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  1. awesome, thank you for letting me know!
  2. Hi, is this topic/mentoring still a thing? My name is Branch, I'm about 300 hours into blood bowl 2, with about 10 games played on tabletop. I played a lot of Dark Elves and Lizardmen, as well as a bit of skaven here and there. I am not a good coach, often rely on luck to get my goals done. Judging from my own perspective I am most comfortable with these teams, when the game gets a bit more chaotic. The play is spread out and quick pieces can accomplish a lot on their own. This season in CCL I played chaos for the first time, and managed to come in at about 50% winrate with the team. And I realized that I am not very good at judging where my pieces need to go, to end the turn with a cohesive line/formation on both defense and offense. Especially when numbers are even-ish or my opponent has stronger pieces/more guard than my team. Im signed up for division 5 in the upcoming season with rookie chaos and looking for someone to talk about upcoming matchups and analyze replays. Im looking to improve my play on 3 specific points (or anything else that needs improving from your POV): Most imporantly I want to improve the positioning of my players, at the end of the turn. On offense I want to learn to (quicker) identify weak spots to attack on the oppos defense, when even numbers/out-strengthed. For defense I want to improve my setups for the kickoff, and how to keep my guys in formation and not get players split off/isolated from the rest of the team.
  3. Are there still replacement/open spots for rookie teams? I would like to play if theres still a slot open, or am available to fill from reserves. Coach name: Branch Team name: Ordertide Bumblebees III Race: Chaos
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