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  1. I have multiple block on my ST6 ogre. Does wonders on the LoS. But next normal skill is gonna be grab. If i get a double he gets block
  2. Will i play with my own team or a proxy team?
  3. i have gone on a TV Diet, only 2090 in TV now. feel as slim as a new team!
  4. I had to sacrifice him to the blood gods! There can be only one Cr_tiger! We both rolled alot of Ones on our negatraits but i must say that u where very lucky with only 1 one cas from all that bloodlust and no KO(i think) Next up for me is a tasty fling dinner. Moahahaha! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GODS!
  5. Coach name (ingame): Cr_tiger Team name: OGGES finest Race:OGRE New team
  6. jag är gärna med Coach name (ingame): Cr_tiger Team name: Norska Motståndstruppen Race: Norse
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