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  1. Main driving force must be that there was no Bloodlust in the base rules (god know why). So they needed something to replace it with. Hopefully this is only a place holder until they can release vamps really for the 2020 ruleset. This is atleast the theory the I really hope is somewhere near the truth
  2. yeah but 4+ to do anything but blitz/block and if you don't always have thrall next to you that is a 4+ for ending activation and losing tackle zones.
  3. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/11/12/blood-bowl-team-updates-for-the-new-edition/ Legacy teams are here. amazons have wardancers now! Yeah that was a typo, no zon wardancers.
  4. Don't really know... Through some friends during bb1 I guess as I've always somehow vaguely "known" about OCC being a league and all that. That way when I actually started branching out from only playing in friend leagues in bb2 OCC was the natural place to go.
  5. Also respectable pace is very open to interpretation! I respect the 4 minute pace much more than fast playing as such thorough consideration is something I'm never capable of!
  6. Yeah like the picture says this smells like that they are just delaying the new rosters on said teams until the release of those teams. All of the teams left out have yet to receive a new box. So I would guess that in about a year or little over we'll have those teams as well. Not optimal but not too awful either. (tho this likely means I don't get to play Khemri nor Necro in the launch of BB3 :( )
  7. General consensus I've usually seen is that ageing somewhat questionable rule. It's a bit convoluted and it's cyanides own concoction. For those reasons it's not usually used, would imagine that was the case here too though can't say for sure of course.
  8. Actually had a chance for this yesterday... Sadly my divisions dirty git gives no points from the 17th foul, so I did the unthinkable and scored instead.
  9. I can bring in my Necro team for this right? Of so I would love to join up!
  10. Season 11 Tier 4 going by the Boot award. 2 season old team.
  11. Sad that I'm a little late for this season. But if for any reason there's a reserve spot for a experienced team I'm looking to come back with my Forces of Grimmforest. EvilSmoothie Forces of Grimmforest Necromantic
  12. Aaand actually no. Have continue my break :/
  13. Yes team name needs to be unique accross the whole bb2.
  14. EvilSmoothie Forces of Grimmforest Necromantic Returning coach and team
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