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  1. Match day one , we had to play against Stay on feet to live , a Kislev team coached by @Ruszi We have managed to win 2-1 , but what a strange game it has been. The weather was blizzard all game long. Picking up a ball seemed to be very harsh for both teams , and when someone got it it was knocked loose quite fast. Going for its failing on both sides over and over (blizzard) passing game non existant almost. Leaps failing because the slippery floor. And some very hard hits by the orcs. The kislev induced Sibli to bolster their ranks , but how little
  2. hey guys this is asiemoagelis the coach from death hipster gummy bears. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to place the match reports of the last games because i really have little time to play and write. But a lot has happened to the team in the last games . I will give you guys a summary of what has happened. Match day 6 against black company leftovers from @Emilius 2-1 loss , 2 agi 4 werewolfs were a bit hard to handle, all injuries inflicted came back , nothing really exciting happened that game. If i could pick up the ball and pass with Left handed pengu
  3. match day 5 agains the lizards of @FlyingTurtle , we lost 3-1 , it was a red day , a bloody day. the lizards scored first in their turn 7 , but all was looking good still , raspberry truffle shuffe had a bh on a skink , the saurus went down , one went ko and our team was still looking good, we scored a one turn touchdown with throwing the Da green Bicky burger , did not even needed a reroll and he leveled (the goblin rolled a double and got dirty player btw) the lizards also scored a ottd in their turn 8 so 2-1 was the result at half time. But then the t
  4. good day my beloved supporters , I know I have failed you by not posting the two lats match reports , but things have become a bit crazy here because of the lockdown in belgium and me having to go to work with long hours, because the transport of goods never stops. I have to plan 150 drivers for delivering goods that can be used for manufacturing gloves, soap , disinfection alcohol and other things to beat the Corana shit that is going on.So excuse me for not blogging as most of the time i'm completely beaten by the time i get home from work. We normally plan with 7 people but now we do w
  5. Match day 2 of season 15 , death hipster gummy bears face off @GaryW and his pro elfs . The result was a 4-1 loss , but it was a very interesting game . Some real crazy stuff was pulled. pro elves could start , they run through as they should making me hunting them down to base them. in turn 2 he tries to pass the ball to a catcher who was in some tackle zones , but Mystic berries the lineman decided to intercept the ball. tunrover for the elves , we got the ball . but are srurrounded by elves , green slush the black orc st6 blocker decided to bh a lineman .
  6. Season 15 started today for the death hipster gummy bears and the extra weeks of training worked really well I think . We played against once upon a team , a scary wood elf team with 2agi 5 war dancers (the horror) coached by @Ynwe. Turn one , the elves rolled a blitz and caught the orcs sleeping still. They blitzed down a blitzer , went underneath the ball , screened it nicely and scored turn 1 , all dice rolls succeeded , my troll failed his really stupid and had to reroll a block of my st6 black orc. Not a good start. But nuffle won't be nuffle if that
  7. Match day 7 , hipsters against @zulu501 his dark elves. What can I say , we lost . 0-1 , first half no dodges failed except one that was rerolled , rest it was meeeeeh Hit one elf every turn . 2 nd half more of that , 1-0 in his turn 14 ; dodge true all the tackle zones no matter if we had tackle or not. He has spend 4 rerolls on dodges and a failed block , but the result was the same either way , they kept swarming true and a ko on a blitzer who was at back sealed my fate. But on the bright side , we managed to mangle 4 elves. So we are up to 4
  8. Match day 6 of the death hipster gummy bears agains @BruceL33t and his orcs on his home turf (astrogranite) We started the game with bruce telling me he fears my team , that is always a good thing , this is what my orcs would say ofcourse. We could start hitting and in turn one we ko'd a line orc, and hit down the three other los guys. we secured the ball and we positioned our players. His turn one he mng Green slush our block mighty blow guard black orc. I choose not to apo him because you know another 15 turns of hitting. Bruce his comment was i have hurt o
  9. Match day 5 for death hipster gummy bears against @Badger69 and his high elves. I can tell now we lost 0-1 because of a last turn touch down , which involved a one die blitz , some dodges and gfi 's. the elvish bullshit against this team ofcourse. But I must say it was a veru nice match . We started very slow the first 3 turns , gues the hipster were still full of Turkey or roast goblin. But once that was digested with some exercise we started to feel our usual orc self again. This was running after the elves the whole 2 drives , hitting something from time to time.
  10. That won't work when eating chips at 1 am playing wow with us :)
  11. Matchday 4 , @Breschdleng with his goblins against the death hipster gummy bears. We give away a lot of inducements and the goblins got reinforced with Ripper , Fungus and a wizard and 3 Bribes, he has got 2 well developped trolls and an agi 4 goblin, a chainsaw and a bomber. We were set up for what will be the bloodiest game off all the season. Was a bit scared and was happy when I could start to hit. The two ball and chain dudes we're benched , chainsaw and bomba were on the pitch. Turn one we start to hit. Death hipster gummy bear hit a cas on a goblin. And so di
  12. matchday 3 death hipster gummy bears agains @mbCARMAC and his chaos team. We lost 2-0 but god damned it was bloody (8 cas inflicted in one game by our orcs, we wear our jerseys in red just because we spill a lot off blood). , as a true orc team we failed everything for the ball untill the 2nd half . A strange thing happened , when we were checking how to get our ball carrier to safety i double clicked by accident on a black orc who decided to jump into 3 tz and failed ofcourse , leaving the ball unguarded and gave chaos the chance to get the ball ,screen it, stall and hit for
  13. @Ethelred about my name , it is as iiii mo gelis in dutch cut in pieces it means when he is yellow (because when i got the name i drove a yellow Ibiza) but when pronounced in slang it means when he is horny. it's a name that stuck and i use it in most of my games . hope this helped :)
  14. Match day 2 @JJape and his dwarves against death hipster gummy bears . You have to excuse me but i'm very tired and have a bit of a fever , so i will make this a brief match report. Orcs dominated the first half , and scored 1-0 in turn 8 . What happened in the first half? Monster melons edition 3 the black orc was knocked out and did not came back for the rest of the game . Sugar lips was knocked out and did return on half time. for the dwarves , Killberry yoghurt hit a miss next game on a blocker, Death hipster gummy bear hit a niggling on a
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