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  1. 1st win for Woodoo Oceania in OCC19... 1st award !
  2. After their best standings in 9 OCC seasons, Woodoo Oceania™ are back without their iconic leader... Aelaias The Birdman ® Their supersatr catcher retired after ultimate injury last season (only ST1 !) during his 5th OCC season ! From now on Woodoo will be led by their rising superstar Red Franzy Fanatik ® after his best season with amazing stats (8 injuries inflicted & 3 Tds scored)! Now it's time of truth after their 2th season in Tier 2 ! (firts time in back to back with OCC season 19) Could they climb to next Tier 1 ? Amazing ligthnin
  3. Aloha black & orange fans, new OCC season 19 is coming. So just have a look to see next opponents of Woodoo Oceania ™ (10th season) including some old teams and legendary coaches like Diciples of Death_King Kill (13th season) Local Heroes_MrBil (19th), Cirkus Cirkör Bloodbowl_tubragg (11th) Necromaniacs USA_Geiger ( 19 th) or new rising star teams with legendary coach like Bad Moon Goons_crowdog09 During the presentation of the season and the press conference with the media coach of Wooddoo Oceania
  4. After solid OCC 18 season... rich in adventures from Woodoo Oceania™ ... 3 new OCC superstars are coming ... My allstar player with honors from team of season and player of the week #8 for OCC18 Division 2B My oldest player my best QB all time
  5. After solid season OCC18 from Woodoo Oceania™ 3 new OCC superstars are coming ... My all star OCC18 My oldest player my QB still alive
  6. after huge performances , Red Frenzy Fanatik ® ...blitzer from Wooddoo Ocenia™ has been honored in the team of the season from OCC18 division 2 B like one of the most violent player ! not to bad for a gentleman elf player ...
  7. I am proud to introduce a new legend in the wall of fame in OCC ... Blitzer of S0uthville S&M....Marquis de Sade® ...Dark Elf ....raising from @Ethelred congrats mate...
  8. Aloha OCC fans, new legendary player is rising this season 18 : his name ... welcome in the wall of fame OCC ! congrats coach @Skuld you can follow his story in OCC 18 division 2 B with
  9. Aloha @everyone last month to qualify in ANZAC OPEN 15 !!!! Here summary ANZAC OPEN15 after 2 months ....
  10. Aloha everyone, Woodoo fans are sad... after 7 seasons (9 until 18) their favorite OCC ninja have to retire because of 2sd smashed collar bone !
  11. New story, new heroes Jordell for ever !
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