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  1. To Be fair, I always wanted an Andy D'Orko on my team
  2. I'll have a chat with Barvey!
  3. @Bouffon well aware of that, but thanks for the heads up mate.
  4. @Ynwe I'll chat with him
  5. Count Me in! I'd be up for helping newer players with teams that I am familiar with! I've done some basic coaching before so I would have an idea of how to organize a session. Approach - I would work on teaching the importance of having a plan, understanding your team, your opponents team, and what you want to achieve in a drive, and when you want to achieve it. Teams - I would be up for coaching players on the following teams: Nurgle/Chaos/Chorfs. Pro elves/High Elves/Wood elves. Coaching method - I would probably want to look at a players match stats and see if anything stands out. Then maybe theory craft a few offensive and defensive plans, and maybe review a match or play a practice match.
  6. It's all fun and games until the press finds rick starplayer in a hotel room with all the urchins cheerleaders and a mountain of cocaine. L:ets keep this one. He's happy to be here. he wont let us down.
  7. Thats me Deliveing again. With a capital D
  8. Feed me AV7 loners!
  9. Well, I am clearly the superior ogre.
  10. I will not let you down here. What the hell am I saying. I will bonehead on every critical play.
  11. CoachName: Gadajs Team Name: Puncher's Chance Race: Nurgle This will be my first team in the OCC, though I am not entirely new to BB.
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