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  1. its funny seeing the relatively humble beginings with 20 coaches to now us having a coach for each star!
  2. OFL are once again looking for a a couple (or 3) coaches for the European division. It's a lot of fun, fairly high standard in the European division, deadline is pretty soon... if it isn't too late already For me the usp is the way it's got a kind of redraft system, where each 3 seasons everyone starts with a new team, except you can carry over 3 players and new coaches get to pick from free agents to keep things equal.
  3. <cough> discord <cough> long version with less of an attempt at humour. Broadly imho, the leagues that happily encourage discord scheduling are going to be pro this, and the ones who've built their own websites are probably going to have admins against this. There is kind of a buy in cost for all the big leagues who've spent money and time on websites and dbs. And I don't really see the cost value for leagues that are currently working in discord. Like loads of people may chip in a bit, but compared to actual cost of programming its not going to be much. Then as a user how many people would be uncomfortable with their information being on a third part app that is small enough to be dodgy? edit I did vote yes though, as I would like discord organising to be more a part of occ, as that is the current solution to one platform for multiple league... @Nurdell, I can tell you that of the 12 leagues I'm in, only 3 have separate places to organise, and those three I tend to try to organise on discord first and usually post the results of discord chats to the "official" place (if at all). Every where else is based in discord.
  4. also when you putting up your game against dakkaman? I'm playing him next.
  5. cool, does it include all your tt games and fumbbl if you play there too? although i guess those places have easier stat collecting in built?
  6. at the end of that last video you go through the injuries... you writing all that up somewhere? you got some kind of massive database of all your games?
  7. yeah I'm pretty happy with div 2a, it's a nice mix. I can tell you that until 2 seasons ago no norse team had made it into the champs, that was part of why I picked norse (and I like playing them obviously, first and foremost) then arkani made it up 2 seasons ago. but yeah no ones won occ with norse... yet. Oh and I didn't start with a thrower, but at some point decided to get one just to get leader... then both my runners died so my thrower is actually my main ball carrier, and I'm probably going to give the runners catch to make leveling them and scoring easier. best thing about my team is my yeti who is blodge mb guard firm... nb had to turn down the 3rd double on the yeti because even with blodge not having mb was sooo painful.
  8. LOL, iirc he was actually missing from that game... maybe the tree spirits gave him warning... also the other dancer killed himself :-D Trying to land a leap with his head isn't really my fault!
  9. season 11 sign ups closing on wendesday! https://forms.gle/iho7QgoVoPSzo18x8
  10. and like a perfect ying and yang, I'm fine with dorfs, zons are who I hate.
  11. Ok so I guess I should start a thread about this, but for most of least season and looking like it's carrying on into the coming season @Ethelred and I have done a weekly show on our divisions each wednesday at 12:30utc. mostly over at https://www.twitch.tv/khornight although there is a chance it will be on: https://www.twitch.tv/ethelred_unread/ I aslo stream things from other leagues and sometimes even games and ethel will randomly stream pidpad challenge games. Did I missout anything?
  12. Can I add to the fuzzyness on blitzers, I got a double on a linerat and throwrat... so of course they got mb, since the list of kill skills blitzers can get is largely general/mutation skills and i’m not planning on taking po. Since then my main killer blitzer died, got replaced, levelled and got a double... I have a feeling pid will be against first skill piling on, so Mb (when I have 4 other Mb already?) or something else?
  13. this was originally to fill a gap while some of the RPS leagues were on playoffs... but it seems to have taken on a life of it's own!
  14. Sorry was meant to be a joke and also a comment on my mentality when I play ogres! :-D
  15. Win? Isn't that when you kill everyone on the other team? I don't understand how a +agi knobblar helps with that :-D
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