (good) it's not good for speed and agile teams to reach OCC elite...
  8. new superstar in OCC ! congrats @Leffe75
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