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  1. My first impression too, but it's growing on me like a genital wart...
  2. No I haven't. My mate got me into the US version 2 weeks and I've seen the aussie version and been really tempted to download it, but I wasn't sure if it would 'spoil' the US version for me (in terms of giving the plot away). I believe the dog was recruited from the aussie version, is that right? Do you reckon it's worth trying out the Aussie version? I'm sorely tempted. Seems to be a lot of decent and original comedy coming from there at the moment what with Angry Boys and such...
  3. Ah Wilfred... My favourite thing on telly at the moment. The other fling coach is Cianybeasty. He's not bad with them at all but he's new to the OCC.
  4. If you bring up the league the team is in you click to select a team already in the league and where it would normally say 'apply for league' it will give you the option to quit the league instead...
  5. How do you calculate the biggest upsets? I only ask because my team beat Gobas' Stormboys of Baduum 4-0 in 7a (MD9) and the TV gap was definitely bigger than some of those. 300+...
  6. My mistake... Certainly if he's alive, he's much better than I thought.
  7. Having said that, for all his good skills, Plum IS dead. That's one major disadvantage nobody is talking about...
  8. Applied with the Dread Presidents... Feel free to give me a shout if you need them.
  9. Ah now I understand. Well in that case I will shove them in the reserve pool. Just didn't want to jeopardize my current team... Thanks Pid!
  10. So I still have my Khemri team from the season before last, and they haven't played any games since at all, although I did shove them in Wild Rose. Now if I shove them in the Reserve team pool, am I right in thinking I can only use them for one season as a stop-gap? And then I guess I wouldn't be able to return to my current team?
  11. I say stay at the top until you can't stay there any longer and well played... That's phenomenal.
  12. How about one for failing to cripple one of my sauri:?
  13. Hi Doc, After the mismatch to end all mismatches Power Bottom have left me with 3 Sauri, a Krox, and a bunch of loner skinks for the next match against Dwarfs. Got a cure for that?
  14. Last night I had a game where I was down to five players against Henk-Jan and so I shoved four on the LOS and got thrown rock hitting my isolated thrower. He scored, then I set up the same way, and got Thrown Rock again on the same bloody player. Mind you, if I start moaning about that game I'll never stop. Failed Wizard, two dead in the same turn, one from a gfi... The thrown rocks were reslly the least of my worries in that game.
  15. No worries at all mate. No offence taken, I just wanted to make sure you weren't taking my objections personally, as you seemed very passionate about it.
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