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  1. Knowing the Iron Hammers luck, fate will repeat itself and we could fail again. But they are determined as ever to squish some goblins
  2. DIV ANNOUNCMENT DAY !!! Many days had passed since their team submission into the Orca Cola Championship, they waited with baited breath as the announcement day drew ever closer. It was the earlier hours of Monday morning and Raziel couldn't sleep as memories of his previous attempt to make his way haunted him. He snuck out for a walk while the town of Barak Varr started to wake up as the sun started rise. As he made his way into the town centre there was commotion at this early hour, Raziel was intrigued and waded in to see what all the fuss was about. There they were OCC officials hammering the division list for public viewing. There they were in Division 6B and what they had to face; Preston Chorf End - Chaos Dwarfs Black Metal Gear Solid - Dark Elf's Charcol Fc - Dark Elf's The OCC Hools - Goblins Moribund Forgiveness - Chaos Glory Of Rome - Humans We <3 Trees - Wood Elf's Sabertooth Vag 1.0 - Chaos After inspecting the division list Raziel seemed very content with the mix of opponents, he then hurried back to tell Grodak and the rest of the dwarfs the great news. Once Raziel had disclosed the division list he wasn't greeted with a good feeling, all the iron hammers went quiet and looked very nervous. He spoke up asked Grodak what the issue was, he said that there was one name on the list that they thought that they would never seen again. THE OCC HOOLS Grodak spoke of a mission that was passed down to him, it was to take the mighty Ickle Iron Hammers across the Badlands to reclaim their ancestral home of Karak Eight Peaks. There home which was lost long ago and has been occupied by the smallest of greenskins. Those sneaky goblins have been hard to evict, and every attempt has resulted in failure. After receiving uncompromising praise, they were honoured with the chance to honour Belegar Ironhammer and reclaim their home. After days of intense fighting and as the Dwarfs breached the walls of Karak Eight Peaks they were met by the OCC Hools. With their crazy weapons, trolls and unwavering nerve they struck down dwarf after dwarf. This kamikaze goblin hit squad was well trained, deadly and something the dwarfs had never seen before. Grodak lost many friends that day and was the only stain on an illustrious military record for the Ickle Iron Hammers. After hearing their tale of anguish, disappointment and ultimate defeat. Raziel gathered all the Ickle Iron Hammers and said that whatever comes on the pitch we will crush under there steel shod boots. He rallied the dwarfs and said that this was their time to right the wrongs of the past. FOR BELEGAR IRONHAMMER !!!!!
  3. 9 weeks previous Raziel was removed as chief of the Mighty Morphin Mutants and kicked to the curb. After receiving no reason why he was kicked and stripped of all his dignity, Raziel returned to his home in Altdorf looking for an escape. In the unforgiving streets of Altdorf Raziel found no solace and forgiveness among the vile ruthless mobsters. He now found his small piece of happiness at the bottom of a tankard. But there in a small tavern in the underworld of Altdorf he found some small hope after meeting a Dwarf that went by the name of Grodak Graniteboot of the Ironhammer clan. After several tankards of meads Grodak talked of his home and his fomer military unit the Ickle Iron Hammers. They had served many long years together fighting off Greenskins and Skaven from the underworld winning many honors. He described them as loyal , brave and the strongest bunch of dwarves he had ever met. Grodak could see Raziel had a true heart, lots of bravery and loyalty that could only been eclipsed by that of his own kin. There and then they made a pact to travel across the empire and through the black mountains to his home of Barak Varr. There Raziel met the Ickle Iron Hammers and hit it off with the dwarves from the start. For several weeks they drank and enjoyed each others company. The Ickle Iron Hammers told stories of there past exploits and many time of how close they have been to death. One thing that Raziel and the dwarfs had in common was the game of Blood Bowl. Raziel told stories of his rise to fame within the coaching fraternity before it came undone in a ball of fire. Several days had passed and Durdus the second in command of the Ickle Iron Hammers came to Grodak. He showed him a poster for one of the meanest and badass blood bowl leagues in existence , THE ORCA COLA CHAMPIONSHIP !!! and they were looking for rookie teams to join Season 11. Durdus pleaded with Grodak that the Ickle Iron Hammers could find honour and glory in this dark place. Not only could they show of there mighty battle hardened squad but help Raziel restore his honour and bring glory back to his heart once again. The next day the Iron Hammers dragged Raziel to this small patch of land outside Barak Varr and told him of there intentions. Raziel was lost for words as he starred back at this merry band of dwarfs and the life line they were offering him. After all the generosity they have showed him, he made a solemn vow that he would bring them the honour they deserve. Construction on the Iron Fortress began while Raziel began pre-season training. It has been a long journey and Raziel has travelled far for the chance to redeem his honour. The team sheet has been submitted, pre-season training is now complete and they are now prepared to do battle on the field BLIZTER'S Grodak Graniteboot Durdus Bloodcleaver RUNNER'S Krakin Stoneboot Brognus Hillbeard TROLL SLAYER'S Eusu Demonslayer Nekra Bloodsmasher LONGBEARD'S Thidain Blackhelm orgain Kraghammer Tari Graycrusher Avön Blackforge Hufrin Icehelm Stay tuned for the next chapter of this story and the redemption that Raziel is trying to achieve !!!! (First time writing fluff hope its alright)
  4. Coach name (ingame): Raziel Nosgoth Team name: Ickle Iron Hammers Race: Dwarf
  5. Thanks a lot this gives me lots to add to my game , i am doing CCL games just to learn there style more than for the wins
  6. So for my sins in a past life I am UW coach and love it cos they such a crazy wacky team. Now my defensive play as improved dramatically but my main concern right now is I draw blanks in offence and it tends to stutter and crumble. I was just after some advice on ways to play offensively Thanks in advance Razz
  7. So have had change of heart on who is should enter Coach name: Raziel Nosgoth Team name: Da Immortul Killers Race: Orc
  8. Coach name: Raziel Nosgoth Team name: GDBBL Crusaders Race: Brets Play in some other leagues but first time in the OCC
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