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  1. Well done @RTSD and good luck next season!
  2. Episode 2 - The Golden Punch Season 16 - Match 1 Disciples of Death VS Maul and Oats Another season bites the dust and Disciples of Death walks away with the epic Golden Punch awarded for inflicting the most chaos and mayhem in the entire league! The brutal minotaur machine Brute d´Bad, that always sees red, throws himself into the first match of the new season brawling polite thanks to all you self sacrificing victims out there giving him the award ... But this story always ends with blood ... and this time it follows the Disciples of Death, and none other than the superstar Brute d´Bad himself. To eager in the fight, and no one to hold his back, then a simple foul was all that that was needed. Thanks for an epic and truly aggressive run Brute - Mighty blow, Claw, Frenzy, Piling on, Jump up, Juggernaut and Tackle. And thanks to @Chug Manmilk for the clean cut! He was getting gritty with the payment anyway Disciples got some payback by killing a slow dwarf so King Kill can only summarize this as an epic start of the new season. Hungry for more! Enjoy - 33 sec... Death Will Follow King Kill
  3. Curious to see the continuous development here! Sometimes the unexpected takes you unexpectedly far as well... For your next ag6 elf can I tempt you with Pass Block + Leap/catch? True game breaker when used right in team tactics. Or Dump off + Pass/Leap could be tempting if you have a great team play with Nerves on Steel-ers Looking forward to the next update! Cheers King Kill
  4. @AndyDavo Well done! You have an amazingly heavy team! Looking forward to a match sooner or later Cheers King Kill
  5. The King Kill legacy continues here in Orca Cola... after eons of lurking in the dark ages of the tabletop... Lots of enemies have had their opinions on the over the top offensive strategy... and lots of enemies have felt the pain when the world crumbles in tears... - "Why pick Block when you can pick Claw" - "Why pick Block on the Minotaur when you can pick Jump Up" - "Why have less than 5 Rerolls when you can reroll those ugly Push dices" Some might be right and some might be wrong. Regardless, it's punishing for all involved, which it should be! Don't be a bully if you cant take the hit. At the end of the day Death Will Follow always... Here is the last contribution from MD7 season 15 Disciples of Death - VS - Bat Losers In this match the brave and talented Vampires just happens to stand in the way. How many KILLs can you stack from the first block in the first turn you ask? Here is the answer in a 57 sec video Enjoy... and more Death Will Follow King Kill
  6. Nice work @james cook! It's a bloody mean life for the Champs for the look of it... and it will get even harder... Death Will Follow King Kill
  7. Coach name (ingame): King Kill Team name: Disciples of Death Race: Chaos New team
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