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  1. Summary times of games played
  2. for my comeback in OCC18, a very amazing division...especially the derby of Oceania with a coach from my Australian domestic league BBLANZ.... and many interesting old opponents let's get ready to rumble [media]
  3. Aloha OCC fans, Your famous Elves from Oceania are back for season 18 !
  4. Aloha everyone , new season new heroes ...here is breed distribution for OCC 18
  5. Bob ... woodoo black magic is back for OCC XVIII who will stop them ? Returning Team Tier 3 S16_D3A
  6. Aloha everyone! come with us to taste spirit of oceania ! 2 months remaining to taste ANZAC open XIV in BBLANZ..https://discord.gg/FZn4p2 Summary 1st month Of ANZAC OPEN 14 and impact players...
  7. final distribution timezone in last OCC 16
  8. Aloha OCC fans, here is a summary of world multiplayer league who made the last World cup in 2018 and number of tickets sent according to the number of active coaches. Anyone has got any news about next BB world cup ? Do you know if among these BB leagues some are alive or dead ? For me only, 2 website to see if BB multiplayer leagues are still alive GOBLINSPY de MORDREK et SPIKE.ovh.
  9. Aloha OCC fans, new coaches ....for exemple ....just have a look for distribution Timezone in OCC 16 !
  10. Goblinspy & SPIKE are not too bad but so limited BB2LeagueManager was wonderful for stats in career ! do you know where i could find the same open data especially to see stats for old player died ? especially when a legendary player died and to see his career stats ! @Gobas@Pidpad
  11. Poor Oceanian Derby ! My worst game since a long time ! 3 double skulls and 2 double 1 especially in first turn to pick up the ball and loose the ball ... result opponent knight picks the ball with dice 4+ and ball control with 4 guard blockers in a cage ! and brutal stats in game with 5% AV breaks (2/36) against ...............peasant AV7 ....lol... nothing to do....no regrets ...my worst record !
  12. Woodoos lost the lead of division in a no game against Oz Brets
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